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 During this period of time Merthyr underwent considerable reconstruction,

(new town centre, bus station, Oldway House, Telephone exchange, etc). 


Mr Lewis of Melbourne

 Close who took these photographs has now passed away.


<Click on the photograph to enlarge>

Pontmorlais Circus 1969         

 Ynysgau Chapel and the Old Iron Bridge September 1963

PontmorlaisCircus_1962_WEB.jpg (222651 bytes)

YnysgauChapelAndTheIronBridge_Sept1963_WEB.jpg (270165 bytes)


The Old Iron Bridge. September 1963  

Ynysgau Chapel January 1967    The Old Iron Bridge is gone.   

TheIronBridge_Sept1963_WEB.jpg (208728 bytes)

YnysgauChapel_Jan1967_WEB.jpg (134049 bytes)

 Victoria Street January 1967. 

 Wellington Street June 1962.

WellingtonStreet_Jan1967_WEB.jpg (131162 bytes)

OldMarket_WellingtonStreet_June1962_WEB.jpg (219585 bytes)

Victoria Street,    January 1967.      

Victoria Street soon after

MerthyrTydfil_Town_NewTownCentre.JPG (218207 bytes)

Taken from Abermorlais tip, showing Ynysgau St. the St. Tydfil's shopping Centre being built and in the College car park sewer pipes being installed.

CollegeOfFurtherEducation_YnysgauSt_Full_WEB.jpg (155279 bytes)

Taken in 1971, houses gone, sewer laid, town centre built, this shot also shows, Glebeland Street,  Besleys Builders Merchants, and the back end of The Lamb Inn. In the left fore- ground is the  Salvation Army building.  

YnysgauSt_AvenueDeClichy_Nov1971_web.jpg (230014 bytes)

The Lamb Inn, Castle Street. 1971     

Castle Street, 1971 (remember Barnes shop)

TheLambInn_1971_WEB.jpg (177718 bytes)

CastleStreet_WEB.jpg (190088 bytes)

 Castle Street and Glebeland Street 1971

Castl_GlebelandSt_1971_WEB.jpg (225747 bytes)

The Castle Hotel being built 1972. 

The Castle Hotel completed

Castl_GlebelandSt_1972_WEB.jpg (208608 bytes)

TheCastleHotel_WEB.jpg (111118 bytes)

Lower Castle Street  

Lower Castle Street, from the College car park. 

LowerCastleStreet_WEB.jpg (209808 bytes)

CastleStreetFromTheCollegeCarPark_WEB.jpg (108432 bytes)

Lower Castle Street   

The Weir January 1967

from the College car park in the 1990's

CastleStreetFromTheCollegeCarPark_1990s_WEB.jpg (163663 bytes)

TheWeir_Jan1967_WEB.jpg (156416 bytes)

Graham Street January 1967

Graham Street January 1967

GrahamStreet_FromHighSt_Jan1967_WEB.jpg (159571 bytes)

GrahamStreeJan1967_WEB.jpg (169928 bytes)



Graham Street, The new Town Centre being built 

Chic Fashions (Graham Street)

BootsTheChemist_web.jpg (332878 bytes)

ChicFashions2_WEB.jpg (152342 bytes)

Wellington Street   Building the Hollies  
ChicFashions_WEB.jpg (167893 bytes) MerthyrTydfil_Town_BuildingTheHollies.jpg (69704 bytes)

Building Oldway House Jan 1967

Castle Cinema May 1971

MerthyrTydfil_Town_BuildingOldwayHouse_Jan1967.JPG (93442 bytes)

CastleCinema_May1971_WEB.jpg (101842 bytes)

Lower High Street January 1967    

 Lower High Street January 1967


LowerHighStreet_Jan1967_WEB.jpg (132621 bytes)

LowerHighSt_Jan1967_WEB.jpg (152938 bytes)

From Caedraw Flats Nov 1971       

 From Caedraw Flats Nov 1971

FromCaedrawFlats_Nov1971_WEB.jpg (127114 bytes)

SnowsGarage_Nov1971_WEB.jpg (215463 bytes)

St Tydfil's Church 

        From Caedraw Flats Nov 1971

St Tydfil's Church  June 1970

MerthyrTydfil_ParishChurch_Nov1971.JPG (84233 bytes)

MerthyrTydfil_ParishChurch_June1970.JPG (67824 bytes)

Chapel Row (the remains of the Chapel covered in ivy) 

ChapelRow_WEB.jpg (121748 bytes)

Do you have any photo's of Merthyr Tydfil?