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Cyfarthfa High School

Merthyr Tydfil


Cyfarthfa High School was formed by the amalgamation of

Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School and

Georgetown Secondary Modern School in 1970


Cyfarthfa School Eisteddfod

Cyfarthfa High School Rugby Team - 1967-68

(Photograph courtesy of John Reardon)


Cyfarthfa High School - Under 15 Rugby XV - 1970-71

This was the first year after the introduction of comprehensive education.

Back Row L-R:        C. Protheroe, M. Jones, P. Lewis, D. Thomas, I. Kelly, H. Llewelyn, A. Bull, K. Edwards, D. Falls

Middle Row L-R:     S. O’Leary, I. Hopkins (Coach), J. Davies (Headmaster), M. Price (Captain), B. Evans (Coach), S. Meek, E. John

Front Row L-R:        P. Evans, I. Lacey, A. Lacey, R. Bow

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Kelly)


Cyfarthfa High School Cyd-Adrodd Group

This is the Cyd-Adrodd Group for Learners that came third in the Urdd National Eisteddfod held in Swansea 1971, reciting “Cymru” by Gwenallt.

Back Row L-R:     David Stokes, Marc Phillips, Terry Jones

Front Row L-R:     Mrs Linda Jones, Ann Davenport, Judith Evans, Diane McCarthy.

(Photograph Courtesy of Marc Phillips)


Cyfarthfa High School Choir - 1971

This choir won the main SATB Choir competition at the Urdd National Eisteddfod in Swansea 1971. (We also won the following year in Bala, but I do not have a photo of that choir). The song was “Mân Nacs i’r Merched”.

Back Row L-R:       Dilwyn Passmore, Mr Ray Gethin, David Walker, Jeremy Donne, Howard Bloom, David Hughes, Lindsey Brown, Clive Blandford, Paul Thomas, Marc Phillips, Mr Brian Evans.

Front Row L-R:      Diane McCarthy, Susan Rees, Jane Griffiths, Lynne Jenkins, Carol Jones, Rosalind Pullman, Collette Pudney, Judith Evans, Alison Tucker, Christine Rogers, Sarah Griffiths, Caroline Whitney,

                              Carole Strachan, Gwyneth John, Llinos Jonathan, Sian O’Keefe, Pat Mahoney, Margaret Washington, Mary Taylor, Isobel Bates, Catrin Walters.

(Photograph Courtesy of Marc Phillips)


Cyfarthfa High School - 1st XV - 1971-72

Back Row L-R:     I. Brown, I. Kelly, P. Joll, P. Beynon, R. Powell, A. Bull

Middle Row L-R:  K. Hatton, G. Leyshon, G. Davies, C. Harman, D. Falls

Front Row L-R:    W. Allman, S. Lee, B. Evans (Coach), A. Hill (Captain), E. Gracia, M. Price

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Kelly)


Cyfarthfa High School - Football Team - 1972-73.

Back Row L to R: ?, Martin Jones, Geoffrey Murphy, Martin Jones?
Middle Row L to R: Lindsay Brown, ?, Brian Rees, Roger Richardson, Stuart Meek, ?, ?, John Protheroe and Martyn Price .
Front Row L to R: Eddie Gracia, Mr D. H. C. Bennett (Headmaster), Wayne Allman, Mr. Bernard Evans (P.E. Teacher), Gordon Davies.

(Photograph Courtesy of Roger Richardson, Additional Names Courtesy of Ian Lacey, Rita Williams & Ian Kelly)


Cyfarthfa High School - 1st XV - 1972-73

Back Row L-R:      I. Kelly, G. Leyshon, D. Flower, I. Price

Middle Row L-R:   E. Gracia, S. O’Leary, H. Daniel, ? , P. Lewis , D. Falls, G. Murphy, G. Davies

Front Row L-R:     W. Allman, M. Wood (Coach), D. Bennett (Headmaster), L. Brown (Captain), B. Evans (Coach), M. Jones, M. Price

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Kelly)


Cyfarthfa High School - 1st XV - 1973-74

Back Row L-R:   H. Daniel, A. Foley, L. James, S. Meek, J. Pittick, S. Wilde, I. Price, M. Davies, S. Brown

Front Row L-R:  H. Jenkins, D. Hughes, W. Allman, I. Kelly (Captain), W. Astley, G. Murphy, M. Cable

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Kelly)


Cyfarthfa High School - 1st XV & Under 15's - 1973-74


Back Row L-R: B,Lee, A. Foley, P Meredith ? , M. Davies
Second Row L-R: H.Williams , I. Price, P. Star, S. Wilde, D. Hughes , J. Pittick, P.Bevan
First Row L-R: ? , S. Meek, Yaseen mohamed , S. Brown, D. Jones, W. Astley, A.Thomas , M. Cable, ?
Sitting L-R: M.Williams,S.Facey , W. Allman, M.James, I. Kelly (Captain), G. Haines, G. Murphy, C.Wallage ,G. Mahoney
Front Row L-R: H. Jenkins, J.Radcliffe D. Hughes, L. James, D.Reynolds , H. Daniel

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Kelly)


Cyfarthfa High School - 1st XV Match v. Old Boys Team - April 10th 1974

L-R: P. Beynon, M. Thomas, I. Price, S. Wilde, I. Kelly, L. James, J. Pittick

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Kelly)

Cyfarthfa High School - 1st XV Match v. Old Boys Team - April 10th 1974

L-R: S. Brown & M. Davies

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Kelly)



Cyfarthfa High School - 1st XV Match v. Old Boys Team - April 10th 1974

First to the Ball - The School won by 22-13

L-R: M. Davies, W. Astley, S. Brown, L. James, J. Pittick, I. Kelly, B. Evans (Referee), M. Jones, S. Wilde, I. Price, G. Murphy, D. Flower, P. Williams, P. Beynon, D. Falls, S. O’Leary, G. Lewis, G. Davies, M. Price, K. Thomas, M. Thomas

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Kelly)

Cyfarthfa High School - 1st XV Match v. Old Boys Team - April 10th 1974

Old Boys' Shield

Back Row L-R: I. Kelly (Captain), G. Leyshon, S. Wilde, W. Allman, P. Beynon, L. Brown (Old Boys’ Captain),

I. Price, P. Lewis.

Front Row L-R: G. Murphy, W. Astley, A. Foley, M. Price

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Kelly)



Cyfarthfa High School - 1st XV Match v. Old Boys Team - April 10th 1974

Standing L-R: S.Brown, L. James, D. Hughes, M. Davies, M. Cable, P. Williams, I. Kelly, J. Pittick, W. Allman, P. Beynon, S. Wilde, L. Brown, P. Lewis, I. Price, G. Davies, E. Gracia, M. Thomas, S. O’Leary, G. Lewis, D. Falls, P. Thomas

Kneeling L-R: H. Daniel, G. Murphy, W. Astley, A. Foley, M. Price, C. Harman, D. Flower

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Kelly)



Cyfarthfa High School - Lower School (Georgetown) Football Team 1974 - 75

Back Row L-R:        Steven Meek, Gerwyn Davies (Seg), ?, Neil Normanton, ? , Arwel Williams

Middle Row L-R:     John Warren, ? , ? , Keith Snape, Allan Owens, Jonathan Lewis , Nigel (Diddy)

Front Row L-R:       Mr Lee (Bugsy Lee, Maths), Mr Rees Head of Lower School, Michael Treharne, Mr  Dennis Bennett, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Allan Owens)


Cyfarthfa High School - Old Boys Rugby Match 23rd March 1975.

L-R: Michael Cable, Wayne Astley, Lindsay Brown, Huw Daniel and Stuart Meek.

(Names Courtesy of Ian Kelly)


Cyfarthfa High School - Georgetown 1a4 1975

Back Row (L-R):- Alun Isaacs, Colin Parry, Julian Williams, David Bennett, Phillip Moyle, Alan Davies, Paul Hughes

Third Row (L-R):- Stephen Peters, Anthony Davies, Robert Wookey, Stephen Roberts, Reynold Mahoney

Second Row (L-R):- WA Jones Physics [also ex Cyfarthfa], Suzanne Taylor, Sharon Rogers, Dawn Griffiths, Linda Griffiths, Sian Thomas, Zoe Power, Lisa Wilkshire, Jackie Dyer

Front Row (L-R):- Ruth Harman, Jane Perkins, Kathryn Hughes, Cheryl Daley, Claire Lewis, Lynda Hindley, Louise Tucker, Tanya Coombs.

(Photograph and names courtesy of Cyfarthfans on Facebook))


Cyfarthfa High School - May 1977.

Teacher's L-R: Ian Hopkins Maths, Tony Wiley Latin, John Battenbow Maths, Vincent Leigh English, Lionel Fisher Chemistry, Vic Davies Woodwork, Ron Roberts Geography, Robert Butcher Geography, Philip Atkinson History, John Blundstone Physics, Ron Davies Technical Drawing, Ray Iverson Maths, Wayne Davies Biology, Rod Walker Maths, Huw Morris Geography, Mike Wood Economics, Deri Protheroe Music, Steve Barnes Religious Education, Gwyn Rees Physics, Bernie Evans PE, Mansell Richards History, Dewi Bowen Art, Mike Jenkins Maths, Cliff O'Shea History, Owen Caudle Craft, Glanville Jones Metalwork, Dave Young Maths, Ray Gethin Welsh, John Lewis Deputy Head, D.H.C. Bennett Headmaster, May Treharne Deputy Head (Girls), Shirley Vowles Geography, Babs Bowen Domestic Science, Margaret Jones Art, Marilyn Bounds History, Ruby Evans Biology, Annie Aldred English, Merryl Jones Needlework, Liz Lees German, Sandra Jones Biology, Gwennan Hughes-Evans Welsh, Mary Owen French, Marla Adams Special Needs, Ann Jones Welsh, Jill Cressy French, Pat Wiley French, Helena Mobley English, Desna Pearce Domestic Science, Rosemary Shipton English, Norma Sharpe Secretarial & Admin Staff, Glynnis Williams Secretarial & Admin Staff, Evelyn Evans Secretarial & Admin Staff, Ann Callaghan Lab Technician? & Eira Smith Secretarial & Admin Staff

(Photograph Courtesy of Nigel Gunter & Names Courtesy of Ray Iverson)


Cyfarthfa High School (Lower School) - 1977 - At the Georgetown Buildings

(Photograph courtesy of Darren Edwards)


'The King & I' - Cyfarthfa High School Production - 1978.

Back Row L-R:-  Sharon Rogers [HG 1980-81], Rhian Howells, Judith Thomas, Huw Morris, Michael Treharne, Gerwyn Jones, Sian Lloyd-Davies, Gwylim Jones, Sandra Jones,

                          David Bennett [DHB 1981-2], Gareth Powell, Tiffeny Bray, Andrea Samuel, Kay Edwards, Rebecca Lee, Paula McMenamin, Helen Serano
Middle row kneeling on the left:-  ?, Delyth Williams [DHG 1980-81],?, ?, Erica Parry?
Front row kneeling on left:- Jayne Phillips, Ruth Jones, Alison Watkins, Elizabeth Star [HG 1983-84], Delyth Gunter,
Front row kneeling on right:-  Fiona Beynon, Craig Thomas, Iain Bennett, ?, David Bonna?

(Photograph Courtesy of the Kenneth J. Gunter Collection, names courtesy of Cyfarthfans on Facebook))


'The King & I' - Cyfarthfa High School Production - 1978.

Back Row L-R:- Peter Williams HB 1977-78, Angela Griffiths, Steve McNally HB 1978-79, Katherine Spurle, ? , ?, Helen Serrano, Tiffeny Davies Bray, Alison Phillips, Melanie Jones,

                         Deborah Evans [HG 1980-81], Claire Davies, Ruth Burdett, Ruth Power, Zoe Power, Fiona Bray, Delyth Gunter, Pickles [apologies can't remember proper name]
Middle Row L-R:- Dawn Mckeown, Delyth Williams [DHG 1980-84], Karen?, Jayne Clarke, Ruth Whitehead, Carol Hayes, Sharada Ganesh
Front Row L-R:- Beverley ?-now Wooky, Julie France, Cathryn Lee, Jane Aubrey, Andrea Samuel, Jane Perkins [DHG 1981-82], Debra Lloyd, Kathryn Hughes, Linda Jones, Vanessa Leigh, Linda Hindley

(Photograph and names courtesy of Cyfarthfans on Facebook)


Cyfarthfa High School - Lower School Choir - First Year 1978.

(Photograph courtesy of Cyfarthfans on Facebook)


Cyfarthfa High School - Under 15 XV. Rugby Team 1979.

Back Row L-R:- Gideon Gratton Smith, Chris Williams, Julian Williams, Karl Warren, Jonathan Jones,

Middle Row L-R:- Sean Murphy, Neil Gravel, David Owen, Steven Peters, Nigel Griffiths, Andrew Griffiths, David Bennett,

Bottom Row L-R:- Anthony Davies, Colin Parry, Mr Bennett (Headmaster), Tony Rees, Robert Wookey, Ian Sullivan. 

(Photograph courtesy of Idwal Peters, names by Steven Peters)


Cyfarthfa High School - Rugby Team circa 1979.

(Photograph courtesy of Idwal Peters)


Part of the Cyfarthfa High School Mixed Choir - 1979?

(Photograph Courtesy of the Kenneth J. Gunter Collection)


Cyfarthfa High School - Lower School Choir - First Year 1979.

(Photograph Courtesy of Lynne Richards)


Cyfarthfa High School - 1980

(Photograph Courtesy of Pam Jenkins)


Cyfarthfa High School - Mixed Choir - June 1982

(Photograph Courtesy of Pam Jenkins)


Cyfarthfa High School - A Christmas Carol - 1982

(Photographs courtesy of Cyfarthfans on Facebook)


Back Row L-R:- Steven Bowen Huw Morris Robert Purdy Gavin Maidment Geraint Jones
Front Row L-R:- Rhysian Thomas Clare Williams Nicola Wade Suzanne Davies Maria Hurley

Programme cover by Dewi

Bowen (Art Master)


Cyfarthfa High School. Fifth Formers cycle to Storey Arms and back, raise £120 for Children In Need'

L - R:- Richard Howells, Gareth Rees, Jason Murphy, Jason James.

(Photograph courtesy of Wendy Rees)


Cyfarthfa High School - Lower Sixth Form - May 1985

(Photograph courtesy of Vincent Owens)


Cyfarthfa High School - Upper Sixth Form - May 1985

Top Row: L-R: Jonathan Horne, Michael Collins, Neil Jones, Richard Farrar, Ian Adlam, Dale Ford, Jonathan Ellis, Timothy Jones, Phillip Williams, Gavin Blackmore, John Brunsden, John Griffiths, Gavin Maidment, Martyn Thomas, Vincent Owens
Middle Row L-R: Mr Phil Atkinson, Beverly Davies, Sian Griffiths, Lauren Hughes, Elaine Burnell, Helen Fuller, Carolyn Pope, Simon Diment, Darren Phillips, Huw Protheroe, Christopher Glencross, Jeffrey Leyshon, Brian Davies
Bottom Row L-R: Sharon Thomas, Bhanu Ramaswamy, Lisa Samuel, Anna Bevan, Susan Mahoney, Louise Roberts, Natalie Brill, Emma Davies, Julia Edwards, Lynn Owen, Angela Davies, Ceri Mitchell

(Photograph courtesy of Vincent Owens)


Cyfarthfa High School - 1988

(Photograph Courtesy of Dave Rees),(Click on to enlarge)


Cyfarthfa High School (Lower School) April 1988

(Click on to enlarge)


Cyfarthfa High School (Upper School) - Whole Sixth Form - 1990

(Photograph Courtesy of Dave Rees)


Cyfarthfa High School (Upper School) - Lower Sixth Form - 1990

(Photograph Courtesy of Dave Rees)


Cyfarthfa High School (Upper School) - Upper Sixth Form - 1990

(Photograph Courtesy of Dave Rees)


Cyfarthfa High School - 80th Anniversary Year - 1993

(Photograph courtesy of Lesley Anne Hill)




Cyfarthfa High School 6th Form - 2000

Back Row L-R :- Rebecca Davies. Laura Hamer. Taryn Lewis- Hannah Scobie. Richard Knight. Gareth Lewis. Ben Driscoll. Bethan Nicholson. Catherine Berrington. Rebecca Cushen. Ahad Miah. Michael Crompton. Andrew Rogers. Midori Oka. Kelly-                          Anne Davies. Keri Donovan. Rachel Jones. Louise France. Carla Price

10th Row L-R :-  Lloyd Willmott. Louise Roberts. Rebecca Probert. Richard Baldwin. Adrian Price. Ryan Hobbes. Rhodri Jones. Justine Williams. Kathryn Thomas. Rachael Thomas. Hannah Rumble. Maria Galdas. Nicola James. Natalie Hodgson,

                          Esther Evans. Cheryl Taylor. Mellinda Perks. Louise Davies

9th Row L-R :-    Linzi Perriman. Gavin Butler. Louise Carpenter. Susanne Jones. Victoria Webb. Rachel Furlong. Ruth Chinnock. Bethan Roberta. Lauren Lewis. Larissa Davies. Elizabeth Skinner. Kellyann Keohane. Rachel Morris. James Davies.

                         Joanne Davies. Jodi Hall. Stephanie Brown. Katie Williams. Sarah Cleary

8th Row L-R :-   Jade Williams. Elizabeth Roberts. Emma Crook. Jodi Stokes, Estelle Morgan. Sarah Gray. Lynzi Griffiths. Jordan Wall. Rhys Lewis. Rebecca Nix. Helen Lambert. Emma Dawes. Andrew Snow. Sandeep Chillal. Sian Thomas. Gemma

                         Arthur. Rhian Galleozzie.

7th Row L-R :-   Andrew James. Leanne Colvin. Rhiannon Williams. Jonathan Cope. Stephen Howells. Simon Owen. Steve Regis. Steven Hocking. Matthew Rogers. Sara Watkins, Lauren James. Joanne Warner. Hannah John. Olivia Jones. Gareth

                         Williams. Stephen Turner. Nicholas Vercnocke. Chris D Jones

6th Row L-R :-   Matthew Newman. Ross Williams. Huw Battenbo. William O'Neill. Justin Parry. Robert Lloyd. Stewart Charleston. Christopher Jones. Dean Godfrey. Matthew Cooper. Richard Dowman. Stephen Price. Michael Patterson, David

                         Hargreaves. Sian Price. Sarah Morgan. Rachel Bennett.

5th Row L-R :-   Craig Watkins. Richard Williams. David Powell. Richard Broad. Richard Jones, lain Lewis. Christopher Field. Adam Davies. Jonothan Parry. Julian Jones. Nathan Daley. Christopher Malpas. Mark Snowdon. Steven Richards. Jonathan

                         O'Neill. Mark Roberts. Dylan Thomas. Gemma Rees.

4th Row L-R :-   Andrew Baldwin. Christopher McCarthy. Christopher Jarman. Gareth Griffiths. Tyrone Rees. Craig Jones. Andrew Watkins. Gareth Williams. Nicholas Thomson. Ryan Thomas. Michael Jones. Liam Pulman. Wesley Matsell. Scott

                         Evans. Stephen Dobson. David Hancock. Emma Baxter

3rd Row L-R :-   Matthew Stevenson. Gregory Burns. James Thomas. Rhodri Cartwright, Cory Richards. John Williams. Steven O'Brien. Kevin Davies. Bleddyn Richards. James Edwards. Ainu Hickes. Robert James Sweeney. Gareth Wakeham. Shaun

                         Allan. Claire Davies. P J Montague

2nd Row L-R :-  Rachel Oakley. Emilie Gwyther. Rebecca Thomas. Karyn Amaro. Keri Rees. Rebecca Rees. Hannah Williams. Kim Edwards. Louise Fly. David Jones. Emma Thomas. Sarah Cooper. Mark Richards. Cheryl Ann Thomas. Shelly Davies

                       . Rhiannon Price. Jenna Lane. Carly James. Rebecca Lewis. Ria Martin. Hannah Lewis. Elizabeth Jarman

Front Row L-R :- Mrs A Power. Mr M Franklin. Mr M Wood. Mr D Hines. Mr D Powell. Ms F Carmichael. Mr D Jones. Mrs G Manning. Mrs L Phillips .Mr A Pritchard. Mrs A Wallbank. Mrs S Lewis-Hughes. Miss S Lieghfield. Mrs B Davies. Mr T

                           Davies. Mr M White. Mrs S Mulcahy. Mrs D Pearce

(Photograph Courtesy of Cyfarthfans on Facebook)


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