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O.P. Chocolates

Merthyr Tydfil

5th October 2013, Peter Viktor Skoludek emailed us the following information;

My father Viktor Skoludek was a manager at the OP Chocolate factory first by the old stables in Dowlais and then at the Merthyr factory. The Dowlais factory was then built where over time the whole production was transferred. Not sure of the exact dates but he was there from around 1956-1977.

Know predominantly for the Pischinger Torte and Walnut Whirls both plain and Coffee flavoured. Also produced seasonal chocolate along with the Easter and Christmas novelty chocolates.
The back of the factory overlooked the Hospital and the tall red brick chimney was a huge feature of the factory. I spent many a Saturday morning at work with my dad and knew the layout like the back of my hand. Always a happy atmosphere with the workers.

O.P. Chocolates, Danyparc -  Advertisement

(Courtesy of Robert Fraser)

O.P. Chocolates, Dowlais - 1970s

  O.P. Chocolates Dowlais - Aerial View - 1970's   Aerial View - 1958  
O.P. Chocolates Workers


OP Chocolates - 1970's

Back Row L-R :- ?, ?, Lillian Stevenson (nee Jones), ?, May Evans (nee Stevenson)

Front Row L-R :- ?, ?, ?, Mrs Powles, ?

(Photographs courtesy of Brian Wall)


OP Chocolates - Circa 1974/75

Lillian Stevenson is in dark green

(Photographs courtesy of Brian Wall)


OP Chocolates Dance - December 8th 1977

Back Row L-R :- Mrs Powles, ?, May Evans, ?

Front Row L-R :- ?, ?, Lillian Stevenson, ?

(Photographs courtesy of Brian Wall)


OP Chocolates - 1978

L-R :- ?, ?, ?, Lillian Stevenson, May Evans, ?

(Photographs courtesy of Brian Wall)


OP Chocolates Christmas Party 1977. 'Cabaret Act' Circus.

The performers are all office staff:

Left to right: Norah, John, Brenda (on bike), Elma, Ruth, ?, Pauline, Gill (Elephant)

Gill Davies says "I can't remember who played the camel, the seal nor the monkey".

(Photograph Courtesy of Gill Davies)


OP Chocolates Christmas Party 1978. The Flintstones

Office staff performing a "cabaret" act at the Christmas Party in 1978.
Left to Right: John, ?, Linda, Audrey, Margaret Jones, ?, Gill Davies On the floor: Pauline and Ruth

(Photograph Courtesy of Gill Davies)


"Merthyr Chocolate for Bombay" - O.P. Chocolates, Danyparc

(From the Merthyr Express)


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