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Merthyr Tydfil

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High Street.

(Postcard courtesy of Gill Thomas, West Grove)

No 284, High Street.

Jack Laycock (Fletcher) Snr. standing outside his Confectionary and Fruit Shop in the 1920's.

Penydarren_HighStreet_N0284_JackLaycockSnr_.JPG (193709 bytes)

Penydarren Seen from the Tips

Penydarren - Board Schools

Cosy Cinema Ticket

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Lower High Street in 1972.

(Photograph courtesy of Robert Thomas)




Lower High Street, 70 years earlier than above.

  PenydarrenHighStreetNo3.JPG (72507 bytes)

Click Here to see the Tramroad

and the rear of High Street


Lower High Street, and The Penydarren Inn.

Penydarren Inn prior to being demolished.

Penydarren_LowerHighStreet_ThePenydarrenInn.JPG (192703 bytes)


Penydarren - High Street - Oakley's Corner - 1940's

(Photograph Courtesy of Mr. K. M. McDonald)


Penydarren - High Street - Oakley's Corner - 1940's

(Photograph Courtesy of Mr. K. M. McDonald)


Photograph Taken from a Similar Position to Above

But with buildings demolished with the Dowlais Great White Tip in view.

High Street, from Waterloo Bridge - 1946

Penydarren_Tramroad_HighStreet_FromWaterlooBridge_1946.JPG (126597 bytes)


Penydarren Road, with a tramcar passing the Musical Hall.

(Photograph courtesy of Gill Thomas, West Grove)

The Old Tramroad, and the Musical Hall.

The Musical Hall later became Griffs bed & breakfast accommodation (see below), 

Penydarren_Tramroad_MusicalHall_2-7-1946.JPG (152015 bytes)

Griffs Transport Accommodation. 

Owned by Mostyn Williams. Catering for the long distance lorry drivers who parked their lorries 

on the waste ground near Waterloo Bridge.


Penydarren_Tramroad_MusicalHall_GriffsTransportAccomodation.JPG (86565 bytes)

Musical Terrace.

High Street. This was the lowest part of Penydarren, situated on the main road just above the County School. Just out of sight on the right hand side is the Musical Hall ,  The high ground in the back of the picture was occupied by John Evans (grocers) warehouse, later the site of the  Penydarren Club.   

Penydarren_HighStreet.JPG (113559 bytes)  


Penydarren, Plantation Street 1973.

Mr Whippy arriving outside the Plough Inn. The men will be coming out of the pub to buy a 99 to go with their beer, I think not.

Penydarren_PlantationStreet.JPG (124513 bytes)


Looking up Plantation Terrace, with Soloman Street and Baltic Place on the right. 1960's

(Photograph courtesy of the John Owen collection)

Plough Inn, Penydarren.


This photograph taken on The Tramroad shows the bottom end of Soloman Street,

shortly after it was demolished in the 1970's. Bishop Hedley School can be seen in the


(Photograph Courtesy of Ken Jones)





Noddfa Chapel can be seen on this photograph, Jun 1953


Looking from the rear of Plantation Street towards the Whitey.

The white house in the distance is the last remaining one  in Bradley Row.

(Photograph courtesy of Gerard Kiley)


Another view of 'The Whitey' from Lower Penydarren, in the 1970's.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ken Jones)

General View 1908

Trevithick Street and the Traction Yard in the foreground, looking over towards Penydarren High Street.


A Similar View from the 1970's.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ken Jones)