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Merthyr Tydfil


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Alma Street.  - In the winter of 1947

Outside No 26 Alma Street The lady with the black hat is Elizabeth Jones and the lady next to her is her daughter

Margaret Griffiths.(nee Jones).

(Photograph and information courtesy of Valerie Griffiths)

Alma Street.


Broad Street - Silver Jubilee 1977

L-R: Mark Rees, Steven Griffin & Phillip Rees.

(Photograph Courtesy of Steven Griffin)

Sand Street - Dowlais

Sand Street - Dowlais

The Oxford Hotel, Sand Street.
  Dowlais_TheOxfordHotel.JPG (154569 bytes)  






Demolition of Sand Street, Dowlais 1935.


Dowlais - High Street

(Photograph Courtesy of David Thomas)

High Street.
High Street , Lower Gate.      


Same Place, from a different angle in the 1960s.   

Hoover occupied the factory when this photograph was taken, but it was at one time B.S.A. Guns. Originally it was the Dowlais works railway station and the termination of the Dowlais Railway line.

Dowlais_HighStreet_BSAGuns_later_Hoover.JPG (212922 bytes)


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B.S.A. Guns

  Hoover Dowlais Entrance, 1970s, the old Dowlais Works Lower Gate entrance.      

The Same Scene as above taken in 2002

(Photograph: Alan George - Old Merthyr Tydfil)

Busmen at High Street ,Lower Gate (Photograph courtesy of Miss Ballam)

Dowlais_BusConductors_MrsBallam.JPG (119809 bytes)


The Dowlais Inn.



Dowlais Inn

(Photograph courtesy of Peter Noyce)


The Dowlais Inn.

(Photograph courtesy of the John Owen Collection)

Dowlais Lower High Street, by the Dowlais Inn, 1938.

(Photograph courtesy of the John Owen Collection)

Dowlais. Top of the New Road outside Barum House. 

Lower Gate in background.

(Photograph courtesy of Miss Ballam)

Dowlais_NewRoad_3_MrsBallam.JPG (222813 bytes)


This photograph taken in the 1980s, from the Dowlais Flats, shows the fire which destroyed Croda Packaging (Goat Mill Road).

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Hicks)

Dowlais Flats - 1960's


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Dowlais Flats


The Welfare Clinic, At the rear of the top of the New Road.

This was the first building to be constructed as a Clinic in the Borough.


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Plough School


Top of the New Road, Baram House, home to the Ballam family. 

At one time an ironmongers shop.

(Photograph courtesy of Miss Ballam.)

Dowlais_NewRoad_BaramHouse_MrsBallam.JPG (169203 bytes)

The New Road in the early 1900s.

Dowlais_NewRoad_WithTramcar.jpg (278589 bytes)


Keith Watts (left) and friend on the New Road, Dowlais

In the background is the Dowlais Gas Works, looking over the Bont



The bottom of the New Road in the 1960s.
Dowlais - During Re-development - Late 1970's


Bottom Of Dowlais.

Dowlais_BottomOfDowlais.JPG (213699 bytes)


Upper Penydarren - The Bont - Lower Dowlais - 1951.

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Dowlais from Gellifaelog

An early photograph looking across to Dowlais from Gellifaelog, in the foreground can be seen, the Rocky Road,

 Gellifaelog School. To the left, the Cwm, in the middle, Balaclava Road and above most of Dowlais. The Ivor Works

 is shown top left and the Great Dowlais Works is extreme, top right.

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