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Merthyr Tydfil

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Penydarren Ironworks 


Penydarren Park


Penydarren Locomotive


Penydarren_Ironworks_ByRobertCrawshay_1875.JPG (132354 bytes)                                             



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Bishop Hedley School in the 1980s.






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Bishop Hedley School






Penybryn -  In the early 1900's

Penydarren_Penybryn_ETBushNo2554_2.JPG (221047 bytes)

  Penydarren in the snow of 1982. (Courtesy of Glenys & Leighton Jones)




Festival of Britain Street Party at Penybryn, Penydarren

L to R:-  ? , Alun Davies, ?, Russell (with the eye patch), Diane Lambert, ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Alun Davies)



V.J. Day Street Party at Garden City Penydarren

Andrew Williams tells us his mother Glenys is on this photograph.

(Photograph Courtesy of Liam Hennessy)


Burgum's Farm Shop, 1960s.

(From the Merthyr Express)


Mr and Mrs Frank Williams Emigrating to Canada - 1960's

(Photograph courtesy of Margaret Pearson)

Frank Williams Back From Canada To Celebrate His Mother's 94th Birthday

(Photograph courtesy of Margaret Pearson)


Margaret Pearson sent these two clips from the Merthyr Express, and tells us that Frank Williams celebrated his 100th birthday on February 3rd, 2013.

Happy birthday Frank, Congratulations!


Haydn Terrace - Coronation Party 1953

(Photograph Courtesy of Joyce Sergeant)


Penydarren Ward Labour Party.

L to R:- Gerald Mahoney, Gerald Donovan, Albert John, Norman John, Ralph Jones, Leighton Jones, Ron Protheroe, Terry Mahoney.

(Courtesy of Glenys & Leighton Jones)

Speroni's Ice Cream Cart

Tom Protheroe standing with Mr. Speroni's Ice Cream cart.


Brynhyfred Street, Queen's Silver Jubilee Street Party. 1977.

Janice Clayton (Nee Bowen) contributed this photograph, her mother May Bowen is waving. second from the right hand side.


Urban Street - 1960s

(Photograph Courtesy of Tom Hier)



Mrs Anna Alfieri cooking Fish & Chips in the front room Chip Shop at No.1 Hodges Street. 1950s

Note the Gaslight handy during electricity powercuts.

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (Nee Alfieri))


Giovanni (John) Alfieri in Caehendy Street, 1960s the dog belonged to Cyril Pullman living at No.4.

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (Nee Alfieri))




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Alfieri's Life

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North Street, Penydarren in the Snow - 1982

(Photographs Courtesy of Silwyn Waldron)


No. 4, Fronwen Terrace. - 1924

A young Cledwyn Vines standing on the doorstep.

(Photograph courtesy of Barrie Cledsmith)

Penydarren Brynheulog Street - 1970's

Brynglas Street, Penydarren

The Dowlais Great White Tip from 13 Brynglas, Penydarren

(Photograph Courtesy of Leighton Jones)



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The Great White Tip



Gellifaelog Road - From the bottom of New Road

Penydarren_Gellifaelog.JPG (104419 bytes)

Tommy Griffs garage at bottom of New road.

Tommy lived in the Welsh Harp Inn ,Berry Square, Dowlais. Compare the number of houses behind the garage to 

the number in the previous photo. Many years earlier several houses fell into the culvert that collapsed under the properties following heavy rain. 

Penydarren_BottomOfTheNewRoad_TommyGriffsGarage_4-7-46.JPG (102133 bytes)


From North Street - The Whitey and the Tanks of Lever Bros - 1946


Penydarren Service Station C1968.

(Photograph from the Merthyr Express)


Penydarren High Street on a cold and frosty morning in the 1970s.

The Norton Public House - Penydarren

Penydarren High Street - Showing the 'Surgery' to the left - 1967

Penydarren High Street - From the Surgery - 1967

High Street, 1912

(Postcard courtesy of Gill Thomas, West Grove)

Same location as above, but 60 years later.

  Penydarren_HighStreet_TheNorton_1970s.JPG (110953 bytes)  


High Street.

Penydarren_HighStreet__.JPG (119404 bytes)

The Rose & Crown.

Penydarren_HighStreet_TheRoseAndCrown.JPG (185589 bytes)

High Street, in the 1960's.

Penydarren_HighStreet_2.JPG (113810 bytes)

High Street 1972.

Penydarren_HighStreet_1972.JPG (136612 bytes)


High Street - 1972 - The Hancock's Public House "The Masons Arms" on the right hand side, in the distance.

(Photograph courtesy of Robert Thomas, West Grove.)

The Masons' Arms, High Street, Penydarren.

High Street, in the 1970's.

Penydarren_HighStreet_Early1970s.JPG (115822 bytes)