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Quaker's Yard Grammar School

including Quaker's Yard Technical School .... the "Tech"

Merthyr Tydfil






A Selection of Photographs sent in by Joyce Lewis, Nee Williams.

Taken between 1952 - 1957.

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At School

Catherine Thomas, Margaret Sebury and Joan Havard.

Trip to Holland

Gillian Howells, Joyce Hawkins and Joan Belli.

Outside the Tower of London

Teachers at Swimming Pool

Fred Blackmore, Willty T. Jones, Mr Goodall and Mr. Edwards.


Shelia, Margaret, Rita, Doreen, Catherine and Joan.

Students on the beach in Zandfoort, Holland.


Quakers Yard School Football Team - Season 1957-1958

Back row L-R :- Ian Spurdle, Brian Jones (Galon), Brian Walkley,

John Charleston, Brian Hughes, Barnett (Barney) ?
Front Row L - R :-
Keith Davies, Clive ? Mr Evans (Head), David Kennedy,

George Edwards (PT Teacher), Colin Hughes, Brian Haggert.



Quakers Yard Grammar School - 1958


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Quakers Yard Grammar School - Under 15s Rugby Team

The team won the inter-valleys shield and seven a side cup.

Back Row L-R:      Alun Francis, Jeff Jones, Keith Williams, Glyn Davies, John Glyn Jones, William T Jones (teacher and under 15s coach), Michael Gould, John Price, Iestyn Davies, Paul Rosser.

Middle Row L-R:   Roger Garbutt, Roger Rees, E Evans (headmaster), Peter Hughes (captain), Edgar Llewellyn (PE teacher), John Hughes, Terry Marsh.

Front Row L-R:     Spud, Howard Randall, Chris Morgan, John Rees.

(Photograph Courtesy of Iestyn Davies)



Quakers Yard Grammar School - 1959


Under 15's Rugby Team - 1959-60.

L-R   Back Row:    Christopher Morgan, Jeffrey Edwards, Andy Powell, Graham Jones, Morton Davies, ?, John Coles, K Gunning, Gareth Morgan, Brian Pearce, John Thomas, Alun Thomas, Howard Johnson,

        Middle Row:  David Thomas, James Hooper, Dai Howells (Head Master), Jeff Jones, Willie T Jones, Graham Jones (Canton), Robert Gilchrist.

        Front Row:    Martin Jones, Gerald Graves, Howard Jones, Alan Pearce, John Andrews, Dai Morgan, Glyndwr Jones, Alan Owen

(Photograph courtesy of Alan Owen, extra names by Alun Thomas)




Under 14's Rugby Team - 1960-61.

L-R   Back Row:    David webb, Andy Powell, John Matthews, Dennis Johnson, Lyndon Casbeard, ?, ?, Dennis Canavan.

        Middle Row:  Brian Barrett, Gareth Parry, D.W.Howells (Head), Colin Crotty (Capt), Mr Jones ("Willy T"), Patrick Kirwen,

                           David ?.

        Front Row:    Barry Thomas, Jeff Evans.

(Photograph courtesy of Gareth Parry)


Football Team 1960-61.

L-R   Back Row:    Frankie Sullivan (Yankee), Dennis O'Neill, Peter Hamer, Myron Jones, Ernie

                            Walker,  Anthony Phillips, Colin Haggert, Tony Lewis.

        Front Row:    Gwyn Walters, Dai Howells, Glyn Watkins, George Edwards, Jeff Kinsey.

(Photograph courtesy of Gwyn Walters, additional information Jeff Kinsey)


Under 14's Rugby Team - 1961-62.

L-R   Back Row:    Phillip Rees, Jeff Luckwell, Dessie Jackson, Michael Jones, David Hungerford, Derek Fennell,

                            Alan Jones, John Hall, John Bridges, Leighton Davies

        Middle Row:  Michael Hogan, John Jones, D. Howells (Head), Wynford Jones, Mr J Isaacs, John Sims, Clive Owen.

        Front Row:    Jeff Attwell, Ray Edwards, John Pugh, Steve O'Brian.

(Photograph courtesy of Ray Edwards)


1961-62 Football Team .

L:R    Back Row:       Tony Thomas, Eifion Phillips, John Matthews, Pete Barry, Alan Jones, Peter Murphy.

         Middle Row:     Alan Evans, Dennis Walters, Mr. D. Howells, Colin Haggett, Mr. G Edwards, Robert Gerbin? , Gwyn Walters .

         Front Row:       Ken Driscoll, Gareth Thomas.

(Photograph courtesy of Gwyn Walters)


Under 15's Rugby Team - 1962-63.

L-R   Back Row:    Mr Williams(Abdul), David Nash, David King, David Hungerford, John Hall, Alan Jones, Phillip Rees, 

                            Leighton Davies, ?, Mr Isaacs,

        Middle Row:  John Sims, John Jones, Mr Basil Ashford, Wynford Jones, Mr D. Howells (Head), Ray Edwards, Alun Hughes.

        Front Row:    Jeff Luckwell, John Pugh,  Denzil ?,

(Photograph courtesy of Ray Edwards)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - 1962

An impromptu football match against Queen's Road School, Merthyr Tydfil on Zandvoort Beach, Holland.

Back Row L-R:           Alan Hollis, Anthony McLoughlin, Kelvin Williams, Barrie Brunt & Tommy Jones

Front Row L-R:           Alan Jones, Rosslyn Chidgey, Desmond Watkins, Michael Jones, Keith Rolls & Brian Williams

(Photograph Courtesy of Catherine Morrison)


Quakers Yard Grammar School Physics Class - 1963

Mr. Mills was testing out his new camera.

Back Row L-R :-  Alan Jones, Richard Girdlestone, Wynford Jones, David Simpson, Graham Thomas, Michael Jones, David Chillcott.

Back Row L-R :-  David Nettle, John Simms, Nigel Hamer, Clive Williams, Neil Morris.

Back Row L-R :-  Dianne Broad, Avril ?, Caroline ?, Helen Davies, Lyn Day, Judith Davies.

(Photograph courtesy of David Chillcott)


Keir Hardie Shield Winners 1963/64 Shared with Treharris Secondary School

Back Row L-R:-  Danny Sullivan, John Jones, Neil Morris, John Sims, Michael Jones, Headmaster Mr D. W. Howells.

Front Row L-R:-  Mr George Edwards, Gareth Jones, Anthony Jarman, David King, Ivor Lewis, Stuart Ford, Wynford James, Barry Broad, Mr George Nolan.

(From the Merthyr Express courtesy of Alex Bridges)


Drama Group - 1964. Toad Of Toad Hall.

The co author of the web site, Geoff, is in the back row, middle, trying to look like a Teddy Boy.


Quakers Yard Grammar School photograph - 1963


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Quakers Yard Grammar School photograph - 1965



The Duke of Edinburgh Award Silver Expedition in 1964/65.


"Day 1 was spent walking from Glyn Neath to Cray Reservoir, where we

 camped overnight. Day 2 we walked from Cray to Storey Arms and Day 3

 to Merthyr".

(Photographer Nigel Gibbon, courtesy of Paul Evans)
  L-R: John Hole, Paul Evans, Alan Jones, John Jones, John Sims.      
  Quaker's Yard Grammar School - Visit to Germany 1965   From the German and British newspapers  


1st XV Rugby Team 1965-66.

L-R   Back Row:    Kevin Davies, Wynford Jones, Adrian Jones, Michael Jones, John Hole, Lawrence Cotter, Barry Brunt,

                            Alan Jones, Ray Edwards, Kelvin Rees

        Front Row:    Gwyn Walters, Brian Neil, Pat Kirwan, Barry Thomas, Bill Eynon, John Jones, Keith Rolles.

(Photograph courtesy of Gwyn Walters)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - Welsh County Champions - 1966

L-R :- Barry Brunt, Gwyn Walters, John Jones

(Photograph Courtesy of Catherine Baker)


Quakers Yard 1965-66 Rugby under 15s.

Back Row L-R:    ?, Lyn Morgan, Tudor Richards, Gerald Rees, Bleddyn Davies, David Kerrigan, Chris McAllister,

                           David Morgan (Sluggers) , Tony Margan, Gerald Ingram, Eddie Morgan

Front Row L-R:   Norman Evans, Mark Powell, Derek Fly, Colin Crotty, Brent Stephens, Alan Evans, Tony Bowen.

(Photograph courtesy of Tony & Denise Bowen also Sarah Morgan)

Quakers Yard Grammar School photograph - 1967


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