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Merthyr Tydfil

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Penydarren High Street in 1974.

(Photograph courtesy of the John Owen Collection)

High Street,  Penydarren.

The Tram lines are down so it dates about 1905-10. The Lucania has yet to be built,  but the hedge at the bottom of Horeb's graveyard

is well  established, in fact it could do with cutting. 

Penydarren_HighStreet_CrystalPalaceInn_Lucana-notbuiltyet.JPG (153853 bytes)

Penydarren, High Street, in the late 1800s. showing Radcliffe Hall






Architects drawing of Radcliffe Hall.

(Courtesy of Stephen Brewer)


Radcliffe Hall, burning in the 1970's.





Elim Chapel

Penydarren High Street. May 1973. 

On the right is the Co-op.   Next door up is the NEW INN. Opposite the Co-op hidden by the hedge (which still stands today) was the Lucania, 

In the distance on the left hand side can be seen the Masons Arms.


Penydarren_HighStreet_May1973.JPG (175752 bytes)


New Inn Darts Team in the 1960's

(Photograph courtesy of George Barnes)





Relief for Distressed Miners In Dowlais, London Co-operative Society Ltd.,

Outside the Penydarren Co-operative Shop.

Crystal Palace Inn, Penydarren.


Howard Winstone M.B.E. - World Featherweight Champion, with his young son, watches

as Eddie Thomas' Gymnasium is demolished.

(From the Merthyr Express - November 18th 1975)


Howard Winstone in the Gym.

Penydarren High Street can be seen through the window.




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Eddie Thomas' Sweatshop


High Street - May 1973

The Lucania. Eddie Thomas' Gym.

  Penydarren_HighStreet_May-1973_2.JPG (153093 bytes)  
William Harris Grocers, No.28, High Street, Penydarren.


High Street - No 4  Ernest T Bush No 2456

(Postcard courtesy of Gill Thomas, west Grove)

High Street, Mathias Terrace 1971

High Street , Mathias Terrace to right. 1971

PenydarrenHighStreet1971.JPG (117925 bytes)

High Street , Mathias Terrace .1971.


Penydarren - 71 High Street in the 1970's.

By Horeb Chapel steps.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ken Jones)

Olwen Hillman (nee Jones) outside 71

High Street, Penydarren - 1959.

(Courtesy of Ken Jones)


Penydarren_HighStreet_.JPG (85996 bytes)



The Talbot Inn, High Street, 1906.

HighStreetPenydarren1906.jpg (207169 bytes)

The Talbot Inn.

Penydarren_TalbotInn_Harris&Sons.JPG (145409 bytes)


High Street No 2 - Ernest T Bush No 2454.

(Postcard courtesy of Gill Thomas, West Grove)

High Street - 1971.

Penydarren_HighStreet_1971.JPG (147426 bytes)


 High Street, in the 1960's.

Penydarren_HighStreet_1.JPG (113087 bytes)

A Slag Pot cast at the Ifor Works, at Matthias Terrace, on it's way to Scunthorpe Steel Works (Lysaghts). 1962.

(Photograph courtesy of the John Owen Collection)


Howells the Grocers - in the mid 1970's.

Tommy Williams of the Royal Stores, Penydarren

Lower High Street