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Police Sergeant Percy Botting's Scrapbook


Courtesy of Jill and Dave Swan and the Merthyr Tydfil Historical Society

  PS 33 Percy Botting   PS 33 Percy Botting  


  Inspector G. Davies   Chief Inspector A. J. Phillips  

  PC 37 Lett at Cyfarthfa Park  

Pontmorlais West. Outside the old Drill Hall. P.S.33 Percy Botting. Controlling crowds on the Royal Visit of H.H. Princess. Helena Victoria.C.B.E. 12th June 1930



  Merthyr Borough Police outside the Police Station, Graham street, 30th October 1908.

PC53 John Davies, PC Evans, PS33 Percy Botting, PC  Moxey, PC  Thomas, PC Davies, PC Jones, PC Heather, PS Charles Hunter, PC Lewis, PC77 Groves, PC Fisher,

PC70 Marcel J. Russell, PC Colbran, PS D.M.Davies, Chief Constable J.A.Wilson. PS Williams.




Outside the Police Station.

Back Row L-R: PC 9, PC 46, PC 74 D. Davies, PC 23, PC 60

Front Row L-R: PS 33 Percy Botting, Chief Inspector A. J. Phillips. PC 56 Rees


P.S.33 Percy Botting at the back of Cyfarthfa Castle on 5th June 1928,

on the occasion of the Fete & Gala.






  PC 39 M.Williams, PS 33 Percy Botting and PC 56 Rees.  

Merthyr Borough Police clearing snow from the Police Station Entrance,

Graham Street, 20th February 1933.



  1926 Strike. Jazz Bands of strikers marching along the Brecon Road to Cyfarthfa Park for compettions. Percy Botting on horse.   PS 37 Percy Botting on horseback, with PC 4 in attendamnce watched by a couple of young ladies.  


  PS 33 Percy Botting at Cyfarthfa Park   Tent Pegging Compettion at Penydarren Park August 1911.

L to R PC 56 W. Rees, Corp A.  Adams, PS 33 PercyBotting





Merthyr Borough Police Officers

L - R:- PC 82, ?, PS 33 Percy Botting (Seated), PC 6, PC 51


Merthyr Borough Police Officers

L - R:- PC 92, PC 46, PC 23, PC 60,




  PS Percy Botting outside Cyfarthfa Castle   Percy Botting outside Manchester House  




Merthyr Police Fire Engine Percy Botting is 3rd from the left (Standing on engine)

Outside the Graham Street Police Station.



Superintendant George Townsend, Glamorgan Constabulary. 1907.


Swansea Assizes July 1907



Merthyr Tydfil Borough Police Mounted Section Royal Escort to H.M. King George.V.& Queen Mary,

Royal Visit 1912, PS. Percy Botting in charge.

L - R:-  PC 39 M.Williams, PC 56 Rees, PC 50 Galliers, PC 3 Doble, PS 48 Goodwin, PS 33 Percy Botting



Merthyr Borough Police Tug of War Team


The Old Contemptibles


Football Team at Penydarren Park Inspector Davies (Extreme Left) and PC42 (Extreme Right)

  Reports of Percy Botting's Cases from the Merthyr Express (Click to enlarge)  

Black Lion Case


Wellington Inn Case


Central Laundry Fire




"A Smart Constable" - Burglary Case


"Loyal Merthyr"


"Descent In A Field" - Military Tournament







Counterfeit Coin Case (Click To Enlarge)


"Death of a Merthyr Constable" (Click to Enlarge)




Percy Botting, organising secretary of the Merthyr Armistice Parade, at the Cenotaph 11th November 1932


Sergeant Percy Botting Retires July 1934.

(Weekly Mail & Cardiff times 21st July 1934)




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