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Hoover Washing Machines

Pentrebach, Merthyr Tydfil.



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Hoover Assembly Line

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)



Hoover Assembly Line

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)

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Hoover Assembly Line


Hoover Athletics Team - Outside the Sports Pavilion

(Photograph Courtesy of Julie Williams)


Hoover - Sports Pavilion.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)



(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)



(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


Hoover Catering Staff - 1960s

Among those pictured are:               Gwyn Williams (Personnel Officer), Mervyn Rogers (Catering Manager), Graham Bartlett (Head Chef),

                                                         Mair Harding (Catering Department Admin), Hugh Weston, Olive Rogers, Hilda Jones, Gwyneth Griffiths,

                                                         Joan John, Blod Roberts, Maud Snead and Bill Dwyer.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mair Harding)


Hoover Catering Staff - Late 1960s or Early 1970s

Pictured in the Front Row are:                    Marshall Robinson (Personnel Manager), Mervyn Rogers (Catering Manager),

                                                                    Mair Harding (Catering Department Administration), Dolly Jenkins (Retired), Maud Snead (Retired),

                                                                    E.M. Jones (Retired) and Graham Bartlett (Head Chef).

(Photograph Courtesy of Mair Harding)


From the Merthyr Express in the 1960's.

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Bowen)

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Hoover Electricians.

(Photograph Courtesy of Roger Evans)


Hoover - Transporting Washing Machines around the Factory.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


Hoover - Snowed In.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


Her Majesty the Queen Opens the Newly Extended Hoover Factory in 1973

At this point, the factory employed nearly 5,000 people. Further planned expansion never came to fruition.

(Photograph Courtesy of Anita Rees)


Hoover Christmas Party - 1974.

(Photograph Courtesy of Linda Treharne)


(From the Merthyr Express, Clip Courtesy of Anita Rees)


Hoover Syndicate wins on pools

(Photographs courtesy of Julie Williams)

L-R:- ?, Sydney Blackburn, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?







Hoover Canteen Staff - Christmas Party

(Photograph Courtesy of Anita Rees)



Hoover - Jack Barnes Donating his 50th Pint of Blood

(Photograph Courtesy of Gerard Barnes)



Hoover - Jack Barnes Receiving Medal for Donating 50 Pints of Blood

(Photograph Courtesy of Gerard Barnes)

Newspaper Article about

Blood Donation Medal

(Courtesy of Gerard Barnes)



Salesmen visiting the factory - 1980.



The Indian High Commissioner Welcomed to Hoover - 1956

(Photographs Courtesy of Gerard Barnes)





Hoover Factory Workers

Bottom row extreme right :- Catherine "Kitty" Thomas



Hoover Fire Brigade.

Annual Dinner - 1950s

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Don & Nesta Chamberlain)


Hoover R.F.C. - Annual Game for a Local Charity

(Photograph Courtesy of Dave Edwards)


Hoover Charity Team Match - 1990

Back Row L-R:      Paul Lewis, Jason Foley, Nigel Williams, Rob Connells, Karl Green, Robert Gould and Gary Jenkins.

Front Row L-R:      Mike Protheroe, Malcolm Williams, Ton Griffiths, Steve Edmunds, Dave Edwards, Neil Chamberlain, Paul Jones

                             and Kelvin Jones.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dave Edwards)


Hoover R.F.C. -  - Thursday 18th May 1989

Back Row L-R: J. Foley, R. Gould, G. Evans, R. Sullivan, ?, I. Moseley, K. Green, J. Gardiner and N. Williams.

Front Row L-R: G. Griffiths, N. Chamberlain, M. Evans, D. Edwards, K. Jones and C. Morgan.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dave Edwards)


Hoover - Unknown Event

(Photograph Courtesy of Dave Edwards)


Hoover - Dowlais No. 2 - 1970

Any names or information will be appreciated

(Courtesy of David Vaughaun)

Hoover Retirees

(Photographs Courtesy of Anita Rees)


Production at Hoover Washing Machines ceased on 13th March 2009.

Jennifer Raynes sends us these photographs of the protest march:


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