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Merthyr Tydfil



Rhydycar Cottages

Rhydycar Floods

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Rhydycar Cottages. The house in the foreground was occupied by Mrs Janet Davies, until the cottages were demolished following the floods of Boxing Day 1979. This was rebuilt in St Fagans Folk Museum

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Rhydycar in the 1970s.

(Photograph courtesy of the David Thomas Collection)


Inhabitants of Rhydycar Cottages

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A Wintry scene, Rhydycar Cottages in the 1970s.


The River Taff

(Postcard Courtesy of Clive Bevan)

MerthyrTydfil_Rhydycar_RiverTaff.JPG (137075 bytes)


Rhydycar Leisure Centre

(Photograph Courtesy of Meryl Rees)


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Rhydycar Leisure Centre



Upper Rhydycar - in the 1980s.

This row was built for the Canal workers. The middle two buildings were stables for the Canal horses, with the houses either end. 

MerthyrTydfil_Rhydycar_UpperRhydycar_.JPG (167110 bytes)

Rhydycar Farm

Rhydycar Farm - 1995

P.Clayton of Rhydycar Farm


Left to Right: John Lambert (Susan Roblings Brother), ?, Isaac Roblings.  They lived in Colliers Row.

(Photo Courtesy of Clive Thomas nephew of Bryn 'chips' Thomas.)


At one time the Ynysfach Cinder Tips dominated Merthyr perhaps more than the Whitey, but if it didn't, it certainly dominated Rhydycar.

(Extract of a photograph by Robert Crawshay late 1800s)


It was taken away as early as the 1930s, as shown in this photograph taken by Mrs Lilian Snow.

(Photograph Courtesy of Anita Farrell)

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Farrier's Cottage, Rhydycar.

This photograph was Emailed to us by Arthur Vaughan of Barry

 "I was evacuated to Merthyr throughout the war from Birmingham and lived with my aunt (my mother's sister),Mrs Susannah Roblings at Farrier's Cottage,which was a little way up the nant from the Rhydycar Cottages.It had three names: Farrier's Cottage,Rhydycar Cottage and Pump House,as we had an old mine pumping shaft in the garden.The cottage was demolished some years back.you can see it peering out in the top left side of the wonderful panoramic picture at the bottom of your Rhydycar page. I am inserting a picture of the cottage taken in the depth of winter, which you are welcome to add to you collection if you wish."

Rhydycar - 1948



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