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Victoria Street

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Rosie Royal's corner in the 1970's


Victoria Street in the Early 1960's

(Copyright photograph by permission of Howard Denner).

Victoria Street.

The picture is taken from the High Street end of Victoria Street where Millwards is. The Western Mail office is

now the Forum Coffee Lounge. In the distance you can make out the engine house and the chimney stack of

the Ynysfach Iron Works. 

MerthyrTydfil_Town_VictoriaStreet_burrows.JPG (111380 bytes)

Millward's in the 1930,s

MerthyrTydfil_Town_Milwards_VictoriaStreet_1930s.JPG (125448 bytes)


Victoria Street in the 1960s.

Sweet Bros. Butchers and Bloom the chemists.

(Photograph courtesy of Peter Sweet)


The Star Supply Stores - 1943.

(Photograph by Lilian Snow, Courtesy of Anita Farrell (Anita Snow in the pic))


Victoria Street 1968 the Market Hall demolished to make way for the new Town Centre.

The large grey building which was once Bentleys Hotel, was demolished a couple of years

later and W.H.Smith developed the site.

Victoria Street, from the Plymouth Arms - 1970s.

MerthyrTydfil_Town_VictoriaStreet_FromThePlymouthArms.JPG (105420 bytes)

The Plymouth Arms (The Log Cabin)

(Photograph Courtesy of David Jones).    

MerthyrTydfil_ThePlymouthArms1.JPG (127570 bytes)

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Log Cabin



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