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Georgetown School

Merthyr Tydfil


<Click on the photograph to enlarge>

Georgetown School, with Nantygwenith Street in the foreground. April 1981.

Georgetown Tip behind and the old Texas D.I.Y. superstore.

(Photograp(h courtesy of Dennis Bennett OBE.)

General View of Georgetown School

Georgetown Infants School - Date Unknown

(Photograph courtesy of Sue Owen)


Georgetown Infants School - Date Unknown


Georgetown Girls School - Group 5 - Date Unknown

(Photograph courtesy of Micheal Donovan)



Georgetown Girls School -  Date Unknown (I've been unable to read the slate even at high magnification).

(Photograph courtesy of Micheal Donovan)



Georgetown School - date unknown.

(Photograph courtesy of Dick Meyrick)



Georgetown Boys School - Group 3 - Date Unknown

Georgetown School - 1912

(Photograph courtesy of Micheal Neal)

Georgetown Infants School - Staff - date unknown

Georgetown School - Staff - date unknown

Georgetown School, Class 1b - 1914



Georgetown School Boys AFC - Season 1926-27

Winners of the Merthyr Express Cup and the Keir Hardie Shield.

Front row, extreme right is Albert (Bert) Webb.

(Photograph Courtesy of Paul Webb)


Georgetown School - Standard 2A - 1929

(Photograph courtesy of Micheal Neal)


Georgetown School - Standard 1b - 1929

(Photograph courtesy of Wendy Evans)


Georgetown School - Date Unknown

Do you have any information relating to this photograph? If so, please get in touch.

Georgetown School - Standard 4 - 1929.

(Photograph courtesy of Andrew Williams, Troedyrhiw.)


Georgetown School - 1934/35

Gwyneth can remember the following names:

Back Row Left to Right:         1: Joan Christopher,  2: Margaret Hill,  7:Muriel ?, 15: Lydia Gibbons. 

Third Row Left to Right:        4: Gertrude Taylor,  8? Sweet, 9: Phyllis Pop, 11: Doris Rees, 12: Gwyneth Pound &  13: Phyllis Morgan.

Second Row Left to Right:     7: Miss Davies,  8: Miss Evans,  9: Miss Tudor & 10: Miss Bird?

First Row Left to Right:         12: Katie Howells.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gwyneth Smith (nee Pound)

Georgetown School 1930's.

Georgetown School Early 1950's.

Back Row  L-R:          Jeffery Harris, Leslie Richards, Ronnie Rowlands, Jeff Davies, Dai Lewis, Keith Lewis

                                  Byrion Williams, Brian Wall.

                                  Vivian ?

Middle Row    L-R:    Mike Herring, Dennis Davies, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Paul Bowen.

Front Row  L-R:         Tegwyn Bevan, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Christine Kite, ?, ?.

(Photograph and Information Courtesy of Brian Wall)



1950-51 Football Team.

Back Row L-R:-  James Sidney Edwards. Tommy Axhorn, ?, ?, Ronnie Thomas, ?, Ronnie Speed, Behind - Thomas Owen (Teacher).

Middle Row L-R:-  Headmaster Gomer Bennett, ?, ?, Terry O'Sullivan, ?. ?.

Front Row L-R:- ?, ?.

1950-51 Football Team.

Georgetown School. C1955.


Georgetown Infants School - Circa 1956

(Photograph courtesy of Wendy Evans)


Georgetown School Choir. circa 1958

Back Row  L-R:    ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

4th Row     L-R:   ?, ?, Jean Williams, ?, ?, ?, Enid Phillipson, ?, ?,Christine Samuels.

3rd Row    L-R:   ?, ?, Alan George (not me), Pauline Laycock, ?, ?, Valerie ?, Annette Staples,  ?, ?, ?, Cynthia Griffiths,

                         Mary Richards, ?, Gaynor Bishop, John 'Juddy' Davies.

2nd Row    L-R:   David ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Maldwyn Griffiths, David Protheroe.

Front Row L-R:   Valerie Driver, Gwyneth Peters, ?, ?, Mable King, ?.


Georgetown School in the Late 1950s

Back Row  L-R:    ?, Ann Rowlands, Marylin Bates, ?, Lynne Doyle, Gillian Davies, Gerald Edwards, ?, Leslie Richards, Brian Davies, Gerald Richards, John Maddox, ?, ?, Ronnie Rowlands, ?.

3rd Row     L-R:    Brenda Twose, ?, Sandra Evans, ?, Cynthia ?, ?, Astrid Thomas, ?, Gillian Evans, Cynthia Griffiths, ?, ?, Moira Meeke, Christine Stanley, Angela Crumb.

2nd Row    L-R:    John Haines (with a drum), Jeff Carter-Evans, Karyn Williams, Barbara Bishop, ?, ?, ?, Cheryl Thomas, Pauline Jones, Yvonne Jones, Gaynor McGovern, Susan Beynon, ?, ?, ?, Mary Richards, ?, ?, ?, John Daniels, David Smith.

Front Row  L-R:    Keith Talbot, Joan Williams, ?, Jimmy Evans, Peter Sweet, Miss Carole Hickey, Mr D. H. Davies (Headmaster), ?, Christine Price, ?, Geoffrey Twose, Godfrey Talbot.

(Names supplied by Tony Hyde)


Georgetown School Football team - 1960-61

Back Row   L-R:- Mr Davies (headteacher), D Davies (dec), Dennis ?, C Fredrick, Howard King, B Jones (dec), G Talbot, Mr Thomas (teacher)

Front Row  L-R:- H Dodson, K Talbot, Idwal Peters(Capt), G Harris, Ashleigh Hodges (dec), G Twose (dec)

(Photograph courtesy of Idwal Peters)


Georgetown School Netball team - 1964-65

Back Row L-R:-      Teacher ?  Irene ? Pat Barry, Jean ?, Barbara Richards 

Front Row  L-R:-      Kay?, Sandra ?,  Elizabeth Protheroe,  ? , Valerie Vokes

(Photograph courtesy of Valerie Griffiths)


1964-65 - Presentation of the Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award.

Top Row L-R: Alan Crompton, Robert Brooman, Howard Jones, Les Richards, D.C. Williams (Teacher - Later Secretary of Merthyr R.F.C.).

Front Row L-R: Byrion Williams, Ronnie Rowlands, Councillor Trevor Lewis (Making the Presentation), Councillor G. Mahoney, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Howard Jones - Bexhill. Extra Information Courtesy of Viv Lloyd)


1964-65 - Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award.

L-R: Robert Brooman, Alan Crompton, Howard Jones, Lesley Richards, Byrion Williams, Ronnie Rowlands,

       Mr. Dai Thomas (Metal Work) and Mr. Owen Cavdell (Wood Work).

(Photograph Courtesy of Howard Jones - Bexhill)


Georgetown Secondary Modern School - Netball Team 1964/65

Back Row L-R:              Davina Davis, Mrs. Evans (Teacher) and Valerie Howells.

Front Row L-R:             Linda Jesset, Betty King, Janice Bedford, Gail Bartlett and Irene Pitt.

(Photograph Courtesy of Valerie Thomas - nee Howells)


Georgetown School - Football Team 1964/65

Back Row L-R:   Geoffrey Perks, Anthony King,  ?, Raymond Pugh, Roy Williams, Keith Roberts, Ian Williamson, Martin Hurley, 

                         and Mr Thomas P.E. 
Front Row L-R:   Bernard Popp, Kelvin Roberts, Howard Davis, Peter Davies (deceased) and ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Valerie Thomas - nee Howells)


Awards at Georgetown School - 1964

The gentleman presenting the awards is the Headmaster Mr Lewis. The girl receiving the award is Barbara Richards, and the other girl was Brenda Thomas. The boy (smiling, looking over the Headmaster's shoulder ) Is Anthony King. Also, the boy standing alone at the extreme left of photo,is Bernard Popp.

(Extra Information Courtesy of Valerie Howells)


Georgetown School - Rugby Team - 1967 - 68.

Back Row L-R:- Colin Protheroe, Robert Bow, Gareth Jones, Desmond Evans, Geoffrey Pike, Paul Lewis, Martin Donovan, Neil Davies.(Only 8 names 9 in back row?)

Front Row L-R:- Raymond Evans, Wayne Jones, Robert Arthur, Tudor Jones, Bernard Evans (Teacher), Robert Smart, Gary Thomas.


Georgetown School Netball Team 1968 -69

(Photograph Courtesy of Susan Evans)


Georgetown School annexe on fire, date not known.

(Photograph courtesy of Idwal Peters)

Georgetown School - Choir - 1969

Georgetown School Choir & Beti Jones - Date Unknown



Georgetown School about to be demolished, 9th August 1982.

(Photograph courtesy of Dennis Bennett OBE)



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