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The Official Opening of the Factory

of Hoover Limited


At Pentrebach Merthyr Tydfil, Tuesday October 12th 1948



On October 12th 1948 in the company of the Rt. Hon. George Isaacs, M.P., D.L., J.P., Minister of Labour and National Service, and of guests distinguished in public and industrial life, the factory of Hoover (Washing Machines) Limited at Pentrebach, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, was officially opened for the large-scale manufacture of Hoover Electric Washing Machines.

The reason why the Hoover Factory was built in Merthyr Tydfil was to manufacture the new 'Hoover Electric Washing Machine'. This washing machine was invented by G. Gibson of Bellevue, Iowa. In 1945, C. B. Colston, Chairman and Managing Director of Hoover Ltd, realised the possibilities of marketing this machine at a low price. It was small, yet capable of doing a full family wash, and because of a new washing principle it was quick, gentle and thorough; it was in fact, unique. Gibson granted Hoover Ltd marketing rights throughout the whole world, apart from the North American continent. Hoover did not the space at Perivale, Cambuslang or High Wycombe for large scale manufacture of this machine so a new site was sought. The Board of Trade suggested among others, a location in the Merthyr Tydfil region. In June 1946,  the first turf was cut by C. B. Colston, and the story of the Merthyr Tydfil factory began.

Production at Hoover Washing Machines

ceased on 13th March 2009.


The Hoover Electric Washing Machine

Site of the Factory - 1946

Cutting the First Sod - 1946

Hoover - Under Construction

Hoover Official Opening - Aerial Photograph


The Following Photographs are from 'The Official Opening'

Hoover Souvenir Book

A Triumph of Vision, Enterprise, Faith, Courage and Work

Pentrebach Station en fete


Hoover Welcomes You to Pentrebach

The mat was 635 feet long and ran from the Station to the Factory under a covered way - in case the weather was unkind.


The Special Train from Paddington Station Arrives at Pentrebach Station


Visitors See the Motors Being Fitted

The Stores


The Tool Room

The Presses


Seam Welding

Preparation for Printing


Stage in Shell Assembly

The Bonderizing Plant


On The Way To The Drying Ovens

The Drill Section


A Battery of Capstan Lathes

Rotor Assembly


Motor Assembly Operations

Boiler Room with Automatic Stokers


The Generating Plant

A Well Equipped Modern Kitchen Serves the Canteen


Administrative and Planning Offices

Training Department - Learning to Become a Member of the Team


A Fully Equipped Surgery



For a Fortunate Few British Homes




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