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Treharris Schools

Merthyr Tydfil

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Treharris Girls School - 1899

(Photograph Courtesy of Catherine Morrison)


Webster Street School, Standard 1. year not known.

(Photograph Courtesy of The John Owen Collection)


Treharris School - Standard 2 - 1919

(Photograph Courtesy of Christine Crosby)


Treharris Boys School - Standard 3 - 1919

(Photograph Courtesy of Dick Edwards)


Treharris Girls School - Standard IV - Circa 1920

Photograph E-mailed to us by Stuart Horton, Sydney, Australia. He grew up in Pentwyn, his mother is in the photograph.


July 1921

Florence Hill is pictured front row, second from left.

Front Row, second from the right is Donald Prosser of 14, Prichard Steet.

(Photograph Courtesy of Christine Crosby)

    Donald and Thomas Prosser of 14, Prichard Street (Photograph Courtesy of Tony Prosser) Donald and Thomas Prosser of 14, Prichard Street 1st & 2nd from left beneath one of the viaducts at Treharris.(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Prosser)  



Treharris Infants School - 1923/25

(Photograph Courtesy of Dareth)


Treharris Infants School - Class 2B - 1929

Ishbel Jean McDonald is on the extreme right in the front row, and was the daughter of the village dentist.

(Photograph Courtesy of Barbara Fosberry)


Treharris Girls School 1909

(Photograph courtesy of Maldwyn Griffiths)


Treharris Girls School - Standard 6B - 1919

(Photograph Courtesy of Dareth)


Treharris Boys School - 1921

David William Evans is standing second from the left.

(Photograph Courtesy of Marion Billinghurst)


Treharris Boys School - 1929

Walter Luckwell is the first boy in the front row wearing a blazer with a badge.

(Photograph Courtesy of Martyn Luckwell)


Webster Street School - 1951

Back Row L-R:      Gwyn Walters (Teacher) John Robertson, Richard Warren (Twin), Gareth Williams, John Duggan, Walter Evans (JUG),?,Richard Symonds (Sam),

                             Frankie Sullivan (Yankee), Ashley Pritchard.
Middle Row L-R:   David Lewis, John Thomas, Keith Jones, Barbara Morgan, Graham Morris, Mary Watkins, Tony Collins, Danny Kellerher, Robert Warren (Twin).

Front Row L-R:      Jean Williams, Christine Veale, Margary Brown, Susan Roberts, Jillian Powell, Maureen Farr, Linda Roberts, Ann Hodgson, Christine Evans, Dawn ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Susan Howells & Extra Information Courtesy of Howard John Jones)


Treharris School Lessons

(Photograph Courtesy of The John Owen Collection)


Treharris Girl's School - 1956/57

Top Row L-R:                      Marion Joll, Jennifer Jones, Catherine Morrison, Angela Morgan & Lavinia Barnes.

Bottom Row L-R:                 Rita Hicks, Jennifer Ann Jones, Pamela ?, Susan Barratt, Judith Price & Carol Davies.

(Photograph Courtesy of Catherine Morrison)


Treharris Junior School - 1962.

Top Row L-R:              Teacher Miss Muriel Morgan?, ?, ?,  Stephen Beck, ?, Stephen Beasley, Colin Wiltshire, ?,? ,? ,? , Graham Willetts,

                                    Mr John Evans- Headteacher.

Middle Row L-R:          ?, ?, ?, ?,  Michael Hopkins, ?, ?, Margo Reynolds, Gareth Williams, ?, Paul Sawyer.

Front Row L-R:            ?, Susan Bassett, ?, Sian Toogood, ?, ?, Judith Davies, ?, ?, ?, Bethan Davies, ?.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Graham J. Willetts - Major)



Treharris Junior School - Trip to Bristol Zoo - 1950.

The girl in the front left hand side, with a beret, is Glenda Ryland (maiden name Samuel).

(Photograph Courtesy of John Ryland)


Keir Hardie Shield Winners 1963/64 Shared with Quakers Yard Grammar School

Back Row L-R:-  P.I. Teacher Gwyn Groves, David Price, Adrian Jones, David Mansell (?), Paul Smith, Brian Toogood, Glyn Staples

Front Row L-R:-  Peter Wiltshire, David Robbins, Alex Bridges, Brian Price (Captain), Neil Thomas (?), Peter Martin (?), Robert Davis (?), Kevin Roberts.

(From the Merthyr Express courtesy of Alex Bridges)


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