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Police Station

Merthyr Tydfil


The Central Police Station in Graham Street was built in 1844 at a cost of 840. It was first occupied by the Glamorgan Police Force. Following the incorporation of the Merthyr Tydfil County Borough in 1908, the Merthyr Tydfil Police Force was formed and the building was transferred them. The first Chief Constable was James Arthur Wilson appointed on 15th of August 1908 at an annual salary of 250.


Initially the authorised strength was 85 men, 10 of which were paid by private companies, such as Cyfarthfa and Dowlais works and various Collieries in the area to provide their own security.


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Used with permission from the South Wales Police Museum


Advertisement for tenders to build the Police Station in Graham Street.

(From the Glamorgan, Monmouth and Brecon Gazette and Merthyr Guardian. 1st July 1843.)

(Courtesy of Carl Llewellyn)

Merthyr's first Chief Constable James Arthur Wilson.

From the Merthyr Express.



Merthyr Police Force in Graham Street - 1912.

(Postcard courtesy of the Leo Davies Collection)


Merthyr Police Force in Graham Street - 1912.

From the Merthyr Express 21st February 1914.


Merthyr Tydfil Borough Police Force

All ex-servicemen from 1914 - 1918

Back Row L-R:-  P.C's D. Davies, Prosser, Frazer, H.Doble, T. Davies, Jeff Davies, W. Griffiths, H. Griffiths, Cummings, Russell, Rees, W. Standard, A. Standard, Leonard, & Lett.

Third Row L-R:- P.C's  Sept Jones, Groves, Benjamin, Trevor Jones, Owens, Rowe, Fred Standard, Pimm, Cecil Standard,

Second Row L-R:- P.C's  H. Jenkins, Dunford, Meredith, Price, Lloyd Davies, Hughes, Sankey, W.G.Jones, & William Jones

Front Row L-R:- P.C's  Coles, Dodd, Blythe, Sergt. Botting, Chief Constable J. A. Wilson, Chief Inspector Davies, P.C's Wilson, Evans, Carter & Chamberlain.

(Photograph courtesy of PS Percy Botting's Scrapbook)



Bob Wallis Emailed this circa 1925 photograph and says:-

"I'd guess the man in civvies would be the chairman of the County Borough Council's police

 committee. My mother in law's father is in the photo. He died in 1925 after a massive asthma

 attack (gas damage in WW1), but had been on duty that day".

The photograph looks like being taken at Penydarren Park

PS33 Police Sergeant Percy Botting






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Police Sergeant Percy Botting's




PC17 Horace L. Johnson on horseback outside the Castle 'Super' Cinema 1930

(Photograph by Mrs. Lilian Snow, Courtesy of Anita Farrell).


Merthyr Tydfil Police Bowling Rink - 1933.

After winning the George Ace Shield.


Merthyr Police Choir circa 1940. Conductor John Maldwyn Thomas.

(Photograph courtesy of John Thomas)


Merthyr Police in the 1940's.

This photograph was sent in by Carolyn Evans of Billingham.

Carolyn believes her Grandfather John Evans of Heolgerrig is 2nd from the left on the front row.

Can anybody identify these officers?


Police Constables Leaving for the Forces.

From the Merthyr Express 5th September 1942.


Merthyr Police in the 1950s

L to R : Bob Davies, Selby Star, ? , ?, Jack Cummins , Ted Williams, Jack Powell, Boysie Charles, ?.

(Photograph courtesy of Julia Powell)


Mayor Morgan Osbourne leaving chapel, Sergeant Jack Powell (Extreme Right)

(Photograph courtesy of Julia Powell)


Merthyr Police in the 1950s

L to R: Standing.   Jack Powell, Hywel Thomas, Harry Thomas, John Thomas, Towyn Evans, Glyn Gough, Llew Bridges.

            Seated .   Arthur Merrett, Randy Watkins, Roy Sankey, ?, Jack Markham, Jack Cummings.

(Photograph courtesy of Julia Powell)


Nasty accident in the High Street, early 1950s.

Surveying the damage L to R:-

Inspector Bill Griffiths, Selby Star, Dai Jones, Sergeant ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Jones, Dai Jones' son.)

Training session outside the Central Police Station with a new fleet of Vespas.

Second training session outside the Central Police Station with a new fleet of Vespas.


PC Sankey Retires

(From the Merthyr Express)


Unknown situation.

Sergeant Jack Powell extreme Left.

(Photograph courtesy of Julia Powell)

From the Merthyr Express 1966.


P.C. Victor Jones' funeral at Aberfan 1967.

(Photograph courtesy of Gwyneth Gwyne)


A group of officers in the late 1960s.

Back Row L-R:- Peter Hunt, Brian Beattie, Tommy Peters, Fred Davies, Ernie Coombs and Tommy Jones

Front Row L-R:- Brian Walsh, Derek Drane, Dai Jenkins. Jackie Jones, Clive Allen and Tommy John.

(Thanks to Wilf Thomas for the names)


P.C. Bert Robbins with Jaguar XJ6 patrol car, c.1973

(Photograph courtesy of Bert Robbins)


Merthyr Police/Civil Defence Mountain Rescue Team 1968.

L to R:  Standing on vehicle  -  Peter Howells , Roy Whitney.

            Standing                 -  Bernard Corcoran, Martin Evans, Jack Powell, Tom Jones, Alan Davies, Tom Williams

            Seated                    - Dai Rees, Nick Richards, Lyn Powell, Emrys Nicholas, Bob Thomas, Danny Murphy, Norman Davies

            Seated Front           - David Jones?, Adrian Jenkins.

(Photograph courtesy of Julia Powell)



Merthyr Police Football Team.

New Strip from sponsers Paul Hughes Motors.

Back Row L to R :- Allan Owens, Paul Hughes

Front Row:- J. Lewis, John Rogers and Kevin McCarthy, Paul Hughes' son holding the Ball.

(Photograph Courtesy of Allan Owens)

Merthyr Police Football Team. Simbec Division, Premier League.

Back Row L to R :  E. Dinham, J. Lewis, S. Fryser, P. Coleman, H. Lewis, G. Price, G. Barnard, R.Thomas.

Front Row L to R :  J. Rogers, T. Smith, M. Roberts, J. Lewis, A. Owens, kego, W. Evans, S. Roberts, B, Beattie.

(Photograph Courtesy of Allan Owens)



Merthyr Police rugby XV  v. Vulcan Inn , July 1979 at the Greenie, Galon Uchaf.

an honourable 18 all draw was ' fought ' out , after which both sides went to the Vulcan for cheese and pickles and a few
pints in true rugby fashion.

Back row L-R:-  Phillip Jones, John Snare, Alwyn Jenkins, Howard Casey, Gary Haines, Kevin Macarthy, ?, Phil Shelton, David Morgan.
Fronr row L-R Kevin Oniel, Berwyn Jones, Alan Howells, Huw Smith, Brian Rees, Peter Thomas, Glyn Davies.

(Photograph courtesy of Peter Thomas)


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