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The Square & The Public Hall



Treharris - The Palace Shortly Before It's Demolition -  4th July 1996

(Photograph Courtesy of the David Thomas Collection)

Fox Street

Treharris_FoxStreet.JPG (211070 bytes)


Merthyr Tydfil Bus - BHB 309 at Fox Street, Treharris - Late 1960's

Fleet number 109 - a Leyland PD3 with a East Lance Bodywork. Route ran from Cilhaul to Merthyr, it then went through Penywern via South Street.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Owen)

Fox Street Shops - Treharris


Treharris Central Stores owned by Mr. John Lewis J.P.

won the Treharris chamber of trade coronation decorated premises contest

Photo : Merthyr Express


(Photograph courtesy of Carl Llewellyn)

Co-operative Society Ltd - Branch No. 2 - Treharris 1911


The Navigation.

Fox Street

Treharris_FoxStreet_.JPG (182115 bytes)


The Square from Fox Street, at the time of the pit closure 1991.

(Photograph Courtesy of David Thomas)

Perrott Street

Perrott Street

Treharris_PerrotStreet.JPG (123703 bytes)

Tabernacle Chapel, Treharris Orchestra 1920


Tabernacle Chapel - 1955

Standing left - Mr Thomas (Preacher) and Mrs Thomas. Jeffrey Pride - second row down, fourth from right. Marilyn Picket - third row down, third from right. Susan Roberts - fifth row, fourth from right. Jillian Powell - third from right. Francis Allen - second row up, fourth from left.

(Photograph Courtesy of Susan Howells)

The Free Library - 1911

Treharris_FreeLibrary_1911.JPG (85931 bytes)



St Mathias Church

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St. Mathias Church

Bargoed House

Treharris_BargoedHouse_2.JPG (153590 bytes)

Treharris Brewery

Treharris_brewery.JPG (168182 bytes)


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on Treharris Brewery

The Huts - Treharris




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The Colliery 1911

Treharris_OceanColliery_4-7-1911.JPG (123080 bytes)

The Colliery and General View.

Treharris_TheCollieryAndGeneralView_2.JPG (178390 bytes)

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Treharris_DeepNavigationColliery_30-5-1975.JPG (149394 bytes)


Treharris Boys Club - 1991

(Photograph Courtesy of the David Thomas Collection)


Treharris Boys Club

(Photograph Courtesy of Janice Lane)


Taff Bargoed River Bridges - c1912

In time the Taff Bargoed river was culverted and the valley beneath the

viaduct was filled in with collery waste. This 1991 photograph shows the


(Photograph courtesy of David Thomas)

Treharris_BargoedRiverBridges_C1912.JPG (124899 bytes)


Treharris - The Dingle

(Photograph Courtesy of Mrs. Gill Thomas)

The Pot Holes

(Postcard courtesy of The Leo Davies Collection)

Treharris_ThePotholes_LeoDaviesCollection.JPG (126131 bytes)


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