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Ynysfach Ironworks

Merthyr Tydfil

There was a working forge located on this site in 1769, but the the ironworks didn't really take shape until the lease was passed on to Richard Crawshay. By 1801 Ynysfach had two blast furnaces planned by the engineer Watkin George and built by Thomas Jones of Merthyr. these furnaces were considered large for the period - being 53ft in height and they were the first of the Cyfarthfa owned furnaces to have a steam powered blast, which gave them much higher output. The blast furnaces at Ynysfach continued to produce iron until the strike of 1874.      

Ynysfach Ironworks by Penry Williams.

MerthyrTydfil_YnysfachIronworks_ByPenryWilliams.JPG (125282 bytes)

Looking across the town the Ynysfach Ironworks can be seen in distance.

MerthyrTydfil_YnysfachIronworks_B.jpg (109188 bytes)

Similar to above - date unknown.


Ynysfach Ironworks, one of  the Blast Engine Houses.

The Engine house in the distance, beside the Chimney Stack, has been been carefully restored by

Merthyr Tydfil Heritage Trust.

MerthyrTydfil_Ynysfach_IronWorks_3.JPG (134810 bytes)

Ynysfach Ironworks, Furnace.

The furnaces are still visible today alongside the Blast Engine House.

MerthyrTydfil_Ynysfach_IronWorks_2.JPG (113211 bytes)

The Ynysfach Ironworks Coke Ovens


Ynysfach Ironworks ruins in the 1940s.

The engine house in the distance is the one that has been renovated and still stands today.


Demolishing the chimney stack - 1949.

The man crouching behind the stone wall has just fired the charge which brought down the 100ft boiler stack. It was demolished in December 1949, because it was thought to be in a dangerous condition.

MerthyrTydfil_Ynysfach_Ironworks_DemolishingChimneyStack_1949.JPG (92462 bytes)

Ynysfach Ironworks - 1930's



Ynysfach engine house ruins in 1971.

(Photograph courtesy of Michael Donovan)

The refurbished engine house.


Visit the Gwent - Glamorgan Archealogical Trust's Ynysfach Ironworks Website


Gwent - Glamorgan Archealogical Trust Ltd

Ynysfach Ironworks Website


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