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Penydarren Park

Penydarren, Merthyr Tydfil

'The Home of Merthyr Tydfil Football Club'



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Penydarren Park in the 1960's

(Photograph taken from the book by David Watkins  'Images of Sport Merthyr Tydfil Football Club')



Merthyr F.C. - 1909

Danny Simmons is pictured 3rd from left in the middle row.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Betty Tully)


Merthyr F.C. - 1912

Back Row L-R: Barlow, Jones, Danny Simmons (Betty's Grandfather), Ward, Lewis, Alden & Capel.

Middle Row L-R: Oates?, Minsey?, Savage, Spriggs, Walton, Homes, Churchill & Collns.

Front Row L-R: Tudor, Laycock? & Taylor.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Betty Tully)

Merthyr Town A.F.C. 1919-1920


Penydarren Park in the 1920's - Note: Penydarren House to the left and The Whitey in the background.

(Photograph by Mrs. L. Snow, Courtesy of Anita Farrell)


Merthyr Town A.F.C. - 1920/21

(Photograph Courtesy of Betty Tully)



Merthyr Town A.F.C. 1925-1926


Merthyr Town - Supporters Card - 1925

(Courtesy of George Barnes)


Merthyr Town A.F.C. (Pre 1930s)

(Courtesy of Lynda O'Keefe)


Bryn Jones and King George VI

(Photograph Courtesy of John Smith)

Bryn Jones, Cartoon from the Birmingham Gazette.

(Photograph Courtesy of John Smith)



Merthyr Football Team - 1945

(From David Watkin's Book - 'Images of Sport: Merthyr Tydfil Football Club')


Merthyr Tydfil F.C. - Welsh Senior Cup Finalists - 1946/47

(Photograph Courtesy of Clive Arthur)


Merthyr Tydfil Football Club - Official Programme

Guildford V Merthyr Tydfil Saturday 31st January 1948.

(Programme courtesy of Marilyn Davies)


Merthyr Tydfil FC Winners Semi-Final Welsh F.A. Cup 1949

Back Row L to R:-    E Mellors, S Davies, H Lowe, C Reid, B Jarman, G Beech, B Mcilvenny and A Lindon.     

Front Row L to R:-   R Philips, J Powell, P Tabram, R Avery and T Richards. Mascot - Hal Morgan.            

(Postcard courtesy of Julia Powell, names courtesy of Barrie O'Keefe)


Merthyr A.F.C. Circa 1949

Manager: Albert Lindon

Back Row L-R: S. Davies, Paddy McIlvenny, C. Reid, B. Jarman, T. Richards, Bobby McIlvenny.

Front Row L-R: D. Lloyd, R. Avery, P. Tabram, R. Phillips, J. Powell.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of David Watkins)


The Merthyr Tydfil Team 1950

who were defeated 5-1 by Swansea Town in the Welsh Cup Semi-Final at Ninian Park. Cardiff.

Back Row L-R :- R. D. Davies, P. Tabram, B, Hullett, G. Davies, B. Jarman, T. Reynolds, 'Doc' Mellors (Trainer)

Front Row L-R:-  R. D. Lloyd, S. Powell, R. Avery, R. Phillips, T. Richards.

(Photograph courtesy of David Watkins)


Herald Of Wales - Saturday 11th March 1950 - Cartoon by A. Owen

(Photograph Courtesy of David Watkins)


Merthyr V Lovell's Athletic - At Penydarren Park - May 1950

Player - Manager Bill Hullett being presented with the South Wales and Monmouthshire Senior

Cup by Mr. S. D. Lewis (Vice President of the South Wales & Monmouthshire F.C.)  after Merthyr's

6 - 1 victory of Lovell's Athletic at Penydarren Park, May 1950.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of David Watkins)


Merthyr Tydfil F.C. - September 9th 1950

The game was Merthyr Tydfil F.C. V Llanelly, the score was 1 - 1.

Back row second from the right is the late Billy Knight.

(Photograph Courtesy of Pete Knight)


Merthyr Tydfil F.C. 1950-51

At the time, this team were the Southern League Champions and Welsh Cup winners.

(Photograph Courtesy of Pete Knight)


Southern League Champions Welsh Cup Winners - 1951

(Photograph Courtesy of David Watkins)

Cardiff City v Merthyr Tydfil - May 1951

Click the image to view in the programme in PDF format

(Courtesy of Julia Powell)


Merthyr Tydfil - Fixtures for the Season 1956-57

(Courtesy of George Barnes)

Merthyr Town 1957/58

L to R

Back Row:   Watkins, Carpenter, James, Goodwin and Skyme.     

Front Row:   Howarth, Cush, Lowe, Lloyd and Carrol.

(Postcard courtesy of Barrie O'Keefe)


Penydarren Park - Late 1950's.

Sharman, Burton's Goalkeeper, fails to gather a Howell's cross and Roy Skyme sets off in

pursuit. Late 1950's.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of David Watkins)


Merthyr V Guildford - October 1959

Young Pat Moran, behind the goal, is delighted to see the ball in the back of the Guildford net.

But Harry McMoorhoy (No.4) is a picture of dejection. He had put between his own posts.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of David Watkins)


Running on the old Greyhound Track, 1960's

L-R :-  ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Roy Rogers

Merthyr Amateur Athletics Club

L-R :- Ken Williams, Bryn Phillips, Colin Williams, ?, ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Julie Williams)



Merthyr Amateur Athletics Club Committee - 1959

(Photograph courtesy of Julie Williams)





Merthyr V Kettering - 1963

A flying header by by Colin Hancox. Merthyr - 3. Kettering - 1.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of David Watkins)



Southern League Club - 1970

Merthyr Line up before the opening game of the season with Dartford.

Back Row L-R :- Mr David Owen (Chairman), Ieuan Evans (Trainer), Les Harris, Dilwyn John (Player Coach),

                         Pat Murphy, Colin Crotty, Mike Hayes, John Bird.

Front Row L-R:-  Harry Robinson, Alan Wilkins, Howard Madley (Captain), Malcolm Gilligan, Terry Collins.

(Photograph and names courtesy of David Watkins)  



Merthyr Tydfil A.F.C. August 1974.

Back Row L-R:-  Cyril Hartson, Alan Sullivan, Carl Slee, Richard Morse, John Wakeham, Mick Lenihan,

                          Ieuan Evans (Trainer)

Front Row L-R:-  Clive Slattery, Barrie Jones, Alan Smith, Maldwyn Davies (Manager), Doug Rosser,

                          Gerry Ingram, Nick Deacey, Les Graham (Coach) and 7 yr old Ralph Brill (Team Mascot)    

(Photograph and names courtesy of David Watkins)                



January 1974. Newport Co 1. Merthyr 0.

Merthyr's John Charles leads the ball clear of the Merthyr Goalmouth as Newport's Willie

Screen (right) challenges. (Played on a Sunday)

(Western Mail Photograph courtesy of David Watkins)



This 1973 team picture of Merthyr was taken before the pre-season friendly with Derby County.

Back Row L-R :- Carl Slee, Mel Nurse, Dilwyn John, Alan Smith, Stuart Meek, John Charles (Manager),

                          Jim Hobby, George Young.

Front Row L-R :- Barrie Jones, Derek Bryant, Nick Deacy, Paul Caviel, Doug Rosser (Captain), Brian


(Photograph courtesy of David Watkins)



The 1978 Merthyr Tydfil Squad.

Back Row L-R :- Emrys Evans (Manager), Wayne Thomas, Ian Docherty, Mickey Carter, Don Payne, Paul Caviel,

                          Alan Sullivan, Gordon Davies, Ieuan Evans (Trainer) .                  

Front Row L-R :- Mike Lenihan, Chris Holvey, Doug Rosser, David Jones, John Wakeham.                          

(Photograph courtesy of David Watkins)


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