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Merthyr Tydfil



Nantygwenith Street. 

In the early 1980's. Just prior to demolition.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mr Clive Bevan.)

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_NantygwenithStreet_CliveBevan_jpg.JPG (109601 bytes)


The Barley Mow, Nantygwenith Street.





MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_TheBarleyMow_NantygwenithStreet.JPG (104761 bytes)




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The Barley Mow


Georgetown Roundabout in the 1970s

(Photograph courtesy of Clive Thomas)

Georgetown Post Office

Georgetown Roundabout in the 1960s

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_Roundabout_2_1960s.JPG (102436 bytes)

Georgetown Roundabout in the 1970ís

(courtesy of Tony Hyde)

Images_D-H/Georgetown Roundabout.jpg

Bethesda Street in the 1960's.

Merthyr Hide & Skin Company (The Skin Yard) on the left-hand side, the Drill Hall on the right.

Merthyr Hide & Skin Company Lorry - Early 40's/50's

Showing driver Phil Wakeham of Jowet Avenue, Keir Hardy Estate.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Wakeham)

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_BethesdaStreet_OGriffiths1.JPG (188748 bytes)


Jackson's Bridge - 1962

(Photograph Taken by Dennis Quinlan, Courtesy of June Quinlan)

Dynevor Street in the 1960's


Dynevor Street.


Dynevor Street, Old GayDay Pop factory.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dr. Holley)

The Golden Lion, Dynevor Street. (Now site of Georgetown Boys Club)



GeorgeTown Boys Club Football Team early 1970s

Back Row:- ?, A Owens, ?, Mark Walters, Paul S. Thomas, Arwel Williams, Mark Chamberlain, Andrew Reynolds.

Front Row:- Wayne Sears, ? Jones, Mark Hagerty, Martin Dorricot, ?, Andrew Aris.

(Photo Merthyr Express Courtesy of Allan Owens)




Besley's Builders Merchants, Dynevor Street. The Old Kirkhouse Hall now Coolers.


The Three Horse Shoes, and the Kirkhouse

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_ThreeHorseShoes.JPG (125815 bytes)

The Same Scene in 1991

(Photograph Courtesy of Dale Miles)



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the Three Horse Shoes.



(At the end of the street is Merthyr's first Catholic Church)


MerthyrTydfil_GeorgeTown_Tramroadside_1971.JPG (119301 bytes)




Aerial Shot centred on Tramroadside, showing the Catholic Church

and Bethel Chapel on the extreme left.

Georgetown St. Mary's Catholic Church. Once  it became obsolete it was convert into apartments (Sectioned Housing) as lodgings for spanish immigrant workers and in its final days was used as a council store.

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_CatholicChurch.JPG (112278 bytes)

Georgetown St. Mary's Catholic Church.
    From the Leo Davies Collection  




Complete with the tramroad, looking towards the Ynysfach Ironworks.

Tramroadside, Georgetown


The Hollybush, Tramroadside, Georgetown.

(Photograph courtesy of the Ken Gunter Collection)

John Street.

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_JohnStreet_.JPG (80388 bytes)

John street in 1979-80.

(Photograph Courtesy of Brian Wall)

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_JohnSt_1979-80_1_BrianWall.jpg (101786 bytes)


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John Street

Festival Of Britain



John Street in 1979-80.

(Photograph Courtesy of Brian Wall)

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_JohnSt_1979-80_2_BrianWall.jpg (347191 bytes)

22 John Street - Georgetown

Mari Williams on the right, and

Yvonne Egan is on the left.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mari

Sloman nee Williams)


Upper John Street 1960ís.


1953 Coronation, street party in Bethel Street .

Brian Wall tells us that in the photograph are, Bessie Mac (sitting at the table to the right, with glasses on), Mrs Mullins who lived at no 6, sitting

at the table to the left with glasses on.

(Photograph Courtesy of Michael Donovan)

White Row from John Street.  (Photograph courtesy of Dr T.F.Holly)

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_WhiteRowFromJohnStreet.JPG (59076 bytes)

This Picture shows Chapel Row, birthplace of the composer Joseph Parry,

with the chapel still intact, also Caepantywyll, Brecon Road area, Dowlais Ironworks, and the Whitey.

FromSwanseaRoad19xx.JPG (1094403 bytes)



Ynysfach Houses in 1979. 

(Photograph courtesy of Dr T.F.Holly)

MerthyrTydfil_Georgetown_YnysfachHouses_4-3-1979_DrHolley.JPG (128327 bytes)


Ynysfach Row

In the first photograph, the house with the nice garden was number 22 and belonged to Trevor and Beryl Steed. In the second photograph, the house on the end - number 17 belonged to Graham Rees.

(Information Courtesy of Graham Rees)

Penry Street, The Heathcock Inn


Iron Bridge Garage

(Photograph Courtesy of K.M. McDonald)


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