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Mushroom Town

"The Mush"

  This area of Penydarren was called "Mushroom Town" because it was built so quickly, and seemed to spring up suddenly like a Mushroom.

In slang people said: I live up the "MUSH"


Alma Saxton's (Nee Alfieri) photographs of the Alfieri's life in "The Mush"



Giovanni (John) Alfieri in Caehendy Street, 1960s the dog belonged to Cyril Pullman living at No.4.

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton [Nee Alfieri])




Alma & Josephine Alfieri, with Beauty the cat at the side of Hodges Street,

with Caerhendy Street behind.

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (Nee Alfieri))


The lady in the photo is Gwen, who was the shop assistant at the Royal Stores

on the corner of Harrison Street . She worked with Tommy Williams (Tom the Royal).

The shop was opposite Speroni’s sweet shop. The photo was taken around 1955 &

shows ‘Gwennie’ with Alma & Josephine Alfieri.

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (Nee Alfieri))





Gossiping on the windowsill of Number 1 Caerhendy Street:

Alma Alfieri, Vera Fisher, Barbara Coleman & Dolly Pyle

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (Nee Alfieri))


On "The Green" at the side of No.1,Hodges Street. circa 1965.

This is where "Omer Simpsons" now stands (2013).

"For some reason, Hodges Street had one house fewer on the left hand side,

looking up the street, than on the right. The ground adjacent to number 1 was

left undeveloped for years, until my parents acquired it in the 60’s. Eventually,

they built a new fish &chip shop, allowing us to get back our front room, which

had previously housed the shop.
The picture shows my mother, Anna Alfieri, holding Stephen Coleman, Dolly

Pyle with Phillip Coleman, Josephine Alfieri (my sister) and Phillip & Stephen’s

mother, Barbara Coleman" Alma Saxton.

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (Nee Alfieri))




Mrs Anna Alfieri cooking Fish & Chips in the front room Chip Shop

at No.1 Hodges Street. 1950s

Note the Gaslight handy during electricity powercuts.

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (Nee Alfieri))



Anna Alfieri with Celestina & Gloria Alodi whose parents ran a fish

& chip shop on Brecon Road. The photo was taken alongside the garden

wall of number 1 Nibloe Terrace. The man leaning against the wall is John

Alfieri – the Cortina was his pride & joy!

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (Nee Alfieri))




Playing in Hodges Street 1950’s. Alma Alfieri with the owners of

the tricycle,  David (with the glasses) and John Jones. (From number 5)

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (Nee Alfieri))


The Alfieri Family standing at the back door of number 1 Hodges

Street - around 1960.

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (Nee Alfieri))