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Dowlais Motor Services




Telephone: Dowlais No 10

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The business first known as Garth Stables was started at Garth Farm, Pant by David Rees in 1842.  Operating with a team of 120 horses, mainly undertaking the internal haulage at the Dowlais Ironworks. In 1907 it had between 45-50 heavy draught horses and vehicles of all kinds.

About 1880 Dowlais Works introduced additional Steam Locomotives these replaced the horse transport, and the business became entirely concerned with road transport.

In 1921 it commenced a bus service between the Penydarren End Inn and Pant Cemetary Gates. In later years it became  known as Garth Garage, then Dowlais Motor Service Ltd and later C.Davies & Sons.

In 1949 with the nationalisation of transport,  the company was taken over by British Road Services.

Garth Stables, probably Caeracca Farm.


Unusual and Large loads - A speciality!

Merthyr Tydfil's First Steam Lorry, shown here carrying Water Tanks from Torpantau Station to the new waterworks

extension at Upper Nueadd

(Photograph courtesy of Peter Rogers)




HB 3778 -  Brand new Sentinal Steam lorry leaving the paint shop at Shrewsbury.

Dowlais_SteamLorry_Davies&SonGarthGarageDowlais.JPG (124190 bytes)


Unidentified Sentinal Steam Lorry.

(Photograph courtesy of the John A. Owen Collection)


Dowlais Motor Services Bus on the Troedyrhiw and Treharris route.


Dowlais Motor Services Commer Bus at Pant Cemetery Gates.

This is a Commer 3P purchased from South Wales Commercial Motors of Cardiff who were in business both as bus operators and vehicle dealers.

The vehicle has the fleetname DMS or Dowlais Motor Services. It is rather unusual in having pneumatic tyres on the front and solid tyres on the rear.

Another photo exists showing this vehicle with pneumatics all round

The bodywork is by Strachan & Brown and the vehicle was new in October 1926.

It cost 1298 /19/ - less a Daimler in part exchange valued at 282 / 19/-

It was scrapped in July 1935.

(Extra Information Courtesy of Chris Taylor and the Provincial Historic Research Group)

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_DMS_PantCemetaryGates.JPG (103017 bytes)

D.M.S. bus at Pant Cemetary  

(Photograph courtesy of Miss Linda Ballam)


Unidentified D.M.S. bus at Top Square, Treharris.


Commer HB6626 articulated removal van, new outside Cyfarthfa Castle for publicity photographs.


Outside the Garth Garage Depot in Dowlais.

(Photograph courtesy of Peter Rogers)






Outside the Garth Garage depot with a Sentinal Steam Lorry.

(Photograph courtesy of Peter Rogers)





HB 2880 Commer Saloon brand new in 1926.

Outside Garth Garage

(Photograph courtesy of Peter Rogers)





HB 1175  "The Morlais Castle"

This brand new Palladium Charabanc is having a publicity photograph taken at Cardiff

(Photograph courtesy of Peter Rogers)


HB 1175  "The Morlais Castle"

With a full load of day trippers

(Photograph courtesy of Peter Rogers)


HB 6564 Jenson Pantechnican.

Brand new having it's photograph taken using Cyfarthfa Castle as a backdrop.

(Photograph courtesy of Peter Rogers)


January 1926 Accident at Treharris -

(Photograph and Clip courtesy of Peter Rogers)






The Dowlais Depot of the British Road Services, January 1967.

(Photograph from the Merthyr Express 24th January 1967)


Garth Garage as seen on the 19th April 2013, exposed by recent demolishment of surrounding buildings by Merthyr Council.


Map showing Garth House and Garth Garage in red.(1950s)


Advert From the Merthyr Express June 22nd 1912


Dowlais Motor & Transport Service invoice to Ernie Snow for Hire of Charabancs. August 19th 1925



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