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Merthyr Vale

Merthyr Tydfil


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Ynysowen House, Bells Hill

(Postcard courtesy of Mrs Thomas, West Grove, Merthyr Tydfil)

MerthyrVale_YnysowenHouse_MrsThomas.JPG (258072 bytes)

NCB Offices Bell's Hill, (Formerly Ynysowen House)

MerthyrVale_BellsHill_NCBOffices-formallyYnysowenHouse.JPG (86459 bytes)

Glyndwr Street in the 60s

(Thanks to Ian Ramsey for the correct Street Name)

MerthyrVale_MountPleasant_TreharneOrGlyndwrStreet_1960s.JPG (165322 bytes)


John Smith emailed this photograph of

Treharne Street in 1974, showing his stunning Sunbeam Rapier.

(Photograph courtesy of John Smith)


Treharne Street Party - c1937

(Photograph courtesy of Ken Jones)


Price Brothers Shop at Alberta Street, Merthyr Vale

(Photograph Courtesy of Terry Morgan & Terry Sargeant)

The Same Store Nowadays

(Photograph Courtesy of John Davies

 & Terry Sargeant)

From The Merthyr Express in the 1960's.

Out the Back of Taff Street

Sam & John Moon.

(Photograph Courtesy of David Moon)

MerthyrVale_TaffStreet_Flood.JPG (248694 bytes)


1951-52 at The Hall top of Crescent Street.

This photograph was sent in by Marie Galeozzie she states:

"The photo was taken about 1954 at the Hall, (top of Crescent Street, Merthyr Vale). The hall was used by the children for parties, rainy days and special occasions. It is possibly a party for Morlais Buses. The children are from Merthyr Vale, and on the back of the photograph  it states "South Wales Press and Picture Agency' Eric Warrilow, Merthyr"

My mother, Susan Cresswell and her sister, are sat in the second row (bottom of photo) with their 2 aunties and 2 cousins - all dressed the same!"


Calfaria Chapel.

Calfaria Chapel closed and merged with Zion Chapel, which was rebuilt in 1974.

(Photograph courtesy of Maureen Hughes)

Calfaria Chapel Closure March !

Sunday October 5th 1974

(Photographs Courtesy of Terrance Sargeant)


Zion English Baptist Chapel - 1947/48.

This Photo Includes:     Reg Wakely (Chapel Organist), Ken Sebury, Keith Jones, Mary Carston, Gwyneth Hughes,

                                   Joyce Lewis, Nanwen Davies, Arfon Williams, Carol Thomas Margaret Sebury, Pat ?,

                                   Martin Ainsworth, Geraint Lewis, Vivien Jones.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Joyce Williams)


Mount Pleasant - Cork Club Christmas Party.

Among those pictured are:                    Mrs. Male, N. Morris, Mrs. Evans, Wilton, Mrs Taylor, M. Sargeant, J. Davies, U. Tovey, M. Nash, Mrs Costigan,

                                                              S. Willer, Mrs. Grindrel, S. Edwards, Mrs. Davies, J.J. Grindrel, D. Worker and N. Sargeant (in chair).

(Photograph Courtesy of Terrance Sargeant)


Merthyr Vale - Football Team 1970 - Winners of the 7-a-side Rotary Competition

Top Row L-R:                        John Terrett, Peter Howells, Idris Jones, Brenig Parker, Joel Morris and Ron Clarke

Front Row L-R:                      Malcolm Anderson, Cliff "Nobby" Noble, Alan Morgan and Dilwyn Evans

(Photograph Courtesy of Dilwyn Evans)


Merthyr Vale Hibernian Club - League Winners - 4th May 1983

Top Row L-R:                      Geraldine O'Sullivan, Beuley Forbes, Rose O'Donnell, Avril Bishop and Margaret Thomas.

Bottom Row L-R:                 Anne Sargeant, Esme King, Florence Llewellyn and Nancy Morris.

(Photograph Courtesy of Terry Sargeant)


Merthyr Vale Hibernian Club - League Winners 1984 (Merthyr Ladies Darts Four)

Back Row L-R:                        Florence Llewellyn, Rose, Bob Tovey (Councillor & Later Mayor), Esme King, Anne Sargeant and Margaret Thomas

Front Row L-R:                       Genaloine O'Sullivan, Nancy Morris, Avril Bishop and ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Terry Sargeant)


Merthyr Tydfil Ladis Darts League, Annual supper.

Anne Sargeant, Lyn Sargeant and Nichola Sargeant.

(Photograph courtesy of Terry Sargeant)


Merthyr Vale Carnival - Circa 1985.

Judge Howard Winstone and Lord Rowlands looking on.

Carnival Queens Kelly & Kate Morris, 2nd & 3rd from left.

(Photograph Courtesy of Joel Morris)


Merthyr Vale Football First 11 - 1963.

Back row L to R :- Islwyn Roberts (Teacher),Dougie Lewis, Paul Davies,Ronnie Sims,Colin Evans, Malcolm Anderson, Mark Owen.
Front row L to R :- Graham Williams, Malcolm Brown, John Alan Davies, Les Misslebrook, Dilwyn Evans.

(Photograph Courtesy of Terry Sargeant)


Merthyr Vale Working Man's Club Darts Team.

League winners 1970-1980

Back Row L-R: B. Clements, J. Davies, P. Roberts, ?, ?, G. Clements, C. Llewellyn, M. Anderson.

Front Row L-R: T. Sargeant, J. Terret, L. Warren, D. Smith, R. Watkins, T. John.

(Photograph courtesy of Tony Bishop)


Merthyr Vale Working Man's Club Darts Team.

League winners 1970-1980

Back Row L-R: J. Davies, T. John, ?, D. Smith, ?, R. Evans, G. Clements, ? Rosser, L. Warren.

Front Row L-R: T. Sargeant, F. Roberts, M ?.

(Photograph courtesy of Tony Bishop)


Merthyr Vale and Aberfan Carnival circa 1981.

Back Row L-R: Mandy Arber, Sheryl Thomas, Cathy jones, Arlene Davies, Michell Davies, Linda Morgan, Lisa Bishop.

Front Row L-R: Donna Thomas, Julie Bishop, Tracie O'Brian, Marie Penell.

(Photograph courtesy of Tony Bishop)


Merthyr Vale Colliery Football Team circa 1970

Back Row L-R:  D. Boswell, T. Smith, D. James, T. Mans, Alan ?, T. Sargeant,  S. Childerston.

Front Row L-R:  ?, J. Jones, ?, R. Davies, T. Dean.

(Photograph courtesy of Tony Bishop)


Merthyr Vale Demolition of Brynteg Terrace and most of Windsor Place - 2004/2005

(Photographs Courtesy of Leighton and Nicola Jones)







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