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The Lamb Inn

Castle Street, Merthyr Tydfil




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The Lamb Inn


Bert O'Keeffe and Johnny Lewis (the undertaker) helping out behind the bar.

Look how big the pint glasses were in those days.

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We can name Bert O'Keeffe, Johnny Lewis, Landlord, John "The Lamb" Lewis, Bert Boone, but can you name the others?
MerthyrTydfil_Town_CastleStreet_LambInn_BehindTheBar_2.JPG (151285 bytes)
A Previous Landlord Bill Walsh.

Bill Walsh and a customer.

MerthyrTydfil_Town_CastleStreet_LambInn_LandlordBillWalsh.JPG (157349 bytes)  
MerthyrTydfil_Town_CastleStreet_LambInn_LandlordBillWalshAndCustomer.JPG (149697 bytes)

The Lamb boys on an outing, photographed here outside the Lamb & Flag, Glyneath.

L-R:-   Jacky Felton, Travis Gould, Alan 'Jones the Post' Ryland, ?, Malcolm Delaney, Doug Olsen, Jim Limerick, ?, Gareth Thomas

           (behind dog), Syd Hill, Keith Davies,

           Geoff Leyshon,  Peter 'Iddy' Gall, Richie Havard.

(This photographed was  E-mailed to us by John Smith.)

MerthyrTydfil_LambInn_lamb_boys.JPG (85768 bytes)


A Sunday Morning Grott at the Lamb.  April 14th 1968.

In the doorway:  Geoffrey Leyshon, ?, ?, Phillip "Flossie" Thomas.  By the Window: Ianto? Williams, Jim "Cold Hands" Ryan.

Standing L-R:     Dai Hewins, Les Ledingham, Peter Sweet, Freddy Trickett, Mike Dennehy, Jack Woods, Norman John,  Dai Green,

                          Adrian "Bucket" Jenkins, Bryan "The Wizard" Byfield, ?, Jimmy Limerick, Tony ?, Dai Morgan, Mark Powell,

                          Clive "Yogi" Evans, Shenkin Powell.

Squatting:          Colin Winters, Ray Tucker, Richie Havard, Jeff "Blackie" Chamberlain.

On the Kerb:      Malcolm Delaney, Brian the Hairdresser, Alan Owens, John Lewis, Phillip Leyshon.

Photograph courtesy of Alan Owens visit his website:-  ALAN OWENS FAMILY PAGE



Some Lamb Inn Regulars.

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(Photograph Courtesy of Byn Walters)

Ronnie Williams 'The Brigadier' & Cayo Evans

Clive 'Yogi' Evans, Jack Woods, Norman Rosser, Raymond James, Clive 'CB' Jones, Tony Williams & Neil Jenkins

Clive CB Jones, John Wright & Mike Dehenny


Jack Woods, ?, Brian 'The Wizard' Byfield, Clive 'CB' Jones.

Harri Webb and Jack ?



Colin Posted this in our forum on 21st February 2007:

"It was with great sadness that I read of the sad loss of John Lewis. When I first started to drink in Merthyr and you told your friends “see you Friday at 6:30”, you knew it would be in “The Lamb”n those days pubs closed between 4 and 6 but quite often you would go in the back door and someone would shout “Close the curtains they can see us singing” It was a sad loss for Merthyr when it closed in 73.
I hope there is a Lamb up there in Heaven and people such as Syd Hill, Jim Ryan, Neil Jenkins, Ron Williams, Vines Perry and Harri Webb to name a few, now have a new Landlord.
It was a privilege to have known you John "
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