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Ynysgau Street

Merthyr Tydfil


Mary Jane Davies (better known as Polly), outside her General Store in Ynysgau Street.

(Photograph Courtesy of Sarah Larkins) 

Gas Lamps Pictured in Ynysgau Street


Ynysgau Street - VE Day Celebration

L-R: Elizabeth McLoughlin, William McLoughlin, Phyllis McLoughlin & Kathleen McLoughlin.

(Photograph Courtesy of Rita Williams)

Florence Galeozzi standing on the doorstep, proudly wearing a Union Jack pinafore!

(Photograph Courtesy Of Marie Galeozzi)



Ynysgau Street - Coronation Street Party 1937

(Photograph by Mrs Lilian Snow, Upper Thomas Street, courtesy of Anita Farrell).


Ynysgau Street - Coronation Party 1953

(Photograph Courtesy of Roger Edwards)


Ynysgau Street, 1953 - 54, Tudor Burnell on the bicycle, Alan Lewis on bar.

(Photograph courtesy of Des Burnell)


To castle Street