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Treharris Crusaders - 1905/06 Season

William Henry Trehearne is holding the ball. Back row third from right is Thomas Henry Johnson.

(Photograph Courtesy of Martyn Luckwell)



Treharris A.F.C. - 1905

(Photograph Courtesy of Karen Mansell)



Treharris A.F.C. - 1910

Second row down on the right is William Francis.

(Photograph Courtesy of Karen Mansell)


The Liberal Workmens Club (Dog and Rabbit) Treharris

Shows some of the men who feature in the back row of the photograph below, plus:

Middle Row Seated L-R:     ?, Paddy Meaney, ? Edwards, John Edmunds, Tom O'Neil, Charlie Bird
Front Row Extreme Right:   Sam Davies (Gloucester), Paddy O'Neil

(Photograph Courtesy of Morton Thomas. Extra Information Courtesy of Howard John Jones)


The Liberal Workmens Club (Dog and Rabbit) Treharris Football Team - 1950's

The team had won a football competition at the Treharris Athletics Ground.

Back Row L-R:                    Will Hawkins, Fred Underdown, Richards, Doug Broadstock, Willie Evans? ? Sam Davies (Gloucester)
Front Row L-R (Players):     David Edmunds, John Edmunds, ? ? ? ? Billy Roberts (kneeling).

(Photograph Courtesy of Morton Thomas. Extra Information Courtesy of Howard John Jones)



Treharris Carnival Float for Queen's Coronation 1953 - Held in the Football Field

(Photograph Courtesy of Catherine Morrison)



Treharris Brownie Pack's Brown Owl's Wedding - 1950's

Back Row L-R:           Elizabeth Hilbourne, Linda Rees, Sheila Watkins, Catherine Morrison, Yvonne Williams, Sharon Luckwell, Gaynor Jones & ?

Front Row L-R:          Kathleen Ashman, Lynne Lock, Ann Rees, Lynn Day, Dianne Griffiths, Groom, Bride, Elenor Challenor (Post Master's Daughter),

                                  Mari Jenkins, Laura Watkins, Jane Birrel & Tanya Jones.

(Photograph Courtesy of Catherine Morrison)



Treharris Band approx year 1952-53

Photograph taken at Treharris Athletic Football Ground, In photo is Miss Sandra Williams, front row 3rd from right.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mark Griffiths)



Commercial Hotel Presents 57 to Greenfield School

(From the Merthyr Express)



Treharris - Dancing Competition - 1973

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


Treharris - The Old Tram Road


Treharris - Deep Navigation Colliery - Closure March

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)

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Photographs of the

Deep Navigation

Closure March



Treharris - Mozels AFC Charity Match - August 1992

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


The Old Melin Caich Mill.

On the banks of the Taff Bargoed river.

This was about half a mile above Quakers Yard, just about where the Caeach flows into the Taff Bargoed. Corn and Barley where ground

here, it also became a woollen factory. Most of the buildings were later converted to dwelling houses.

(From the Merthyr Express)


Berthlwyd Farm, Pentwyn - Treharris - Late 19th Century

Mike Stokes tell us: "The photo is of a wheat gathering at Berthlwyd Farm, Pentwy, Treharris, which belonged to the Miles family and shows a typical harvest scene from around the end of the 19th century. One of the lads in the foreground is probably William Miles who would be the grandfather of my brother-in-law. William took over the farm on the death of his father"

(Photograph Courtesy of Mike Stokes)

Treharris, The Cenotaph.


Freemason Parade - 1910

Treharris - Forest Road Pentecostal Mission, Now Derelict - 1970's



More Photographs of a derelict Forest Road Pentecostal Mission





Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council Steamroller, based at Treharris.

(Photograph courtesy of Ron Davies)


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