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High Street

Merthyr Tydfil


Click Here to See a Collection of Photographs

of Merthyr Town in the 1960's before major alterations.


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The County School from Penyard

MerthyrTydfil_CountySchool.JPG (225818 bytes)


The General Hospital 

MerthyrTydfil_GeneralHospital.JPG (167276 bytes)

Statue of Sir W T Lewis at the front of the General Hospital. 

W T Lewis later Baron Merthyr of Senghenydd funded the building of the fountain

at the lower end of the High St. This commemorated the development of the South

Wales Steam Coal trade by his grandparents Robert and Lucy Thomas of Waunwyllt. 

(Clive Davies of Penydarren, informs us that this statue is now situated at the entrance

 to St Tydfils Hospital).

MerthyrTydfil_Town_GeneralHospital_SirWTWilliams-Bart.JPG (140204 bytes)



The General Hospital. 

(Photograph courtesy of the Leo Davies Collection)


The General Hospital. 

(Photograph courtesy of Martin Sullivan)



  MerthyrTydfil_Town_GeneralHospital_Harris&Son_LeoDaviesCollection.JPG (144044 bytes)                    


The General Hospital in 1976

(Photograph courtesy of the David Thomas collection)

The Old Cottage (Previously a Toll House) at the lower end of the Avenue c.1900.


General Hospital and area

This photograph taken in the 1960's, from Queens Road, also shows the old Morman church

 in the foreground.

The road to Penydarren House.

MerthyrTydfil_RoadToPenydarrenHouse.JPG (220574 bytes)  


Penydarren House, from Foreman Place.

Garth Cottages

MerthyrTydfil_PenydarrenHouse_FromForemansPlace2.JPG (169564 bytes)

Merthyrtydfil_GarthCottages.JPG (255285 bytes)

Penydarren House and the rear of Park Place.

26 Park Place - R Morgan - Stationer & Tobacconist

Park Place, to the right is the up-market sweet shop... The Dorothy.
John Lewis & Co. The Rink Garage -  1946.





The Rink Garage in the 1960's.

The Theatre Royal from the Promenade.


A Crowd outside the Theatre Royal in the 1920s.

Photograph from the Merthyr Express.


Click Here For More Pictures of the Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal And Promenade. Postcard Courtesy Of The Leo Davies Collection

D.W. Evans - Fruiterers Early 1900's.


The Penydarren End, in 1995 then called the 'The Pen End'

The Landord at that time was the now late Neil Kendall.

(Photograph from the David Thomas Collection)



The Nelson Inn 1922.

Landlord William Evans on doorstep.





    The Nelson Inn 1946.  

King Edward the 8th at the Labour Exchange.

(Photograph by Mrs Lilian Snow, Upper Thomas Street, courtesy of  Anita Farrell)


MerthyrTydfil_Town_KingEdward8th_LabourExchange.JPG (83689 bytes)


Labour Exchange Staff

Photograph courtesy of Barrie Cledsmith)


The Express Cafe in 1970s.

The War Memorial.

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For More Photographs

of the

War Memorial


 The YMCA building, Pontmorlais

  MerthyrTydfil_TheYMCABuliding_Pontmorlais.JPG (126121 bytes)  



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To Read About

The Y.M.C.A.




Pontmorlais Circus

MerthyrTydfil_Pontmorlais Circus.JPG (110687 bytes) 


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The Old Taff Vale Brewery Building - 1991

Seen here from the present day Pontmorlais car park.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dale Miles)

The Palace Cinema in 1946.

Palace Cinema Advert 1937

Pontmorlais P-Seal Goldsmiths


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