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County Grammar School

Merthyr Tydfil


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When this new secondary School was opened on the 12th October 1896 education in Merthyr Tydfil came under the responsibility of the county of Glamorgan .... hence the nickname County School.


The first appointed Headmaster was Charles Owen. The Welsh Intermediate Act set up the school to be intermediate between free elementary schools and university. Education here was not free. In 1912 it cost 1 per term and parents had to pay for all books. The school successfully sent many pupils to university. When a school magazine called ' The Merthyrian' was published in March 1923 the school was officially known by the title of 'The Merthyr Intermediate and Technical School', however, it reverted back to its old title of 'County'. The magazine reveals that there was a great concern to distinguish between the girls' corridor and the boys 'corridor.

Although in an outdated building, the school continued until the opening of the new Pen y Dre school in the early 1970s.



The County School

(Postcard Courtesy of Mrs Gill Thomas, West Grove.)

A Later Photograph from Penyard


Watercolour of County School.

(By Allison Allen nee Meredith County School


County School circa 1945.

Back Row L-R:                 Colin Rees, George Hall, Gerald Williams, ?, ?, Hywel Jones or Davies.

Middle Row L-R:              W.P. Morrell (Head teacher), ?, John Brooks, Derek Williams, Iorwerth Blackwell, Alwyn Pedler,

                                       Cynfor Jones, Danny Griffiths, Gareth Evans, Terry Protheroe, Dudley Davies, Miss Davies.

Front Row L-R:                Megan Jones, Betty Wilton, Gweneira Davies, Jean Jones, ?, Mauren Collins, Margaret Coombes,

                                       Gwyneth Griffiths, Kathleen Parler, Glenys Anthony, June Richards, Joan Horton, Renie Reading,

                                       Clarice Samuel, Thelma Weale.

(Photograph Courtesy of Margaret Peters, Names Courtesy of David Bullock)


County Grammar School - 1945

Back Row L-R:      Margaret Abraham. Grace Ford, Lorraine ?

Middle Row L-R:   Mr Morrell (Headmaster). Valerie James. Esme Hooper. Eira Davies, Valerie Brewer, Miss Thomas? (Art teacher)

Front Row L-R:      Joan Davies. Mary Richards. Margaret Davies (me). Ida Pritchard. Anita John, Jean Evans. ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Margaret Pearson)


Merthyr County School - Rugby Team - 1946-47.

"I can only identify front row extreme right. Howard Watkins from Tramroadside . He was good enough to play eventually for Abertillery ,a top Welsh side then. Excellent prop."

The teacher second from right in the front row is Elwyn Thomas. Front row third from right is PE Teacher Hubert Gwynne (with the moustache).

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Clive Thomas, Criccieth)

Merthyr County School - Form 4m - 1946-47.

Back Row    L-R:  David Gossage, Don Chamberlain, Alun Major, Ron Johnson, Carol Williams, Gwyn jones,

                            John Goode, Huw Morgan.

Middle Row L-R:  W.P.Morell (Head Master), Eddy Pheasant, Danny Mahoney, Dave Thomas, Helmut Picker,

                            Frank Cass, Alan Tonge, Kenneth Rees, Peter England, Emrys Thomas, Elwyn Thomas (Form Master).

Back Row    L-R:  June Wells, Freda march, Joan Carter, Anne Jones, Janet Horner, Betty Gibbons, Florance Harris,

                            Bett McCarthy, Jean Graham, Olwen Thomas, Marion Allen, Jean Charles, Lynette Rees.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Don & Nesta Chamberlain)


Rugby Team 1947-48.

Back Row    L-R:  Gareth Hughes, ?, Alec Donald, ?, Graham Bevan.

Middle Row L-R:  Bobby Haines, Chris Riordan, ?, ?, Clive Thomas, Lawrence O'Hanlon.

Back Row    L-R:  John Evans, Dr T.H.Lewis (Head Master), Ken Rees (Captain), Hubert Gwynne (Sports Master)

                            Jimmy McCarthy.

Thanks to Jill Muir and Clive Thomas for the names.


County School - Hockey Team - 1949.

Back Row L-R:   Heather Brown, Ann Morgan, Janet Morgan, Betty Meyrick, Ann Wade,  Geraldine Hopkins,

                          Margaret Donovan, Cynthia Lewis.

Front Row L-R:  Beryl Williams, Dr Lewis (Head Master),  ?, Miss Mullins (P.T. Mistress), Nesta Powell,

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Don & Nesta Chamberlain)


County School Staff 1950's.

Back Row : Ron Gethin, Elvet Jones, Gilbert Horton, Mel Challis, Gwylim Davies, Ken Caswell, Les Burns.

Front Row: Tom Jones, Evan Arthur, Hubert Gwyn, Elwin Thomas

(Courtesy of Jan Caswell)

County School - Junior Rugby Team - Early 1950's.

Back Row L-R : Lawrence O'Hanlon, ?, Arthur Morgan

2nd. Row: Gordon Griffiths, Geoff Fennell, Clive Thomas, David Morgan, Wyn Roberts, Terry Cudmore.

3rd. Row : Ken Tucker, Dr. T.H.Lewis ( Head), Chris Reordan ( Capt.),  Hubert Gwynne ( Sports Master), ?  

Front Row: ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Clive Thomas, Criccieth)


County School - Hockey Team - 1950's.

Back Row L-R:  Shiela Hill, Ann Morgan, Carole Brown, Betty Meyrick, Betty Mead, Nesta Powell, Christine Powell,

                         Marlene ?.

Front Row L-R: Gloria Coffey, Dr Lewis (Head Master), Megan ?, P.T. Mistress, Beryl Williams.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Don & Nesta Chamberlain)


Athletic Team - 1952-53c.

Back Row L-R :   Geoff Fennell, David Davies, John Goode, Alec Donald, Chris Reordan, Clive Thomas, ?, ?.
Front Row L-R:   Kenneth Rees, Mel Challis (Staff),  Dr. T.H.Lewis (Head Master),  Danny Griffiths (Team Captain),

                           Hubert Gwynne (Sports),   Ken Tucker.

(Photograph & Names Courtesy of Clive Thomas, Criccieth)


County Grammar School - Keir Hardie Shield Winners - 1953.

Back Row L-R:        David Robbins, Glanmor Williams, Malcolm Baker, Ron Morgan, Tony Slavin, David Smith & Gareth Isaac.

Front Row L-R:       Adrian Morgan, Dr T. H. Lewis, Howard Davies, Mr Hubert Gwynne & Raymond S. Davies.

(Photograph and Information Courtesy of Howard Davies)


County School Sports Day - At Penydarren Park 1953.

Standing L-R:                Tony Slavin, Marlene Thomas, Peter Corbett, Byron Jones, Gilbert Morgan, ?, ?, ?
Seated L-R:                   David Smith, Howard Davies, Malcolm Baker, G Tuffin, ?, Sheila Lewis, ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Howard Davies)

County School - Senior Rugby Team - 1953-54.
Back Row L-R: Arthur Morgan, Derek Ward, Pat Corcoran, Gordon Griffiths.
Middle Row:     Roy Stephens, Mervyn Penry, Leon Stansfield, Danny Griffiths. Philip Rowlands, Tony Webber
Front Row:       Brian Price, Lawrence O'Hanlon, Dr.T.H. Lewis( Head Master), Clive Thomas (Captain), Mr.Hubert Gwynne (Sports),
                       Colin Rees,  Dai Morgan.
(Photograph & Names Courtesy of Clive Thomas, Criccieth)


County Grammar School - 5th Form - 1953-54.

(Photograph Courtesy of Clive Thomas, Criccieth)


County Grammar School - 6th Form - 1953-54.

Back Row:-     ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Third Row:-     ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Second Row:- ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Front Row:-    ?, ?, ?, Headmaster Dr T. Lewis, Form Teacher Gilbert Horton, ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Clive Thomas, Criccieth)


Merthyr County Athletics Team 1954

Back Row L-R :- Dai Gravell, Tony Evans, Grafton Oates, Billy Jenkins, Alan Jenkins, Tony Slavin, Kieth Smith, John Davies

3rd Row L-R :- Robert Lewis, Ken Griffiths, Gareth Isaac, Tudno Jenkins, Alan Hughes, Malcom Baker, Dai (Hong Kong) Williams, Byron Jones, Peter Carter, Howards Stephens

2nd Row L-R :- Jackie James, Gilbert Morgan, Danville Griffiths, T.H.Lewis (Headmaster), Peter Corbett, Mr Challis, Thomas John Williams, Howard Davies, Bobby Jones

First Row L-R :- Clive Dawkins, ?, Colin Tanner, Vivian Protheroe, ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Dai Gravell)


County School Hockey Team - 1954

Back Row L-R :- Mavis Owen, Sheila Lewis (Now Pettigrew), ?, Jennifer Budden, Anita Rees, ?, Julia Williams

Front Row L-R :- Barbara ?, Gloria Coffey, Dr. Lewis (Headmaster), Betty Mead, Miss Johns, ?, ?

(Photograph courtesy of Sheila Pettigrew)

County School Hockey Team - Mid 1956 - 1957

Back Row L-R :-  Pamela Davies, Julie Williams, Cathy Moran, Larina Roberts, Mavis Owen, Glenys Prosser, Jacqueline Talbot.

Front Row L-R :-  Linda Caudle, Jennifer Budden, Dr. Tom Lewis (Headmaster), Pamela Bord, Dwynwen Evans.

(Photograph courtesy of Dwynwen Richards nee Evans)

Swimming Team in the 1950's.

L to R

Back Row: Colin Dawkes, Gerald Price, Gareth Davies, Howard Stevens, John Morgan.

Middle Row: Gerald Jones, Colin Tanner, Gareth Isaacs, Robert Morgan, Colin Harries, John Davies,David Murphy.

Front Row: Hubert Gwynne (PE Teacher), Alan Davies, Tudno Jenkins, Peter Carter, T.C.Lewis (Headmaster)

(Photograph courtesy of Brenda Prosser nee George)

CountySchool_5_BrendaProsser.JPG (174759 bytes)


County School - 1954

Back Row L-R:-.Dylis Hitchins, Julia Williams.

Middle Row L-R:- Veronica Rose, Kathleen ?, Wendy Davies, Mavis Owen, Wendy Parry

Front Row L-R:- Lanna Roberts, 'Tommy Oil', Sheila Lewis, ?, Jean Collins, Joan Collins

(Photograph courtesy of Sheila Pettigrew)


Mervyn Evans Emailed this 1955 photograph.

Back row:-  Doug Francis, Howard Davies, Phillip Rowlands, Malcolm Baker, Peter Jones, Mervyn Evans, Alan Rees;

Front row:-  Billy Jenkins, Gerald Lloyd, Dr T Lewis, Derek Ward, Evan Arthur (Maths), ? Wilson, Tim Morgan.

(Thanks to Tim Morgan and Mervyn Evans, for the names.)


County Grammar School - Sixth Form - 1956.

Back Row L-R:              ?, ?, Malcolm Baker, Anthony Evans, Clive Sampson, Dai (Hong Kong), ? Jenkins & Adrian Morgan.
Middle Row L-R:           ? Davies, Derek James, David Smith, ?, ?, Marilyn Clark, ?, ?, Ann Conway, ?, Eileen Hayes, ?,

                                     Colin Jones, Pat Corcoran & Doug Francis.
Front Row L-R:             Tony Slavin, Howard Davies, ?, Ieuan Thomas, Dr T H Lewis, Mr Mel Challis, Mavis Owen, ?,

                                     Dwynwen Evans & ?

(Photograph & Names Courtesy of Howard Davies)


County School - Athletics Team - 1956

Back Row L-R :- Jackie James, ?, ?, Phil Regan, ?, Colin Harris, Anthony Evans, Chris Tinley

Middle Row L-R :- David Gravell, John Davies, Ian Henderson, Hilton Thomas, Howards Stephens, Gareth Isaac, Peter Carter, Ieuan Thomas, Colin Tanner

Front Row L-R :- Danielle Griffiths, ?, Mr Gwynne (Sports Teacher), Tony Slavin, Malcom Baker, Tim Lewis, Brian Jones,

Sitting L-R :- Merddyn Evans, David ?

(Photograph Courtesy of David Gravell)


County School Cross Country Team - 1957

Back Row L-R :- Chris Tinsley, Merddyn Evans, John Davies, Paul Thomas, Hilton Thomas, Elwyn James, Brian Jones

Middle Row L-R :- Dai Ian Williams, Gerald Jones, Peter Carter, Alan Hughes, Ian Henderson, Dai Gravell, Danville Griffiths, ? Griffiths

Front Row L-R :- Nicky Kotscky, Tony Slavin, T H Lewis, H T Gwynne, Ieuan Thomas, Moelwyn Davies

(Photograph Courtesy of Dai Gravell)


County Grammar School Choir - 1957

With Choirmaster Glynne Jones.

Teachers L to R:  Hubert Gwynne (PT), Ron Gethin (Geog), Meirona Jenkins (Welsh),  ? Elvet Jones -Taddy(,French), Mr Jenkins I think - English, Mr Jones ( Latin), T.H. Lewis ( Head), Margaret Hughes ( Senior Mistress), Glynne Jones ( Music), ? Thomas ( Math), Mr Gwilym Jones ( Art), Mrs Bale ( Biology).

(Photograph courtesy of Brenda Prosser nee George. Names Courtesy of Jennifer [Budden] Davis)


CountySchool_1_BrendaProsser.JPG (538133 bytes)


County School Athletics Team - 1957

Back Row L-R :- Merddyn Evans, John Davies, Howard Stephens, Malcom Baker, Colin Tanner, ?, Hilton Thomas, Elwyn James

Middle Row L-R :-  Edwyn Davies, Gerald Jones, Peter Carter, Alan Hughes, Dai Gravell, Gareth Isaac, Danville Griffiths, ?

Front Row L-R :-  Walter Williams, Howard Jenkins, Tony Slavin, T.H.Lewis, H.T.Gwynne, Ieuan Thomas, Robert Jones, Anthony Evans

(Photograph courtesy of Dai Gravell)

(Photograph courtesy of Brenda Prosser nee George)

CountySchool_2_BrendaProsser.JPG (488715 bytes)

Names known:

Back Row L - R: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,Dwynwen Evans, ?, ?, Mavis Owen

Fourth Row: third from left - Valerie Baker, second from right- Margaret Budden

Third Row: - first person is Moira Pugh, second from right is Ginnie? Atkins

Seated Row -  ?, ?, ?, ?, Jennifer Budden, Glynne Jones ( Music) TH Lewis (Head) Jane Binning, ?, Meryl Robbins ?

On floor: second from left - Pamela Davies 

(Photograph courtesy of Brenda Prosser nee George. Names Courtesy of Jennifer [Budden] Davis)

CountySchool_3_BrendaProsser.JPG (217335 bytes)

Rugby Team 1956-57.

L to R

Back Row: Peter Wade, Howard Stephens, Tudno Jenkins, Dai (Hong Kong) ?, Adrian Morgan, Colin Tanner.

Middle Row: Pat Corcoran, Phil Reagan, Gareth Oates, Gareth Isaacs, Tony Slavin, David Smith, Colin Jones, John Davies.

Front Row: Brian Moore, Ieuan Thomas, T.H.Lewis (Head), Malcolm Baker, Hubert Gwynne (Games), Tony Evans, Howard Davies.


Thanks to D Valentine Murphy, Colin Jones and Ieuan Thomas for the names.

(Photograph courtesy of Brenda George now Prosser)

CountySchool_4_BrendaProsser.JPG (245973 bytes)


County School - Athletics Team - 1958

Back Row L-R :- Chris Fear, Anthony Evans, ?, Tony Bevan, Edwyn Davies, John Davies, Jake Morgan, ?

Middle Row L-R :- Elwyn James, Thomas John Williams, Gerald Jones, David Thomas, ?, Alan Hughes, Walter Williams, Phil Regan, Colin Tanner

Front Row L-R :- Keith Smith, Howard Jenkins, T.H. Lewis, David Gravell, H.T. Gwynne, Danville Griffiths, Merddyn Evans

(Photograph Courtesy of David Gravell)


County School Harriers - 1958

Back Row L-R :- Alan Jones, ?, Dai Ian Williams, Brian Jones, Alan Monelly, Merddyn Evans, ? Griffiths, Nicky Kotscky, Roy Hinton, Moelwyn

Front Row L-R :- Chris Townsley, Tim Lewis, David Gravell, H.T. Gwynne, Elwyn James

(Photograph courtesy of David Gravell)


County Grammar School - Fifth Form - 1958.

Back Row L-R:              John Carter Evans,Cynthia Bunn, ? ,Lynette Fowler, ? ,Pam Bowen, Janice Bowen, ? , ? ,

                                   Roberta ? , Paul Thomas.

Middle Row L-R:           Danville Griffiths, Robert Jones, Norman Davies Gareth Hopkins, Alan Jones, Walter Williams,

                                  Thomas John Williams, Ian Hopkins, Elwyn James, Michael McCarthy, Robert Lewis.

Front Row L-R:            Pat Callaghan, ?, Philip Griffiths, Janice Jones, T.H.Lewis (Headmaster) ,Ron Gethin (Teacher),

                                  Alison Jones, Brian Jones, ?, Janet Lloyd.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Walter Williams)


County Grammar School - Sixth Form - 1958

(Photograph courtesy of David Gravell)


County School Trip to Interlaken, Switzerland - July 1958

Left to Right:                  Miss Morris, Alison Price

Front:                            Anne Penter, Pat Arriaga, Janis Mitchell

(Photograph Courtesy of Pat Fearn)

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