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Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council



AHB 132B, swinging into Glebeland Street, in the background D.J.Davies (Wheatsheaf Motors) shop, and their

Wheatsheaf Inn.

Buses_AHB132B_GlebelandStreet.JPG (180306 bytes)

Penry Street Bus Garage - 1960's

MerthyrTydfil_AerialView_1960s_2.JPG (234399 bytes)


Penry Street Bus Garage late 1940s. Will Kirby extreme right.

(Photograph courtesy of Julie Lewis, Will Kirby's daughter)

Merthyr Tydfil Omnibus Department Outing.

(Photograph courtesy of Jan Caswell)

Nantygwenith Street Depot.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_NantygwenithStreetDepot_FromCaepantywyll_.JPG (177698 bytes)

Buses_LineUpAtCyfarthfaCastle.JPG (127871 bytes)

HB 2239 Number Two, waiting at Top Square, Treharris.

HB 2283 - Number One 

The driver is Arthur John Coles, (Alan George's uncle) a

mechanic, he had just converted the bus to pneumatic tyres

and was giving it a test drive.

Thanks to his son Denver Coles of Bristol, Ex of Cross Ivor

Terrace for the information.

Buses_HB2283_No1.JPG (113144 bytes)

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB2239_Treharris_MrsBallam.JPG (144435 bytes)

HB2343 at the New Bridge, Quakers Yard.


HB3xxx also at Top Square, Treharris.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB2343_QuakersYard_.JPG (123515 bytes)

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB3xxx_LocationUnknown-Treharris.JPG (129898 bytes)

HB 3474 - 1929 


HB 3649 - Berger paint marketing postcard. Courtesy of John McCarthy, Troedyrhiw

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB3474-5_1929_Beardmore4CylEngine_Withdrawn1939.JPG (139914 bytes)

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB3649_JohnMcCarthy.JPG (159343 bytes)


HB 4833

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Owen)

(Courtesy of Carl Llewellyn)

John McCarthy, of Troedyrhiw. 

MTBC driver, in High Street, in the late 1940's

HB 5416 - At Penry Street Depot

JohnMcCarthy_MTBC_Late40s.JPG (126507 bytes)


HB5418 No. 2 1938 Dennis Lance 2.

This bus appeared at the 1937 Commercial Vehicle Show at Earls Court. It was purchased by D.J.Davies in 1944

From the Commercial Motor - November 5th 1948

HB5798 - At Market Square.   HB 5878 - At Bridgefield Terrace
HB5978.JPG (68174 bytes)

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB5878_.JPG (168540 bytes)

HB 5879 - In Glebeland Street   HB 5881 - No 33  
Buses_HB5879_GlebelandStreet.JPG (143706 bytes)

Buses_HB5881.JPG (168541 bytes)

 HB 5881 - No 33


HB 5882





HB 5882 at the Penry Street Depot

(Photograph Courtesy of Stephen Powell)



HB 5953 - at the Penry Street Depot.

HB5978 and HB5980_parked at what is now PontCae Surgery, opposite the Penry Street depot.




Note: In the background, the Ynysfach Ironworks chimney stack.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB5953.JPG (39333 bytes)

Buses_HB5978_HB5980_parked at what is now PontCae Surgery.JPG (133622 bytes)


HB 5979 at the Nantygwenith Street Depot, 

(Photograph Courtesy of Selwyn Jenkins)

  HB 5980 - in Market Square,




HB 5983 - in Victoria Street.

HB 5983 - in Graham Street.



HB5998 - in Nantygwenith Street Depot.

Fleet number 20. Daimler CWA6 bodywork by Park Royal. The bus was new in 1944, was rebodied by D.J. Davies in 1952 and was withdrawn from service in 1959.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Owen)


HB 6001 - in Nantygwenith Street Depot.

HB 6014 - in Victoria Street.   HB 6014 - in Castle Street.
MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB6014_VictoriaStreet.JPG (82672 bytes)

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB6014.JPG (82373 bytes)

HB 6015 - in Victoria Street.



HB 6183 - in Victoria Street.


HB 6184 - in Castle Street.

Buses_HB6183_VictoriaStreeT.JPG (121174 bytes)

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB6184.JPG (84592 bytes)

HB 6185 No 45 - in High Street.

Left to right, 1. Driver Charlie Pocknell, 2. Inspector Harold Maize (who always had a `fag` in his mouth). 3.Conductor Mervyn Martin, who later became a Driver then Chief Inspector,  (Thanks to Clive Davies for the info).





HB 6186 - in Glebeland Street.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB6185_No45_HighStreet_1950's.JPG (111222 bytes)

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB6168_InGlebelandStreet.JPG (259662 bytes)


HB 6260 - At Nantygwenith Street Depot.

(Photograph Courtesy of Janis Griffiths nee Cooper)

  HB 6261, HB6262 and HB6260 - At Nantygwenith Street Depot.

HB 6261 -  No 6 - In Penry Street

HB 6262 - Nantygwenith Street Depot.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB6261.JPG (65660 bytes)


HB 6263 -  No 7 - In Graham Street


HB 6264 & 6265 - Being Rebuilt at Longwell Green Coachworks - 1956

(Photograph Courtesy of Chris Taylor)

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB6263_No7_GrahamStreet.JPG (116771 bytes)


HB 6265 - In Castle Street.


George Chennells outside

Nantygwenith Street Depot

(Photograph courtesy of David Chennells)

HB 6565 in Penry Street outside the Bus garage.

Harold Jones - Merthyr Bus Driver - 1960 - 1976.

(Photograph Courtesy of Howard Jones - Bexhill)



HB 6579  in Penry Street opposite the Bus garage.


HB 6583 - In Wellington Street.

Buses_HB6579.JPG (76932 bytes)

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB6583_No51.JPG (129580 bytes)

HB 6584 - Glantaff Road, Troedyrhiw


HB 6585  - In Castle Street 

Troedyrhiw_GlantaffRoad_2.JPG (166870 bytes)

Buses_HB6585_InCastleStreet.JPG (91382 bytes)



HB 6595 - In Market Square.


HB 6595 - In Castle Street.

HB 6596 - In Castle Street.


HB 6637 - In Penry Street, by the Corner House Inn.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB6637_PenryStreet_CornerHouse.JPG (102120 bytes)


HB6637 fleet number 55 Bristol K6G bodywork built by local company Davies of Merthyr it was new in 1948 and withdrawn from service in 1968 after 20 years service seen in Victoria St.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Owen)

  HB 6639 - In Castle Street.



HB 6641 -  At the Nantygwenith Street bus garage,

 the Tanyard in the background. 



HB 6642  -  with coachwork by D.J.Davies & Sons.

 In Castle Street.





Buses_HB6641_Garage_2.JPG (74421 bytes)

hb6642.jpg (17452 bytes)


HB 6643 in Victoria Street.


HB6683 - Fleet Number 56

Bristol K6G with D.J.Davies Merthyr Tydfil bodywork its seen at the bottom of Castle St. this bus was new in 1948 it done 20 years  around Merthyr till 1968 when it was withdrawn.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Owen)



HB 7145

With driver George Chennells on the Ynys-Fach run.

(Photograph courtesy of David Chennells)


HB 7162 in Penry Street.

Buses_HB7162_InPenryStreet.JPG (83096 bytes)




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