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 Merthyr Tydfil

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Gypsy Castle Farm


Dowlais Top - B.P. Petrol Station in the Snow - 1970's


Little Diner - April 2002

Demolished to make way for A465 dualling.


The biggest hole in Europe?

This is a picture of the huge NCB 'Royal Arms' opencast coal site operated by Taylor Woodrow. It was taken in the second half of the 1970's. A century earlier the Dowlais Iron Company removed coal for their furnaces  from the very same area. New engineering technology made it feasible to reach much lower seams than the Victorians could. This is not the same hole that has been used to dump hazardous materials in recent years. That location is at the top of the picture, yet to be developed by Taylor Woodrow.

(Photograph Courtesy of Tom Hier)

Aerial View Of Dowlais.

(Photograph courtesy of Viv Bayliss of South Woodham Ferrers in Essex)


Dowlais_AerialView_Overview_VivBayliss.JPG (677860 bytes)








Dowlais - Aerial View During Redevelopment - Late 1970's


Dowlais from the Mountain


Dowlais From The Summit of the Stack

This photograph from the late 1800's shows a early view of Dowlais, the library has yet to be built and you can see the original St. John's Church before it was rebuilt (see different spire).


General View of Dowlais

(Photograph Courtesy of Dave Lewis)


The Plas - Dowlais Top

This is approximately the site of the former Dowlais Top McDonalds (See pic below).

(Photographs Courtesy of Phillip Owens)


McDonalds Dowlais Top 1993

(Photographs Courtesy of the John Owen Collection)




Dowlais Top 1953


Tredegar Arms

L-R:                     Unknown Maid, Unknown Maid, Beatrice James, Mary Ann Williams, Rachel Victoria Williams, Hephzibah Williams,

                           Alfred James Williams, Mary Ann Dyer (Landlady), Rose James, Rebekah Matilda James, Berkley James, Kate Matthews,

                           Baby - Harry Matthews & Gwilym Williams. 

(Photograph Courtesy of Gethyn Rees)


The Tredegar Arms, Dowlais Top

The Tredegar Arms was being run by John Bassagaeleo at this time.

L-R: Mary Ann Williams and Beatrice.

(Information Courtesy of Gethyn Rees)


The Tredegar Arms in the 1990's on the Day of the Waun Fair

Shown are licensee Steve Evans (now of the Rhymney Brewery, Dowlais), Paul Collins of Penywern and Another.

Blaen Dowlais and the Works.

Dowlais_BlaenDowlaisAndWorks.JPG (127448 bytes)

Wintry Scenes in Blaen Dowlais - Mid 1960s

(Courtesy of David Robins)


50 Residents of Blaen Dowlais hold a meeting to discuss the Prince Charles Investiture Party

.The gentleman in the middle of the photo, standing outside his house,

with a waistcoat is David Williams (Mayor of Merthyr around this time)

together with members of his family.


L-R :- Brenda Harris, Mrs Harris, Mrs Rachel Owens, Mrs Davies, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Cynthia Davies, ?, Janice ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Maureen Foley, Mrs Mary

Jane Robins, ?, Mrs Betty Foley, ?, Mrs Betty Huws, ?, Mrs Powell, Mr Thomas (Father of Raymond Thomas - Merthyr Mayor c1995), Mrs Harris,

Mr David J Williams (Mayor of Merthyr c1970), ?, Mairwen, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mrs Nancy Davenport, Nesta Davenport, ?, ?, ?, Carol Sinnet, Rene Sinnet


(Photograph Courtesy of David Robins)



Just a row of cottages up on the mountain overlooking Blaen Dowlais. No services or amenities, very inhospitable

but home some families up to the 1970's.


Mrs & Mr Will Price

of Trecatti - 1955 .


Photographs courtesy of

Richie Price

View of Dowlais from the Dowlais High Street Station

Dowlais_HighStreetFromLNWRStation.JPG (118892 bytes)


Taken from the parapet of the LNWR Bridge on 20th June 1970

(Photograph Courtesy of David Beilby)


Caeharris, taken from High Street Station

On the right is Hebron Chapel. In the middle of the picture is The Antelope Hotel and to the left is the Red Bull Inn.

Dowlais_LeoDaviesCollection.JPG (163219 bytes)


Train entering Dowlais High Street Station, 1948

(Photograph Courtesy of the John Owen Collection)


Hebron Chapel.


Red Bull Inn

  The Entrance to Dowlais High Street Station (LNWR)

Dowlais_Caeharris_HighStreetStationEntrance.JPG (96752 bytes)

Go to Dowlais High St Station.


The same scene in 2002

Caeharris High Street

Dowlais_CaeharrisHighStreet_2.JPG (135732 bytes)

Caeharris, High Street showing The Antelope on the right hand, and in the distance the bridge to the Dowlais High Street LNWR Station.

DowlaisCaeharrisNo1.jpg (90126 bytes)


Cae Harris - A similar view as above, only a few years earlier

(Photograph courtesy of Pete Noyce)


Caeharris - Again, similar to the above two photographs, only taken in the 1960's


Caeharris Pond

Situated just above Dowlais House. The water was used for the iron making process. The Ifor Works is in the distance, with Muriel Terrace to the right of it. 

Dowlais_Caeharris_ThePond.JPG (165817 bytes)

Dowlais Caeharris Juniors Football Team - 1921-22


G.K.N. Train pulled by engine 'Gower' crossing the High Street


Dowlais_Caeharris_tRAIN.JPG (133468 bytes)


Same Crossing in 1974.

(Photograph Courtesy of Andy Kirkham)



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To enjoy a railway trip from Radyr to Caeharris delivering used moulds to the Ivor Works.


Caeharris, Dowlais in the Snow - 1964

(Photograph Courtesy of the John Owen Collection)


Gwernllwyn House


Caeharris Post Office - 1970's c.




High Street, Caeharris_'Nelliies' shop, with Nellie & Dai Evans on the doorstep.

(Photograph courtesy of Wendy  & Colin Evans)


The Greyhound Hotel, Dowlais






The Greyhound Hotel - Cwm Canol Street, Dowlais

(Photograph Courtesy of Huw Williams)


GKN Train crossing the High Street at the top of Doctor's Pitch.



Originally The Library, built by Lady Charlotte Guest, later to become the Guest Club, and in the background St Mair's Church. 

Dowlais_GuestMemorialHall_StMairsChurch_1900.JPG (120519 bytes)

The Library

Dowlais_TheLibrary_LeoDaviesCollection.JPG (304106 bytes)


An Accident involving a Cementation Drilling Rig, probably used during the construction of the 'Heads of the Valley' road, outside the Guest Club in the 1960's.


Another Nasty Accident - A British Road Services (Probably Ex-Dowlais Motor Services) Lorry's , load slid back, during a gear changedown to first, causing it to tip back, on Doctor's pitch


The Same Dramatic 'Tip-Up' as Above - 1950's

(Photograph Courtesy of David Evans)


Doctors Pitch. Conways horse being revived with a nice cup of hot tea

Dowlais_ConwaysHorseServedHotTeaOnDoctorsPitch_2.JPG (142368 bytes)


The Coal Arch Built at the Entrance to Dowlais House in 1912 for the Royal Visit


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More Photographs of the

Coal Arch


Dowlais House from the High Street - 1969.



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Dowlais House  


Dowlais Central School.


Dowlais_School.JPG (164642 bytes)







High Street at the junction with Market Street, in the 1960's


Doctor's Pitch, the Zebra Crossing at the junction with Market Street - early 1960s.

Caeharris and Dowlais Top children on their way home from Dowlais Junior School wait at the Zebra crossing.

Mrs Gene Robins, extreme right  with her son David Robins in front of her, photograph taken by Ceinfryn Robins.

(courtesy of David Robins)

High Street, The Patriot Inn. - 1972

Dowlais_HighStreet_PatriotInn-June1972.JPG (161252 bytes)


High Street - Miriam Buildings, 1970s. opposite O.P.Chocolates.

Looking through the Coal arch on to Dowlais High Street

(Photograph courtesy of The John Owen Collection)



Dowlais_HighStreet_OppCoalArch-1970s.jpg (236840 bytes)





O.P. Chocolate Factory - 1970's.

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High Street,  junction to Well Street.  c1930s.  "A pint of vinegar please!"

Is this a picture of the good old days? 

Dowlais_HighStreet_WellsStreet_5.JPG (174448 bytes)

  Wells Street - 1972, and Caersalem Chapel.

Dowlais_WellsStreet_1972.JPG (192964 bytes)




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Caersalem Chapel


Garden Row, with Wells Street to the right and the Blast Engine House in the distance.


Dowlais High Street 15th November 1905.

(Photograph courtesy of the John Owen Collection)


Mrs Ann Clark's Hospital, High Street, Late 1800s.



The same scene in the 1970s


High Street - 1970's. Awaiting demolishment, Caersalem Chapel in the background.

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 Photographs of the  

Dowlais Ladies Hockey Team

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Photographs of the

Dowlais Male Voice Choir




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