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Merthyr Vale School

Merthyr Vale, Merthyr Tydfil

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Merthyr Vale Infants School - Group 7 - 1914

Back Row L-R :- Teacher, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Violet Bowden, ?, ?, Teacher, ? (On rocking horse)

3rd Row L-R :- Rose Bowden, ?, ?, ?, Thomas Jones, ?, ?

Holding the board is Clifford Edwin Rees.

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Rees) (Names courtesy of Ken Jones)


Merthyr Vale School -  Standard 3, 1927.

Back Row L-R:-

Third Row L-R:- Teacher, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Nellie Bowden, ?.

Second Row L-R:- ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Elvet Hughes, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Front Row L-R:-

(Photograph Courtesy of Ken Jones)


Merthyr Vale School Football Club 1922-3.

(Photograph courtesy of Geoff Packer)


Merthyr Vale School - Standard 6 - 1929.

Boy holding the board is Elvet Hughes and the girl behind him in stripy cardigan is Nelly Bowden.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ken Jones)


Merthyr Vale School 1953.

(Photograph courtesy of Elfed Walters)


Merthyr Vale School 1954.

(Photograph Courtesy of Elfed Walters)


Merthyr Vale School 1955.

(Photograph Courtesy of Elfed Walters)


Merthyr Vale School - 1955-56c

Back Row L-R:            Mr Rowlands, Howard Shemwell, ?, ?, ?, Clive Williams, Raymond Hockey, Wynford Jones, ?, ?,  Alan Jones,

                                   Tony Bishop & Mrs Jenkins.
Middle Row L-R:         Ernest Young, Royston Sims, Francis O`Brien, Paula Jones, Linda Murtagh, Janet Beynon, Jeanette Showers, Micheal Jones

                                   & Robert Richards.
Bottom Row L-R:         Norma John, Gaynor Matthews, Georgina Thomas, Mary Roberts, Helen Davies, Jill Morgan, Esme Samuel, Jennifer Jones,

                                   Avril Clarke, Jennifer Williams & Avril Williams.

(Photograph Courtesy of Jill Peck - nee Morgan)


Merthyr Vale School - 1956

The female teacher in the black cardigan is Miss Joan Ramsey.

(Photograph Courtesy of Steven Hiscock)


Merthyr Vale School Soccer - XI - 1958

Back Row L-R:        David Davies, Billy Manns, Brian Jones, John Cartwright & David Cowdell.

Sitting L-R:              Allan Evans, Tom Evans, Ken Morris, Desmond Jones, Gwyn Walters & David Watkins.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dilwyn Evans)


Merthyr Vale School Soccer - XI (B) - 1958

Standing L-R:            Mr Watkins, Mr Arthur Goldsworthy & Mr Ron Coombs.

Back Row L-R:           David Goldsworthy, David Davies, Billy Manns, Gerald Jones, Martin Selway & Melvin Parry.

Middle Row L-R:        Brian Jones, David Cowdell, David Watkins & Desmond Jones.

Front Row L-R:          Tom Evans, Allan Evans, Gwyn Evans, John Cartwright & Ken Morris.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dilwyn Evans)


Merthyr Vale School - XI (C) - 1958

Teacher:            Mr. Arthur Goldsworthy.

Standing L-R:    David Watkins, John Cartwright, Billy Manns, Brian Jones, Tom Evans, David Davies & Desmond Jones.

Front Row L-R:  Gwyn Walters, Allan Evans, David Cowdell & Ken Morris.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dilwyn Evans)


Merthyr Vale School - XI (C) - 1958

"the class had been weeks knitting and sewing together squares but, i can't recall why, I think as blankets they were sent abroad. I can remember some of my classmates in the photo,

Robert Richards,Peter Steed, Helen Davies, Janice Price, Janet Beynon, Sheryl Vale, Lorraine Davies, Norma John, Winford Jones, Glyndwr Jones. I'm the one wearing specs.

The teacher was Mrs Pat Davies."

(Photograph courtesy of Jill Peck Nee Morgan)

Merthyr Vale 1958/59

Back Row L-R, Clive Williams , Wynford Jones , Howard Evans , Melville Parry , Alan Purnell, Michael Jones,

                       Gwyn Walters,  Trevor Jones, Brian Davies, Mr Goldsworthy.

Middle Row-   Glyndwr Jones, Janice Evans, Katrina Williams, Hilary Meredith, Margaret Williams, Julie Ford,

                       Sheila Launchbury, Jennifer Clayton, John Connelly, Tony Bishop.

Front Row-      Sheryl Vale, Norma John, Janet Beynon, Helen DaviesPat Perret, Janice Price, Jill Morgan,

                        Kay Thomas, Mairwen Morris.

(Photograph courtesy of Jill Peck).


Merthyr Vale Junior School - 1960/1961

Back Row L-R:          Adrian Thomas, David Evans, Billy Williams, Bleddyn Hancock, Colin Jones, Dai Thomas, Brian Murtagh, Michael Timbrell.
Middle Row L-R:       Dilwyn Sims, Donald Thomas, Thomas Perrott, Jean Phillips, Vanessa Sellick, Jennifer Colston, Sandra Smith, Jeanette Powles, Robert Stevens, Stephen Baker, Billy Carey.
Front Row L-R:         June Beynon, Linda Thomas, Meryl Richards, Ann Walters, Linda Morgan, Janette Jones, Susan Hughes, June Williams, Yvonne Williams, Estlyn Williams, Gaynor Sullivan.

(Photograph Courtesy of Jean Cleaton)

Merthyr Vale Football - First XI in 1963

(From the Merthyr Express)

Merthyr Vale - XI Football Team - 1967/68

Back L-R:                      Tudor Evans (Headmaster)
Middle Row L-R:           Glyn Evans, Paul Williams, Terry Minett, Nigel Thomas, Allan (Sid) Griffiths, Lyndon Sims, Dai Tovey
Front Row L-R:              Mark (Punchy) John, Phillip Evans, Alan Williams, Martin Hegarty, Steven Davies

(Photograph Courtesy of Alan Williams)

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