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 Merthyr Tydfil






126, High Street, Emile Evans Printers, December 1975.

(Photograph courtesy of the John Owen Collection)



High Street, Dowlais by junction with the Goat Mill Road.

Showing the Sun Inn

Bert Turvey Serving Behind the Bar at the British Legion.

(Photograph Courtesy of Jaccy Morgan, nee Turvey)




New Works Dowlais. The Goat Mill road on the right.

High Street 1896       


116, High Street, William Harris, 'The Tea Caddy'.

(from the Merthyr Express, September 29th 1925)

  High Street, as above but now the Trams have arrived .Picture dates from approx 1904-08.The Tram is approaching the terminus at the Bush Hotel.

Dowlais_HighStreet_Tramcar..JPG (120148 bytes)

Bush Hotel c1885. Stagecoach,  now departing.

Dowlais_BushHotel_C1885.JPG (296951 bytes)


The Bush Hotel and to the right the Bush Cafe - May 1967.

With Church Street in between, running up  to Dowlais Library

(Photograph courtesy of Robert Thomas)

Bush Hotel in 1956

Upstairs on a Tramcar, Bush Hotel - 1920s.


High Street 1890.

The Bush Hotel on the Left just above the pillar box.


High Street 1905

DowlaisHighStreet_1905.JPG (100277 bytes)

The Carmarthen Arms, Dowlais

Prince of Wales Inn.


Horse Street.

The Forge & Hammer was here at one time. R. P. Rees the Chemist at the bottom, on the High Street.

The Whitey dominates the background.

(Photograph courtesy of Dr T. F. Holley)


Wind Street - 1960s.

The lady on the left is Catherine 'Cassie' Lee (later Jenkins). Does anyone know the other lady's name?

(Information Courtesy of Tony Lee)  



High Street in 1969

Dowlais_HighSt_1969.JPG (148964 bytes)


These two postcards show a similar view to above but taken circa 1905.

(Postcards courtesy of Mrs Gill Thomas, West Grove)

Dowlais_HighStreet_1906.JPG (106165 bytes)


The Carmarthen Arms on the left.

The Pelican Inn.

The same row as above, but thirty years later, what a sad picture.



Taken at the rear of

the above buildings



The Pelican Inn.





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