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Rhydycar Flood

Rhydycar, Merthyr Tydfil

Following a terrible storm over the Christmas holiday 1979 a culvert above Rhydycar became

blocked, sending the build up of water crashing down on Rhydycar Cottages, killing two

residents. It also triggered the demolishment of Rhydycar Cottages, by Merthyr Council.


 The Front Page article in the Merthyr Express  

FrontPageText.JPG (2205771 bytes)

Ambulance Men carry an elderly resident to safety  

A Fireman struggles through a bedroom window

RhydycarCottages_2.JPG (247038 bytes)

RhydycarCottages_4.JPG (202357 bytes)

Residents belongings litter the gardens

An elderly resident is helped from her cottage

RhydycarCottages.JPG (224003 bytes)

RhydycarCottages_3.JPG (220245 bytes)

A group of ambulance men and volunteers


RhydycarCottages_5.JPG (186496 bytes)

The Secretary of State for Wales, Nicholas Edwards visited to inspect the damage.

Angry-Resident-Sees_NicholasEdwards.JPG (201119 bytes)

The Mayor of Merthyr councillor Dave James and Mr Nicholas Edwards inspect the damage

A resident (Maldwyn Nicholas) talks to Selwyn Jones (Town Clerk) and

Councillor Gerry Donovan

(Thanks to Andrea Nicholas for the extra information)

Rhydycar_Floods_Counc_DaveJames_NicholasEdwards.JPG (176466 bytes)

Rhydycar_Floods_SelwynJones.JPG (152234 bytes)
Mr Nicholas Edwards Chats to residents
Rhydycar_Floods_NicholasEdwards.JPG (175420 bytes)

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