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Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School

Merthyr Tydfil

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From the Daily Mirror 21st January 1913


Can y Castell (Sarnicol)


Ienctyd y Castell, caer i ddysg a hedd,
Gloewn ein harfau i'r gad ddi-gledd;
Byddwn yn deilwng blant i enwog lu,
Dewrion Morgannwg y dyddiau fu;
Byddwn yn deilwng blant i enwog lu,
Dewrion wyr Morgannwg y dyddiau fu;

Ienctyd y Castell, awn ymlaen o hyd,
Galw am ein gorau mae'r eang fyd;
Gorau gyda chwarae, gorau gyda gwaith,
Gluda glod ein Castell drwy'r ddaear faith

Gorau gyda chwarae, gorau gyda gwaith,

Gluda glod y Castell drwy'r ddaear faith.



Courtesy of Christine Lane (now Thorndyke)



From a 1910 School Prospectus

(Courtesy of Viv Lloyd)


Click Here to read the 1910 Cyfarthfa Castle School Prospectus


New School - Cyfarthfa Castle School.

(Photograph Courtesy of the Kenneth J. Gunter Collection)

Classroom 2, Off the Hall - 1914.

Geography Classroom - 1914.

Art Classroom - 1914.


Upstairs Hall.

(Photograph Courtesy of Leighton Jones)

Cyfarthfa Juniors. Rugby Team. 1906 - 1907.

(Photograph Courtesy of Carol & Keith Watts)


Cyfarthfa School Football Team, 1915 / 1916.

Back Row L-R:- Mr. S. Adams,

Middle Row L-R:- D. G. Lewis,

Front Row L-R:-  W. Davies


Cyfarthfa Pupils - 1920's.

Any information on this photo would be appreciated.

(Photograph Courtesy of Leighton Jones)


Cyfarthfa Pupils - 1920's.

Any information on this photo would be appreciated.

(Photograph Courtesy of Leighton Jones)


Cyfarthfa Teachers - 1920's.

Any information on this photo would be appreciated.

(Photograph Courtesy of Leighton Jones)


Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School - 1924 Circa.

(Photograph Courtesy of Little Walter Williams)

Cyfarthfa Castle School - Circa 1930

(Photograph courtey of Diane Dale)


Cyfarthfa Grammar School Rugby Team - 1933/34

Wearing the Welsh Cap is Elwyn Thomas.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Thomas)


Cyfarthfa Girls School - Circa 1934

Front row, ninth from the right is Eunice Evans.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Davies)


Cyfarthfa Castle Boys - 1936.

Second from right  is William (Bill) James. 2nd from right back row is John (Jack) Charles Evans.

Second row from the front, third from left is Elwyn Thomas.

Anymore Details & Names Unknown. Can you help?


Cyfarthfa Castle Boys - 1936

Teacher in the centre is Idris Matthews (Mathematics)

(Photograph Courtesy of Dewi Bowen)


Cyfarthfa Castle Boys - Rugby Team - 1936.

Names Unknown - Can You Help?


Cyfarthfa Castle Boys - 1936

Back row, fifth from left is Maurice McCarthy.  Do you know any more names?

(Photograph Courtesy of Dewi Bowen)


Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School - Girl's School Staff - 1938c

Back Row L-R:      Claudia James [Maths], Mary Davies [Gym - S.O.Davies M.P.'s daughter], Stella Coburn [Biology], Veigan Hughes [German - Married Harvard Walters].

Middle Row L-R:   Edith Thackery ['Tin-Tacks' - Needlework], Mildred Jones [Jones French], Miss Thomas [Latin - Tommie Lat], Ethel Wiliams [History - Willie Hist], Miss Addie [Physics],

                             Miss Sharply [Chemistry], Kathleen Harrison [Music], Glenys Stenner-Evans [Became Mrs Ballard - English].

Front Row L-R:     Gladys Jones [Art], Anne Lewis [Geography - Lewi Geoger], Nellie Jones [Cookery], Head Teacher - Miss Davenport [The Dame], Gladys Morris

                            [Molly Ginge - Headteacher and Senior Mistress in 1947 - Welsh], Gertie Jones [English and sister of Nellie Jones], Gladys Kenshall.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peggy Dean nee Goss & Extra Information Courtesy of Valerie Daniel [nee Price])


Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School - Rugby Team - 1938/1939

(Photograph Courtesy of Ken Petersen)


Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School - Rugby Team - 1939/1940

(Photograph Courtesy of Mansell Richards)


Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School - 1944 / 47.

(Photograph Courtesy of Paul Williams)


Hockey Team circa 1946/47

Back Row L-R:   Cynthia Jenkins, Betty Smith, Sheila Reid, Miss Davies (Gym), Patricia Wade [Head Girl], ?, Pearl Barsi.

Front Row L-R:   Dorothy Drew, Zoe Richards, Nan Wilkes, Edna Rees, Mair Owen.

(Photograph courtesy of Paul Williams & Extra Information Courtesy of Jill Muir nee Knight)


Rugby Team 1946-47.

Top Row R-L:                    Howard Williams, Tommy Hier & ?
Back Row R-L:                 Jimmy Clifford, ?,  ?, Viv Rasbridge, Dai G Jones, Idris J Chapman & Dave Kendry
Seated R-L:                     Cyril Jones, J Rhys Williams (Head), Gus Griffiths (Capt), Dan Jones (PT), Vic Lewis & John Davies
Front Row R-L:                Rowland (Rowley) Evans & Colin Williams.

(Photograph courtesy of Paul Williams & Information from Viv Lloyd)


1948-49 Keir Hardie Shield Winners.

Back Row L-R:                G. Crook, Billy Ansell, Bernard Jones, Eddie Connors, John Felton, Robert Parry & Les Treen.

Middle Row L-R:              Jackie Cowhig

Front Row L-R:                Roy James, Elwyn Davies, Mr. ? Williams (Headmaster), Mansel Morgan, Dan Jones (Teacher),

                                      Peter Ward,  John Aris.

(Photograph courtesy of Robert Alwyn Hughes,  Names Courtesy of John Aris)


First cricket XI - 1950.

2nd from the left is Phillip Jones (Madoc)

(Thanks to Jill Muir for the info)


Castle School - "On the Air".

Members of the team are L-R: Joseph England (Aged 15), Alan Davies (Aged 13), Vincent Lee (Aged 17 - Captain)

                                                and Michael Allen (Aged 12)

The question master, Richard Dimbleby, is sitting extreme left and next to him is Mr. Harvard Walters, Welsh master at the school.

Cyfarthfa lost the competition 23 points to 13.

(Photograph from the Merthyr Express)

Cyfarthfa Grammar School, Eisteddfod at the Miners Hall in the 1950s.

Rugby Team - 1950ish

Back Row   L-R : Alun Davies, Joe England, Geoff Hosgood, Degwel Jones, Gareth Davies

Front Row   L-R:  Mansell Morgan, Glyn Llewellyn, Head J.R.Williams, Phillip Jones (Madoc), Dan Jones, John Hywel Williams,

                          ?, David Hosgood.

(Photograph and names courtesy of Robert Alwyn Hughes, )


Class 5A

(Photograph courtesy of Robert Alwyn Hughes)

There are a couple of mistakes on this photograph - John Owen extreme left is in fact David Anthony Owen and it's 'Havard Walters'

not Harvard Walters.

Rugby Team - 1951ish

Back Row   L-R : David Leyshon Williams, Michael Hill, ?, Geoff Duke, Geoff Hosgood, Robert Alwyn Hughes, ? McCarthy, ?, ?.

Middle Row L-R : David Hosgood, Gilbert Crook, Head J.R.Williams, Mansel Morgan, Dan Jones, Ron Evans, Phillip Jones (Madoc)

Front Row   L-R:  Glyn Llewellyn, ? Griffiths.

(Photograph and names courtesy of Robert Alwyn Hughes, )

Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School - 1951.

Back Row L-R:          Neville ?, John McNally, Colin Jarman, Howard Brougham, John Butler, John Watts, Maurice Bullock,

                                Brian Owen, Brian Jones, Robert Tate, Brynley Powell.

Middle Row L-R:        ?, ?, June Fisher, Maureen Kennedy.

Bottom Row L-R:       John Barnes, Peter Mulcahy, Shirley ?, Barbara Edwards, Evelyn Williams, Mavis ?, Mr Jenkins (Form Master),

                               Audrey ?,  ?, Maureen Lowe, Barbara Osborne, Oliver Simms, Phil Hunt.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gerard Barnes)


Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School - Form 2A - 1950/51

Back Row L-R:       Harry Evans, Howard Jones, David Taylor, Phillip W. Jones, John Morris, David Davies, Gareth Jones, John Griffiths, Clive Griffiths, Allan Brissett,

                              Malcolm Brown, Brian Lewis, Tony Lewis.

Front Row L-R:       Shirley Chang, Mary Thomas, Valerie Price, Daphne Glastonbury, Moira Jones, Anne Newbold, Miss Williams, June Williams, Audrey Watkins,

                              Maisie Jenkins, Joan Harris, Lorna Edwards, Barbara Jones, Avril Williams, Tina Simcock.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Jones)

Junior XV Rugby Team - 1955-6.



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