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Merthyr General Hospital

Merthyr Tydfil


The Merthyr General Hospital was built in 1888, mainly by the efforts of Sir W.T.Lewis (Lord Merthyr), who obtained financial support  from the Marquess of Bute, and by public subscription.


His statue was erected in front of the hospital.


The workmen of the local Ironworks, Coalmines, Railways, and Local Government paid a weekly suscription to the funds of the Hospital.


From 1927 to 1947 the annual Whitsun Fete and Gala at Cyfarthfa Park was held to raise funds.



Statue of Sir W T Lewis at the front of the General Hospital.

W T Lewis later Baron Merthyr of Senghenydd funded the building of the fountain at the lower end of the High St. This commemorated the development of the South Wales Steam Coal trade by his grandparents Robert and Lucy Thomas of Waunwyllt. (Clive Davies of Penydarren, informs us that this statue is now situated at the entrance

to St. Tydfil's Hospital).

MerthyrTydfil_Town_GeneralHospital_SirWTWilliams-Bart.JPG (140204 bytes)

Merthyr Tydfil General Hospital - 1888

The Lord Buckland Memorial Building - 1920s


The Lord Buckland Memorial Hospital South View

(Photograph courtesy of David Chillcott)

The General Hospital

MerthyrTydfil_Town_GeneralHospital_CliveBevan.JPG (189720 bytes)


The General Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil

(Photograph Courtesy of Mrs Gill Thomas)

The General Hospital from Penyard

The Accident Ward Entrance

Main Entrance - (Alexandra Road)



Sandbrook and Berry Wards - Built 1922.


Merthyr General Hospital - Matron & Staff

General Hospital Medical Staff in the the 1930s


Christine Handy (of Sixty-Sixty Coaches) storing boiled water for patients in the General Hospital during a water shortage, 31st January 1985.

(Photograph courtesy of Christine Handy)


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