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Merthyr Tydfil

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Christchurch, Cyfarthfa Church.

(Postcards courtesy of Clive Bevan)

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_CyfarthfaChurch_CliveBevan.JPG (165603 bytes)

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Christchurch, Cyfarthfa.

Wedding Cars at the Cyfarthfa Church, Early 1950s




Five Ways, looking from Cwm Pant Lane, 1965.



Georgetown, Cwm Pant Lane, looking towards Five ways (See Photograph above)

Back Row:- Gary Matthews, David Poulter on holiday from London with his cousins.

Middle Row:- Carl Protheroe, Jeanette Campbell.

Front Row:-  Steven Peters, Jacqueline Campbell.

(Photograph courtesy of Idwal Peters)

George Street and Nantygwenith Lane.

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_GeorgeStreetAndNantygwenithLane.JPG (107404 bytes)

Cyfarthfa Lane April 1971

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_CyfarthfaLane_April1971.JPG (215498 bytes)

Cyfarthfa Lane, Olwyn and Islwyn Thomas cleaning up after a flood of water came down from Heolgerrig.

Children Julie Harris and Steven Peters stand waiting on the pavement.

(Photograph courtesy of Idwal Peters)


Cyfarthfa Lane.

Irene Leary, with her cousins. Boys, Gary & Brian Matthews. Baby Steven Peters, Girls, Linda Matthews, Jeanette Campbell, Jacqueline Campbell.

(Photograph courtesy of Idwal Peters)


Cyfarthfa Lane.

Milk being delivered to a resident of Cyfarthfa Lane. Over the wall are the houses of John Street.

(Photograph courtesy of Mike Donovan.) 

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_CyfarthfaLane_1954_MichealDonovan.JPG (91386 bytes)


Cyfarthfa Lane, Coronation Street Party - June 1953.

White Row Street Party

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_CyfarthfaLaneStreetParty.JPG (118321 bytes)

Iron Lane (Georgetown School at the end of the street.), Mrs Twoose on the right.

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_IronLane.JPG (134942 bytes)

No 29, Iron Lane. where the Rev. Tudor Jones grew up.

(This group of photographs are with the courtesy of Tudor Jones)



Roasting a goose on a clockwork spit in front of the fire.(Click to enlarge) View of the back of 29, Iron Lane.
View from the back garden of 29, Iron Lane View of the back garden of 29, Iron Lane

Iron Lane Coronation Street Party - 1953.

(Photographs courtesy of Tudor Jones)



Iron Lane Coronation Street Party - 1953.

(Photographs courtesy of Tudor Jones)

Iron Lane Coronation Street Party - 1953.

Alice Haines nee Dunscombe is pictured at the back, slightly covered by a boys hat (first woman from the left). Colin Haines, Alice's son is pictured slightly to her right in front of her.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mike Lewis, Canada)

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_IronLane_coronation-3_Mike.JPG (105025 bytes)

Iron Lane Coronation Street Party - 1953. Taken at the bottom of Chandlers Court

(Photograph Courtesy of Mike Lewis, Canada)

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_IronLane_coronationParty_Mike.JPG (109615 bytes)


Tramroad, Georgetown Street Party (Rear of the Kirkhouse)

Williams Court (off Iron Lane).  Stuckey's bakehouse down the gully, and under the arch into Williams Court.

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_WilliamsCourtOffIronLane.JPG (115977 bytes)

Williams Court.

Howell Street.

                            A Miners coal allowance just delivered.

                            On the right hand side just before the steps is the entance to West Lane. Mary Coleman (known by

                            everyone as Nana Coleman) is seen leaving her daughter's  house, with her Alsatian "Duke".

                            (Thanks to Paul Coleman for the information about his grandmother)

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_HowellStreet_1971.JPG (131895 bytes)

Howell Street - V.E. Day Tea Party

West Lane. off Howell Street. They were the backs  of  John Street -below road level and classified as 

                      cellar houses.  The authorities considered them as unfit for human habitation because 

                      there was no through flow of air and damp was a serious problem. Whilst transfer to 

                      new local authority housing removed these health and hygiene problems many tenants

                      were faced with a 4,5 or even sixfold increase in their rents.

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_WestLane_1960s_4.JPG (175170 bytes)


Michael Neal who spent many a summer holiday at his grandparents in John Street, has sent some detail  on how life was in Georgetown in the 60's.

 West Lane ran off Howell Street between Iron Lane and John Street. The houses in the picture are the backs of the John Street houses. The Iron Lane houses actually had back gardens. The second house from the end, just past the street lamp, was my grandparents house.

The cellar consisted of three rooms. There was a tiny room where the water tap was. There was another room, a bit bigger, which was used as a coal store. The main room was used as a laundry room. There was a washing machine which was also used to heat the water for the bath. When the water was hot enough, it would be pumped from the washing machine into the zinc bath. The cellar floor was made of large flag stones and could be very uneven in places. Most 4-legged pieces of furniture would need a wedge under one of the legs if they were to stand firm.
The toilet was across the lane. When nature called, there was a dash down the stairs to the cellar, unbolt the cellar door, grab a meat skewer, run across the lane then use the meat skewer to lift the latch on the inside of the toilet door. If it was dark, you would have to light a candle in the cellar and take that with you. The meat skewer was used in order to stop all-and-sundry from using the toilet.
The window above the cellar was the scullery window. It was really the living room as the "real" living room at the front of the house was for show only, and was only used on special occasions. There was an open coal fire in the scullery which, when I was small,  was lit every morning of the year. All cooking was done on this. There was an iron baking oven on one side of the hearth which would bake some lovely cakes. Even the irons for pressing clothes were heated by the coal fire.

Howell Street, from the bottom end. Showing on the the left Arthur Parkers betting shop, the O.A.P. Hut                        


MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_HowellStreet.JPG (198034 bytes)

Nantygwenith Lane. It ran around the western edge of Georgetown up to the Cyfarthfa Church  Vicarage on Aberdare Road. You can make out Cyfarthfa Church roof at the top of the picture. Cyfarthfa Lane is shown at the No Entry sign. Out of picture on the right is Georgetown School

which was built on the site of Crawshays Stables.

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_NantygwenithLane_RogerLewis.JPG (177059 bytes)



Nantygwenith Lane - Sweet Shop

Clive's grandmother Bessy turned the front room of her house opposite Georgetown School into a Sweet Shop.

L-R: Lily Dunscombe (nee Davies), Bessy Dunscombe, Anne Kennedy (nee Dunscombe).



Nantygwenith Lane also known as Gregory's Lane

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_NantyGwenithLane(GregorysRow).JPG (114076 bytes)


Georgetown School, with Nantygwenith Street in the foreground. April 1981.

Georgetown Tip behind and the old Texas D.I.Y. superstore.

(Photograp(h courtesy of Dennis Bennett OBE.)

Crawshays stables.

A very old photograph of Georgetown taken from the tip at the bottom of Swansea Road.

In the distance you can see the chimneys of the blast engine houses at Ynysfach Ironworks. 

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_CrawshaysStables_3.JPG (124381 bytes)

The stables later became the Corona 'Pop' Depot and it shown following it's closure in the 1970's.

Dave Trailor sends us this photograph of his Grandfather, William Merrick Trailor, with the Horse 'Dolly', at Corona Pop Works.


Corona Pop Man

Merthyr Tydfil Transport Ltd Office, Nantygwenith Street - 1970s.


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the Bus Garage

Nantygwenith Street 1972.  ( Photograph courtesy of Mr Clive Bevan)

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_NantygwenithStreet_1972.JPG (91650 bytes)




During the snow, looking down between Cyfarthfa Row on the left and Nantygwenith Street on the right, from

the Nantygwenith Street Bus Depot.

(Photograph courtesy of Glyn Bowen)

Cyfarthfa Row in 1979.

Prince of Wales Inn, Nantygwenith Street.

Nantygwenith Street in the 1960's.

(Photograph Courtesy of Val Griffiths)


Nantygwenith Street. The Prince of Wales Inn, and the Cyfarthfa Brewery Behind - later Standard 

Upholstery (Dai the up).



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