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County Grammar School

Merthyr Tydfil


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County School Cricket Team, First Eleven,1958-59.

(Photograph Courtesy of Derek Fenny)


County School. Lower Sixth,1958-59.

(Photograph Courtesy of Derek Fenny)


County School. First fifteen playing rugby at Penydarren Park (Their Home Ground) on a Saturday morning.  1958-59.

(Photograph Courtesy of Derek Fenny)


County School. Upper Sixth,1959-60.

(Photograph Courtesy of Derek Fenny)


County School - Tennis Team - 1959.

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Senior)


County School - Football Team - 1959 - 1960.

Back Row:- ?, ?, Kenneth Manley, ?, ?, ?.

Middle Row:- ?, ?, T.H.Lewis (Heademaster), ?, ?, ?.

Front Row:- ?,

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Senior)


Merthyr County Grammar Rugby Team 1959-1960.

Back Row L-R:              Eric Dinham, Walter Williams, Geraint ?.

Middle Row L-R:            Elfed ?,Dai Roberts, Derek Fenney, Barry Lewis, John "Jakey" Morgan, Paul Thomas,

                                    Ian Hopkins, Peter Snell.

Seated L-R:                   Howard Jenkins, Dai Ian Williams, T.H.Lewis (Headmaster), Colin Tanner, Glyn Llewellyn

                                    (Teacher), Alan Jones, Danville Griffiths.

Front Row L-R:               Hilton Thomas, Gerald Jones, Elwyn James.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Walter Williams)


County School - Lower Sixth - 1960.

Back Row:- ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Third Row:-  Ceinwen Jones, Valerie Baker, ?, ?, ?, ?, Elaine Rose.

Second Row:- ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Jane Bell.

Front Row:- ?, ?, Sandra Williams, T.H.Lewis (Head), Frances Evans, ?, Sylvia Mueller, Frances Lane, Avril ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Frances Lane now Crozier)


County School - Tennis Team - 1960.

Back Row:- ?, Colin Senior, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Middle Row:- ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Front Row:- ?, Gilbert Horton (Headmaster), ?, ?, ?, ?.

Brynley Williams is on the front row left next to the teacher.

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Senior)


School photograph - 1960.

Click on the photo to enlarge

(Photograph courtesy of Julia Powell nee Williams)

School trip to Spain, Merthyr Station, 1960s

MerthyrTydfil_CountySchool_SpainTrip_1960s_4.JPG (124698 bytes)

The Mayor accepting donations raised by children of the County and Pant schools.


County School - Fifth or  Sixth Form - 1960 or 61.

Top Row L-R:- ?, Hywel Thomas, ?, ?, ?

Third Row L-R:- Roy Whitney, Kenneth Manley, Roger Thomas, David Morgan, Richard Gledhill, ?, Brynley Williams.

Second Row L-R:-  ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, .

Front Row L-R:- Stewart Tate, ?, Ron Gethin (Geography), Dorothy "Dotty " Williams (Welsh), Gilbert Horton (Headmaster), Elvet 'Taddy' Jones (French), ?, Phil Lewis

(Photograph Courtesy of Phil Lewis)


County School - Under 15 - Rugby Team - 1961/62

Top Row L-R:          ?, Hywel Davies, Terry O Keefe, Pat Murphy, Eric Tonge, Gerald De Lacey, Keith Fowler, Derek Price, Peter Jones & Lyn Strangward.
Seated L-R:            Clive Lewis, Alan Jones, Ron Gethin (Geography), Melvyn Davies, Mr Horton Headmaster, Gwyn Williams & Perry Williams.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Jones)


Merthyr County - Under 15- Football Team - 1961/62

Top Row L-R:        Perry Williams, Robert Leonard, Terry O Keefe, Eric Tonge, Pat Murphy, Gwyn Williams, Peter Jones & Keith Fowler.
Seated L-R:          Clive Lewis, Mr Horton (Headmaster), Melvyn Davies, Mr Pritchard (PE Teacher) & ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Jones)


County School - Under 15 - Rugby Team at Mountain Ash - 1962

Back Row L-R:               Eric Tonge, ? Turner & Gerald De Lacey.
Second Row L-R:          
Clive Lewis, Peter Jones, Howard Davies, Hywel Davies, Pat Murphy, Terry O Keefe, Derek Price & Peter Davies.
Kneeling L-R:                
Melvyn Davies, Roger Thomas, Lyn Strangwood, Perry Williams, Keith Fowler & Gwyn Williams.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Jones)


County Grammar School Rugby Team - 1962-1963

Back row L-R :- Philip Keohane, Geoff Vaughan, ?, Ramon Juan Perera Garcia Mendez (aka-Salty)
Middle row L-R :- ?, ?, Philip Rosser, John Snare, Terry Foley, Philip Best, Mansel Lewis
Front row L-R :- Jamie McAleer, Ron Gethin, Philip Lloyd Davies, Elvett Jones (Taddy).Acting Head, Philip Corke, Mr Pritchard, Colin Williams.

(Photograph courtesy of Mansel Lewis) (Additional Information by Allison Allen)


County School - Trip To Doddington - 1963

Back Row L-R :- ?, ?, ?, Penelope Willey, ?, ?, ?, Erica Davies

Front Row L-R :- ?, ?

(Photograph courtesy of Allison Allen)


Merthyr County Grammar 1st XV - Rugby Team - 1964

Top Row L-R:         Perry Williams, Robert Leonard, Terry O Keefe, Eric Tonge, Pat Murphy, Gwyn Williams, Peter Jones & Keith Fowler.
Seated L-R:            Clive Lewis, Mr Pritchard (PE), Melvyn Davies, Dr. Leslie Reed (Headmaster), ?, Mr Glyn Llewllyn (French and German)  & ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Jones)

1964 - Bronze-Silver Medallion Swimming Team.


Latin - Class 3A - August 1964.

Teacher Dorothy Williams affectionately known as Dotty.

(Courtesy of Peter Evans)


Gymnastics Team 1964 - 65.

(Photograph Courtesy of Linda Treharne)


Rugby Sevens 1964 - 65.

Teachers: Dr Leslie Reed (Headmaster) and Mr Mostyn Phillips.

(Photograph Courtesy of Linda Treharne.)


Merthyr County Grammar Under 15 Rugby Team - 1964/65

Back Row:- Evan Kinsey, ? Price, ? Jones, B O'Keefe.

Third Row:- ? Williams, A. Sankey, ? Thomas, ? Evans, ? Snare, ? Hickey, ? Mahoney.

Second Row:- ? Evans, ? Fisher, ? Richards, Terry Foley, Les Reed (Headmaster), ? Gethin, ? Walters.

Front Row:- ? Williams, ? Alcock.

(Photograph Courtesy of Malcolm Evans)


Merthyr County Grammar Cross Country Team - 1964/65

Back Row:-  McCarthy, Rosser, ?, ?, Malcolm Evans.

Second Row:- ?, Noel Davies, ? Estabanez, Rob Davies, G. Mahoney, Rob Williams, B O'Keefe, Bryn Jones, Terry Foley, R. Parry, ?

Front Row:- ? McCloughlin, A. Sankey, Les Reed (Headmaster), Peter Evans, H. Pritchard, Evan Kinsey, C. Lewis.

(Photograph Courtesy of Malcolm Evans)


County School - CC - 1965

Back Row L-R:            Philip Lloyd Davis, Lionel Davies, Martin Wilson, Mike Herring.
Middle Row L-R:         Alan Estabanez, Barry O'Keefe, Ray Waters, Robert Leonard, Terry Foley, Andrew Rees (Umpire).
Front Row L-R:           Colin Williams, E. Arthur (Teacher), Eric Tonge, L. Reed (Headmaster), Melvyn Davies.



Caroline Lewis is pictured in the middle of the front row.

(Photograph courtesy of Lynda O'Keefe)



(Photograph courtesy of Lynda O'Keefe)

County School Performing at the Borough Concert Held at Bishop Hedley School - Late 1960s (1969 or 1970)



Presentation to Retiring Staff

(From the Merthyr Express, Courtesy of Allison Allen - nee Meredith.)



Robert Davies (Head Boy) & Allison Meredith (Head Girl) - July 1969

Taken outside the old Chemistry Lab.

(Photograph Courtesy of Allison Allen, nee Meredith)

County School Girls Entrance

L-R: Rhoswen Willis, Catherine Donovan, Christine Williams.

(Photograph Courtesy of Allison Allen, nee Meredith)




Lower Yard Outside the Men's Staffroom (Very Smoky!) - July 1969

L-R: Nancy Williams, Valerie Williams, Mr. Jenkins (English) and Susan James.

(Photograph Courtesy of Allison Allen, nee Meredith)

County School from the Main Road - July 1969

(Photograph Courtesy of Allison Allen, nee Meredith)



County Grammar School - Under 15s Football Team - 1969c

Cliff Heggie tells us: I am 5th from left at the back. Others are (From the back left) Ken O'Shay, Gary James, Graham Powell, Gwynfor Lewis, Myself, Lyndon Murphey, Robert Lewis.

(Photograph Courtesy of Cliff Heggie)


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