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Hoover Washing Machines

Pentrebach, Merthyr Tydfil



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Hoover Limited, of Canton, Ohio, U.S.A. wishing to expand it's U.K. operation, opened the factory in Pentrebach,  Merthyr Tydfil. The factory was purpose built and equipped to manufacture the Hoover Electric Washing Machine. The grand opening was on 19th October 1948. Initially 350 people were employed, by the mid 1970's that number had risen to near 5,000; making Hoover the largest employer in the borough.


Production at Hoover Washing Machines ceased on 13th March 2009.



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Hoover Washing Machines - 1948.


The MK1 Washing Machine with Wringer





Hoover Advert for the MK1 Washing Machine (Above) - 1952

Hoover Washing Machines. in the 1950's.



Main Gate, at the original factory building, (before various extensions)

(Photograph courtesy of Bill "Engine" Jones)

Hoover_Pentrebach_Trucks_Merthyr.JPG (133842 bytes)


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Aerial View.


Hoover - Aerial View.

Note the 'Triangle' in this photograph.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


Hoover - Aerial View

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


Hoover - Car Park

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


Hoover Limited Merthyr Tydfil

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)

Hoover's Christmas Party - 1948.

Pictured is Doris Pittman she was a typist secretary. No other names are known.

(Photograph Courtesy of Paul Williams, Thanks to Moira O'Driscoll for identifying it)

  Hoover factory floor and workforce 1949.   Testing Washing Machines  
                   Hoover_FactoryFloorAndWorkforce_1949.JPG (115802 bytes)    


Washing Machine No 2,000,000.

This photograph shows David (Dai) Smith, from Penywern, Dowlais, receiving the 2 millionth Washing Machine.

David  worked at Hoover for 30 years before retiring at 60.

(Thanks to his Granddaughter Alison Evans for the information.)


Princess Margaret visit's the Hoover factory in November 1950, seen here with Mr Carl Griffin.

(Photograph courtesy of Mr C. Griffin)


Main Stores area in the 1950's.

At one time goods were received and despatched by a rail link that can be seen on the extreme right of the building. in fact this rail link was built especially to transport the dignitaries visiting the opening ceremony.

(Photograph courtesy of Bill "Engine" Jones)

Hoover_Pentrebach_Factory_.JPG (206661 bytes)

Hoover - Fire Brigade - 1950's & 1960's


Lillian Watkins in 1953.

(Photograph Courtesy of Jacqui Gibbons)


Hoover - Retirement of Tom Oates - Presentation by Superintendent Ron Gordon

Front Row L-R:            Ron Garrett, Johnny Good, ?, Tom Oates, Ron Gordon, Harry Passmore (Charge Hand), Len ? & Ken Winstone.
Second Row L-R:       
Jack Copper, David Davies, David Price, Les Jenkins, Jack Hughes, Nickname - Big Mel, Eric Phillips, Peter ?, Connie Walsh & Ken ?.
Back Row L-R:           
Derek Brill (Me), John Griffiths, Tom Jones, Nickname - Bobby Bell, ?, Colin McNally & Ronny Croak.

(Photograph Courtesy of Derek Brill)

Hoover Advert for the Hoovermatic Washing Machine - 1960's


Hoover - "Porters" Shop Opposite the Factory

Andrew Collier tells us "Besides serving the Hoover factory, this shop also served the local community, known as the Triangle.

When the shop closed, Mr Porter opened a small shop located in what was then the new bus station in Merthyr."

L-R: Violet, Jean and Phyllis.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dick Edwards)


Hoover - Girls Break Time - 1959

Do you know the names of these ladies? If so, please contact us.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dick Edwards)


Hoover Social Evening - 1959

L-R: Jean & Dick Edwards, Brenda, ?, Phyllis, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dick Edwards)

The MP7 Despatch Department in 1961. 

L-R: Derek Evans, Tim Sullivan, Georgie Taylor, Jacky Kennedy, Les Jones, Tommy "Curly".

The Clamp trucks were specially built to lift the Keymatic washing machine.

(Photograph courtesy of Derek Evans)

Pentrebach_Hoover_MP7_DespatchDept_1961.JPG (153555 bytes)


Hoover - Tabulating Department - 1961

In the middle of the front row is Barbara Jones.

(Photograph Courtesy of Sandra Page)


Hoover Functions - Early 1960s

(Courtesy of Pat Fearn)

Dinner Dance at Hoover Social Club


L-R: Pat Fearn, John Fearn, Jean, Alan Robbins,

Beryl & Mervyn Lambert.

Dinner Dance at Hoover Social Club


L-R: John Fearn, Pat Fearn, Rose Dimet,

Peter Dimet & Eileen ?

Girls from Purchasing Department

L-R: Joan Davies, Ron Davies, Vera Brake,

Cliff Brake, Muriel Mason, John Mason, Pat Fearn,

John Fearn, Betty ? & Ray.


Despatch Department in 1965. 

Does anyone know the names?

Watkin Richards
Janice (Richards) Chuba, Emailed us from the U.S.A. and tells us that her uncle, Watkin Richards is in the Photo

Hoover - 1965.

John 'Q' Cureton sends us these factory photographs from the late 1950s


Hoover Despatch Department - 1963.

Right top row is Colin Williams.

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Williams)


Hoover Despatch Department - 1964.

5th from left, front row is Colin Williams.

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Williams)


Hoover - Toolmakers

L-R :- Mr. Franklin (Toolroom superintendant), Milwyn Davies (Toolroom supervisor), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Vince Lewis ,

?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Karl Mueller, ?, Jim Burns (Councillor),

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)

Hoover D.K.L. Staff - November 1992

(Photograph Courtesy of Mervyn Davies)

Hoover Keymatics in the Warehouse - 1960s
      The Keymatic  


Hoover Dinner and Dance

Couple on the extreme right are Mr and Mrs Jones, also Ken and Ivy Williams are pictured.

(Photographs Courtesy of Julie Williams)


Hoover Christmas functions at City Hall, Cardiff. Late 60s  to early 70s. (Photographs courtesy of Anthony Evans)

Back row from right:- Ken Rogers and wife, Tony and Sandra Evans, John James and wife, Geraint Jones.

Front row from left:- Graham Harding and wife, John Power and wife.



Anticlockwise from left: Alan Brown and wife, John Pearson and wife, George Brown and wife, ? and ?, Tony and Sandra Evans.






A group of Hoover workers in the 1950s

Back Row 3rd from right David Hussey.

(Photograph courtesy of Barbara Hussey)


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