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High Street

Merthyr Tydfil


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of Merthyr Town in the 1960's before major alterations.

Same view 30 years later

Melias became Crown Wallpapers, The Volunteer became Welsh Dry Cleaners, Rosie Royals on right hand side.

(Postcard Courtesy of Mrs Gill Thomas, West Grove). 


High Street in the early 1960's

(Postcard Courtesy of Mrs Thomas, West Grove)

MerthyrTydfil_Town_HighStreet_5.JPG (81092 bytes)

 The Bentleys Central Hotel, Market Square.


Now looking North in 1991, rebuilding the Hardy's Store, seen in the photograph on the left. It was to be become Specsavers Opticians.

(Courtesy of Dale Miles - 1991)


Halford,s in the late 1930's

Manager Mr Joe Simmonds from Cromwell Street standing proudly in the doorway. Can you imagine dressing those windows?

(Photograph courtesy of Mr George Hall)

Halfords - 1950's

Mr Simmonds with Don Rees

(Photograph Courtesy of Anita Rees)

The Home and Colonial - c1930

Extreme Left stands the Manager Mr Newitt and 2nd from left is Mr Ernest Morgan who later went on to become the Manager.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ernest Morgan's son Tim Morgan.)

Lipton, No.127 next door down to the Home and Colonial. 1946.


Briggs Arcade, The Briggs Shoe shop was originally at the entrance to the Arcade.

These two photographs from 1988-1990 are by courtesy of Jeremy Swattridge.

The Arcade - 1981


High Street In the early 1950's 

For once the sun is shining. Surely this is a Sunday, one car and four people. Liptons on the left. On the right Briggs (shoes), Woodleys (butchers) and the Arcade Cafe.

(Postcard Courtesy of Mrs Gill Thomas, West Grove)

MerthyrTydfil_HighStreet_8.JPG (106290 bytes)


The Maypole - early 1900's

(Postcard Courtesy of Gill Thomas West Grove.)

Maypole Dairy Company - Interior

(Photograph Courtesy of Steve Brewer)

(Postcard courtesy of Gill Thomas West Grove.)

Boots The Chemist - Merthyr High Street - 1950s

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Boots The Chemist


Nasty accident in the High Street, early 1950s.

Surveying the damage L to R:-

Inspector Bill Griffiths, Selby Star, Dai Jones, Sergeant ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Jones, Dai Jones' son.)


Lower High Street.

Lower High Street, Temple Bar Inn.

MerthyrTydfil_Town_LowerHighStreet_Cropped.JPG (239288 bytes)

High Street, Temple Bar Inn on the right. Union Jacks flying from the buildings, I wonder what the occasion is?


Lower High Street.

(Photograph by Harris & Co. Courtesy of the Leo Davies Collection)

MerthyrTydfil_Town_HighStreet_Harris&Son_leoDavies.JPG (109942 bytes)


A Close-up of the previous photograph, clearly showing a horse drawn bus awaiting passengers.

(Photograph by Harris & Co. Courtesy of the Leo Davies Collection)

MerthyrTydfil_Town_HighStreet_Closeup_Harris&Co_LeoDavies.JPG (123186 bytes)

Cash & Co opposite Woolworth.


The Bush Hotel.

Demolished in the 1930's to make way for Woolworth's.

( Postcard courtesy of Mrs Gill Thomas, West Grove).



High Street Chapel.

(Postcard courtesy of Gill Thomas West Grove.)



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High Street

Chapel Pictures.

Lower High Street, Showing the High Street Chapel.


Lower High Street - 1955.

MerthyrTydfil_Town_LowerHighStreet_1955_FrancisFrith.JPG (141197 bytes)

 F.W.Woolworth & Co Ltd In the Late forties

MerthyrTydfil_Town_LowerHighStreet_Woolworth.JPG (151014 bytes)