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Hoover Apprentices

Merthyr Tydfil.


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Hoover Apprentices



Derrick David as a Machine Tool Fitter Apprentice.

Derrick worked at Hoover for 36 years.

(Photograph Courtesy of Derrick G. David)


Hoover Apprentices & the Automatic Welding Machine

This machine was used to weld the 'Chinese Hat' to bottom half of the Keymatic Outer Tub (in the foreground). The

welder was used on production with great success. It was built with easy access and repair in mind.

Left to Right: Electrician ?, Roger Budden , Brian Edwards , Alan Robbins , Fitter ? , John Roberts.

(Photograph Courtesy of Alan Robbins)


Hoover Apprentices' Evening - The New Inn - 1959

I ( Alan Robbins) am in the middle of the right hand side row with glasses

 Next on my right is Brian Edwards, Keith Watkins, Nicky Edwards  On my left is  ? , Robert Treharne, Howard Cole.

Next row,-from the top table, second is Peter Wade, ? , Anthony Evans, Dennis Roberts, Marsden Evans, Bernard Morse, ? , ? .

In the middle of the top table is Stan Frazer Training Dept. on his left, ? , Chris O’Brien.

(Photograph Courtesy of Alan Robbins)


Hoover Apprentices - Year of 1959

These Hoover Apprentices spent their first year at Perivale.

Back Row (L to R):        Tony Evans, Geraint Jones.

Middle Row (L-R):         Bernard Morse,Marsden Evans, Adrian Whitcombe.

Front Row (L-R):           Graham Sutton, Robert Trehearne, Dennis Roberts, Howard Cole.

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Evans)


Hoover Apprentices 1969.

L - R:-

Back Row:-            ?, Norman John, Richard Rogers, Michael Moore, Gerald Mochan, Alan Llewellyn, Michael Hogan, Richard (Dick) Morgan, Peter Foster Davies, Steve Frances,

                             Glyn Gunter, Ralph Harrison, Phil Corke, John Llewellyn and Robert Warren

Second Row:-        Graham Reseigh, Alan Carlick, Haydn Williams, Gareth Blackwell, ?, Anthony "Tony" Bowen, ?, Larry James,

                              Brian Jones, ?, Brian Griffiths, Raymond Pugh, Ivor Earl, John Phillips,?, ?, Alan Jarman, Andrew Collier, Paul Leaker.

Bottom Row:-        Richard Williams, Robert Williams, Colin Evans, Gwyn Drage, Brian Chivers, ?, ?, Clive Finney, Martin Weaver,

                              Lyndon Davies, Allan Roberts, Andrew Allman

(Photograph and Information Courtesy of Tony Bowen, Additional Names Courtesy of Andrew Collier)


Hoover Apprentices - 1963

Back Row L to R:      Roger Williams, Terry Evans, Wynford Davies, Alwyn Walters, Gerwyn Thomas, Allan Bennett, Dennis Bryant, Dennis Walters, Allan Jones, Fred Trickett.

Front Row L to R:     Eric Rowles, Cliff Jones, Allan Prosser, Mr. Stan Fraser, Mr. Elliot, Mr. Jack Prosser, Chris Isaac, Gwyn Griffiths, Gilbert Soloman.

(Photograph Courtesy of Chris Isaac)


1st Year Hoover Apprentices Outside MP6 Training School - 1972

Front Row L-R: David Thomas, David Borowski (front), Richard Evans (behind), Steve Flyn, Roger John,
Philip Lloyd

Back Row L-R: Steve Parry, Gerwyn Williams, Kelvin Edmunds

(Photograph courtesy of David Thomas)


Hoover Apprentices Caving when at Dolygear outdoor Persuit Center - September 1972

L-R:- Steven Parry, Gareth Jones, Gerwyn Williams, David Thomas, Dewi Davies, Roger John, Kelvin Edmunds, Robert
Rees, Steve Flyn and instructor

(Photograph courtesy of David Thomas)

Hoover Apprentices - Charity Chariot Race - 1973

Every July, Hoover apprentices would raise funds for a charity. In 1973 it was a chariot race, over 40 miles long.

They are shown here, on a trial run.

Back Row L-R :- Gerwyn Williams, Steve Flynn

Front Row L-R :- Gareth Jones, David Thomas, Robert Rees, Rodger John, Celvin Edmunds, Richard Evands


(Photograph Courtesy David Thomas)


Hoover Apprentices - They rolled out the barrels - Early 1970's

(From the Merthyr Express, courtesy of Ros Thomas)

Hoover Apprentices - The Records Makers - 1970's

(Photograph courtesy of Ros Thomas)


Apprentices September 1976.

Back Row L-R:   Tony Prosser, David Cresswell, Steve Griffiths, Paul Edwards, Brian Sullivan, Ian Davies,

                          Neil Davies, Keith Jeffries, Alun Thomas, Lawrence Hunt, Russel Evans(?), Paul Meek
Front Row L-R:   Adrian Hill, Robert Harris, Gethyn Jones(?), Alan 'Syd'(?)

(Photograph and names courtesy of Steve Griffiths)


Hoover Apprentices - Course at RAF St. Athan - October 1978

Back Row L-R:     Allan Owens, Philip Jehu, Tony Mandon (not Hoover), Mark Roseblade (not Hoover), Huw Phillips.

Front Row L-R:    Gwilym Jones – Instructor from St Athens, ?, ?, Andrew Rose (not Hoover), Albi

(Photograph Courtesy of Huw Phillips)


Hoover New Apprentices - 1979

Back Row L-R:            R. Williams, A. Griffiths, D. Chaplin, J. Williams, N. Griffiths, R. Jones, M. Jewell and R. Hopkins.

Front Row L-R:           G. Daley, K. Jones, C. Heir, C. Smith, G. Meyrick, D. Edwards and D. Puddy.

Not Present:                D. White.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dave Edwards)

Hoover Apprentices Evening Booklets

Click the image below to view a Adobe PDF of the programme.

(Courtesy of Garry Lewis)

 Thursday 27th April 1972

Thursday 10th May 1973




Hoover Apprentices

(All Photographs Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


Gregory Howells


Stephen Morgan


Colin Smith


Wayne Baker


Wayne Jarman



David Owens


Robert Beynon


Colin Kent


Richard Griffiths


Richard Griffiths



Richard Griffiths


Simon Beasley


Steve Crowley


Darren Rees

David Owens


Name Unknown

Rory Pearce

Name Unknown



Hoover Apprentices - Summer Work - August 1982

Huw tells us: These photographs are of the Hoover apprentices who left the company in August 1982. Four of us we were asked back to sort out the gardens of the new factory which was built on the other side of the River Taff parallel to the original Hoover factory. The company were trying to sell it so wanted everything looking tidy for prospective buyers (or so we were told).

(Photographs Courtesy of Huw Phillips)

L-R: John Warren, Paul Trotman and Huw Phillips

L-R: Stephen Coleman and John Warren


Hoover Apprentice Reunion to Celebrate 50 Years of Hoover at Merthyr Tydfil - 1998

All pictured apprentices started in the same year - 1958.

Left to Right:      Geraint Jones, Alan Robbins, Anthony Evans, Robert Treharne, Dennis Roberts & Bernard Morse.

(Photograph Courtesy of Alan Robbins)


Hoover Apprentice Nights Out

Left: Out at The Double Diamond night club

Right: Out at The Maes Manor Hotel

(Photographs courtesy of Garry Lewis)




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