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Quaker's Yard Grammar School

including Quaker's Yard Technical School .... the "Tech"

Merthyr Tydfil



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Quakers Yard Grammar School about 1924

Mary Alice Crowley top right

(Photograph courtesy of Oonagh Wood)

Quakers Yard Grammar School in the late 1950s.

(Photograph courtesy of Roger Sussex)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - Rugby Team - 1943/44.

Standing (Back Row) L-R:            A Opel, ? , Graham Selleck

Second Row L-R:                 Mr D J Evans (English), G Evans, ? , Mr E Llewellyn (PE), H Small, T Salter

Seated L-R:                                  ? , E Cleaton, Dr T Lewis (History), C Jehu, Mr H A Davies (Headmaster), ? , D Jones

Front Row L-R:                    C Meek. C Lloyd, Cyril (Joe) Vaughan, ? Rees

(Photograph Courtesy of Tom Salter)


Quakers Yard Technical School - First Intake of Building Studies Students - 1943

Photograph taken in 1943, they started in September 1942.

(Photograph Courtesy of Susan Kelly)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - Form VI - 1945

Back Row L-R:               T O'Brien, ? , H Jones, P Griffiths, D Jenkins, D Ryland, R Pugh

Second Row L-R:        ?,J Lewis, ?, D Rees, T Salter, G Mordecai, ?, R Mason, D Thomas

Seated L-R:              ?, P Jones, B Hull, ?, ?, Mr Revington (Physics), ?, ?,C Jones, ?, ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Tom Salter)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - Form VI - 1945

Standing L-R:                B Gwyther, ? , ? , P Jones,   ? , D Jenkins, D Rees, T Salter,   ? , ? , C Meek, H Small, D Jones

Seated L-R :            E George, ? , G Evans, Mr Revington (Physics), ? , ? , R Davies, B John

(Photograph Courtesy of Tom Salter)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - Form VI Boys - 1945.

Back Row L-R:              C Meek, T Salter, ?,B Gwyther,   ?,D Jenkins

Second Row L-R:          ? , F Buzzani, G Evans, E George, H Small, D Rees

Front Row L-R:        D Jones, B John, ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Tom Salter)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - Class 5B - 1945/1946

Top Row L-R:         Doug Mannion,  ?, Alan Grocut, Gwyn Groves, ?, ?, ?.

Second Row L-R:   ?, ?, Malcolm Jones, Cyril Vaughan, ?, ?, ?, John Calvin Jones.

Bottom Row L-R:    Howard Jones, ?, Roy Beynon, ?, ?, Mr Davies, ?, ?, ?, John Hopkins, "Spider" Harding.

(Photograph Courtesy of Doug Mannion and Malcolm Jones)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - Teaching Staff - 1945/1946

Top Row L-R:       Mr Revington [Physics], Ms Jones [Games], Ms Williams [French], Ms Evans [History], Ms Cecil [German], Ms Goodman [Chemistry], Ms Cox [Geography], Mr Bennet [Biology], Mr Llewelyn[Games], Mr Evans [English],

                            Mr Goodhall [Music], Mr Davies [Maths], Mr Davies [Welsh].

Front Row L-R:     Ms Faltent [Art], Ms Hughes [Cookery], Mr Price [Maths], Mr Davies [Headmaster], Ms Roberts [Headmistress], Mr Lewis [Woodwork], Dr Lewis [History].

(Photograph Courtesy of Doug Mannion and Malcolm Jones)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - 1st XV Rugby Team - 1947/48

Back Row-       L-R:-      Roy Beynon, Mostyn Thomas, Robert (Bob) Sussex, Haulwyn Griffiths;

Third Row:-      L-R:-     John Hopkins, Dave Evans, Russell Pittock, Gwyn Groves, Gwillym Edwards, Colin Evans, Cyril Sloggett, Dr. T. Lewis

Second Row:-  L-R:-      Ralph Pugh, E.Llewelyn P.E., Ronald 'Dixie' Davies, H.A.Davies Headmaster, Aldo Opel,    

Front Row       L-R:-       Ray Howells, Gilbert Wall, Trevor Roper, and John Lewis.

(Photograph Submitted on behalf of Mrs. Ann Roper by Brian Jones. Extra Names Courtesy of Aldo Opel and Harry Perren)


Quaker's Yard Technical School Football Team 1947-48.

(Photograph Courtesy of T. Flynn)


Quakers Yard Grammar School 1948

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Evans)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - Under 14 First XV - 1949/50

Back Row L-R:        Lynn Thomas, Glen Richards, Ted Jones, Malcolm Cridge, Gwyn Morgan, John O'Brien.
Middle Row L-R:    ? Williams, Morton Jones, Davig( Lewis, K.Jones, John Evans, J.Jones, W.Lewis, David Williams, Mr.Blackmore.
Front Row L-R:       J.Humphries, Mr.Davies, John Lewis, Mr.Llewellyn, Sidney Belcher.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ted Jones)

Colin Jones, an Art teacher at Quakers Yard Grammar School - Late 1950's

(Photograph courtesy of Alun Thomas)


Quakers Yard School Staff in the 1950s.

L-R:-Back Row  Mr George Edwards, Mr Phillips, Mr Harry Jones, Mr Dai Rowlands (Dai Long).

        Front Row  Mr Frank Young, Mr J, Lewis (Buster), Mr Phillips , Mr Fred Vaughan.

(Thanks to Michael Marshall (Dunstable) for additional information)


Quakers Yard - Technical School - Form 2Y - 1950.

Back Row L-R:     ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.

Middle Row L-R:   ?, Dennis Edmunds,?,?,?,?,?,?, ?.

Front Row L-R:     ?,?,?,Frank Young (Tech Drawing),?,?,?.

(Darren Edmunds sends us his father, Dennis Edmunds name, but we need more names please) (Allison Allen sent us her Grandfather's Name Frank Young Teacher)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - First XV - 1950/51

Back Row L-R:      Brian Jones, Brian Haberfield, Henry Jones, Ted Jones, ?, Brian Samuel, Mr.Edwards.
Middle Row L-R:   ? , ? , ? , David Kelly, Gareth Jones, John O'Brien, Ken Jones, Graham Irwin, Mr .Llewellyn, Brian Phelps, Mr.Davies, ?..,
Front Row L-R:      John Lewis, Richard Evans.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ted Jones)


Quakers Yard Technical School - 1950/51

(Photograph courtesy of Steve Brewer)

Quakers Yard Technical School - 1951 - Form 3W

Back Row L-R:              Jeff Karn, Terry Evans (Texas), ?, ?, ?.

Middle Row L-R:            ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, John Bryant.

Front Row L-R:              Terry Hooper, ?, Frank Maurice, Teacher - Mr. Williams, ?, ?, ?.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Terry Hooper)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - First XV - 1951/52

Back Row L-R:        Richard Evans, David Lewis, Alan Davies, Gareth Jones, Ivor Richards, David Powell.
Middle Row L-R:     John Evans, Henry Jones, Morton Jones, David Kelly, Ted Jones, Brian Samuel, Nigel Moore, Mr.Edwards.
Seated L-R:            John O'Brien, Mr. Davies, Brian Phelps, Mr. Llewellyn, Brian Haberfield.
Front L-R:               John Lewis, Brian Jones.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ted Jones)


Quakers Yard Technical School - 1952.

Top Row L-R:                 Granville Collins, Ken Brewer, Ken Gunter, John Owen, Alan McDonald Alan Owen? Neville Jones,

                                    & Ken Whatley

Front Row L-R:               John Edwards, Cecil Jones, Billy Davies, Mrs Davies, George Taylor, Ralph Cartwright & Ypres Jones.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Cecil Jones) 


Quakers Yard Technical School - Final Year - 1952.

Back Row L-R:             Jeff Karn, John Bryant, ?, ?, David ?, ?, ?, Terry Evans - Texas.

Front Row L-R:             Ron Evans, Frank Maurice, Russel Evans, Malcolm?, Teacher - Mr. Jones, Terry Hooper,

                                  Brian Geek, ?, ?.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Terry Hooper)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - First XV - 1952/53

Back Row L-R:        ?, John O'Brien, ? , ?
Middle Row L-R:     Gwyn Morgan, M.Cridge, Brian Hughes, John Evans, Ted Jones, K.Jones, Gareth Jones, Nigel Moore, Mike Thomas.
Seated L-R:            Richard Evans, Mr.Davies, Brian Samuel, Mr.Llewellyn, Brian Haberfield.
Front L-R:               John Jones, Ivor Richards.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ted Jones)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - First Cricket XI - 1952/53

Back Row L-R:       ? , ? , Terry Robbins
Middle Row L-R:    Ivor Richard, Malcom Merridith, Ted Jones, Gareth Jones, Nigel Moore.
Seated L-R:            ?, Mr. Davies, Brian Hughes, Mr. Llewellyn, ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Ted Jones)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - Coronation Pageant - 1953 - "The New Elizabethan Era"

Held at St. John's Church Hall, Troedyrhiw.

Back Row L-R:          Phyllis Bulford, Sid Lucas, Adrian Edwards,Terry Robbins, Malcom Meredith, Ronnie Davies, Tommy Carbin, Billy Evans,

                                John Davies, Christine- Farrell,

Middle Row L-R:      Frank Hope, Spencer Palmer, Betty Evans, twins Gloria and Sonia Pugh, Mair Davies, Megan Herbert, Pam Beynon,

                                Marlene Virgin, ? Baker,  Elwyn Farrel, Betty Howells.

Front Row L-R:        Mrs. Ronnie Lloyd, Gillian Howells, Lorna Gibbon, Adrian Doolan, Gillian Clements, Barbara James (as Brittania),  unknown,

                                Alan Goodall, unknown,  Ann Buckthought.

On Floor L-R:          Clive Powell, Phillip Morgan, John Hughes, Vivienne Jones, Brian Hamer, Malcom Jones.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ron Davies, Information Courtesy of Derryl McCarthy)



Quakers Yard Grammar School - Adults Coronation Pageant - 1953 - "The Victorian Era"

Held at St. John's Church Hall, Troedyrhiw.

Back Row L-R:            Emlyn Edwards, Jenkin Evans, David Connick, Jack Davis, David Howells, Trefor Davies.

Middle Row L-R:         Fred Taylor,,The Rev. Edwards, Pearl Davies, Pat Hayward, Mervyn Watkins, Tom Davies, Betty Roper,

                                   Jean Haman, unknown, Stan Rees.

Third Row L-R          Ann Evans,  Carmen Davis, May Howells, unknown, Betty Newman, Lena Robbins.

Front Row L-R:           David Rolls, unknown, Ann Morgan, Robert Humphries, Brian Shipton. (Shipton's garage Troedyrhiw)

(Photograph Courtesy of Ron Davies)


Quakers Yard Grammar School - 1954/1955

Back Row (L-R): ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Middle Row (L-R): ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Front Row (L-R): ?, Mr. John Lewis (Maths), ?, ?, ?.

On Floor (L-R) :- ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Stephen Gwynne) (Additional Information Allison Allen).


Quakers Yard Technical School - 1954/1955

Back Row (L-R):       John Sullivan, Peter Mannion, Owen Mathias, Keith Watkins, Billy Flaherty.

Middle Row (L-R):    Leonard Griffiths, Billy Spurrier, Lyn Evans(?) Bernard Robbins(?), Tony Evans, Christopher (?),

Front Row (L-R):      Ken Arthur, Danny Pryce Jones, Lyn and David Griffiths (twins), (?) ,Michael Reddy.

The Teacher is Mr David Rowlands, known to all pupils as Dai Long.

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Evans)


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