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Castle Street

Merthyr Tydfil

Glebeland, The Arch, Riverside, Ynysgau, Victoria Street and Canal Square.

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 Castle Street. From the High Street. on the right is the old Castle Hotel.
MerthyrTydfil_CastleStreet.JPG (190226 bytes)    
Castle Street - Waterworks Offices -1938. Beyond it is the Beehive Inn.

MerthyrTydfil_CastleStreet_1938.JPG (168158 bytes)


Taff Fechan Water Board Offices

(Postcard Courtesy of Mrs Gill Thomas West Grove.)


Opening of new offices - Taf Fechan Water Supply Board

(courtesy of Malcolm Davies)

The Beehive Inn, Once the home of one of Merthyr's famous sons Owen Money.


B.Harris-Jones, Ladies dress shop.

(Photograph Courtesy of the Leo Davies Collection)

MerthyrTydfil_Town_CastleStreet_BHarris-Jones_G-103_LeoDaviesSlides.JPG (105747 bytes)

Back of the Lamb Inn - 1966,

Note Besleys Showroom down Lamb Lane, and the Tyst sweet shop and look at the greenhouse in B.Harris-Jones backyard.

Town_BackOfTheLamb_2_1966.JPG (158556 bytes)

 The Lamb Inn. 

TheLambInn_1971_WEB.jpg (177718 bytes)

MerthyrTydfil_CastleStreet_LambInn.JPG (180881 bytes)


Castle Street, from a postcard printed and published by Southey & Sons.

A similar position, in the early 1900's

MerthyrTydfil_Town_CastleSt_GlebelandSt_1900ish.JPG (137339 bytes)

Castle Street - Early 1990's

Showing the old Job Centre.

(Photographs Courtesy of Dale Miles)



The Rainbow Inn


The Rainbow Inn, 44, Castle Street C1880

Gill Believes that the three women on the doorstep are Landlady Lucy Wall, wife of landlord John Wall, the young girl, Ada Lucy Lewis, her Mother Bessie Lewis and Ada's Aunt.

(Photograph courtesy of Gill Dymond)


Taylor's Bakery & Confectionary Shop at No. 41 Castle Street.

Harry Taylor and his daughter Edna Taylor standing at the doorway of the shop.

(Photograph Courtesy of Sarah Larkin - Edna's Granddaughter)


Harry Taylor's New Van in  Castle Street.

This vehicle registration number is HB9, so obviously would have been one of the earliest baring the

 Merthyr Tydfil registration letters - HB.

(Photograph Courtesy of Sarah Larkin)

W.T.Barnes & Sons, Sports Outfitters.

MerthyrTydfil_CastleStreet_WTBarnes&SonsSportsOutfitters_CastleStreet.JPG (143759 bytes)

Castle Street, during the Celebrations of the 1937 Coronation.

(Photograph by Mrs Lilian Snow, Upper Thomas Street, courtesy of  Anita Farrell)


Castle Yard - Car Park in the 1960's, now occupied by the Bus Station.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Sweet)


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Castle Yard

Lower Castle Street in the 1950s.

Richard Morgan outside the Ivy Bush.

(Photograph Courtesy of

Gwynne Morgan Jones)




 This picture is taken at the very  bottom of Castle Street looking up towards Glebeland Street.

The arch was removed in the early 1900's to allow  vehicular traffic through and over the Iron Bridge.

Ynysgau Street is to the left of the Parrot Inn. The pub was rebuilt facing out onto Castle Street at the 

bottom of the steps  just below Barnes sports shop  (see picture).   On the right of the arch is the New 

IronBridge Inn. The pub in the smaller picture is The Patriot,  at the side of which was the famous ARCH 

which led to Riverside.

    MerthyrTydfil_Town_CastleStreet_TheArch_1.JPG (196233 bytes)    
    MerthyrTydfil_Town_CastleStreet_TheArch_2.JPG (190938 bytes) MerthyrTydfil_Town_CastleSt_TheArch_3.JPG (164356 bytes)  

In order to clear the old archway at Lower Castle Street, The Parrot Inn and the New Ironbridge Inn were

demolished. The Parrot Inn was rebuilt in line with the roadway, as shown below.

Merthyrtydfil_CastleStreet_TheParrotInn.JPG (62661 bytes)



The Iron Bridge Vaults.

At the junction with Ynysgau Street.


Castle Street - Late 1960's

As then sign to the right indicates, the Central Bus Station is under construction.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Owen)


National Welsh Coach Leaving Merthyr Tydfil Bus Station

(Photograph Courtesy of Jason Feeley)

National Welsh Bus - WUH182T - X6 to Cardiff Service

(Photograph Courtesy of Jason Feeley)


Lower Castle Street looking from Ynysfach. 

The picture dates from about 1930, a time of great hardship in Merthyr. In the centre of the picture is Ynysgau Chapel and to the left of it you can make out a group of people sitting outside the Parrot Inn, probably a few of the many unemployed. The canal appears to be filled in  (behind which is Raymonds Yard), and in the foreground are the railway lines that ran from the Cyfarthfa Works to the Plymouth Street Goods Yard crossing the Taff at a point between Rhydycar Leisure Centre and Castle Bingo. 

(Postcard Courtesy of Mrs Thomas, West Grove)

MerthyrTydfil_GeneralView_.JPG (80364 bytes)


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