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Vaynor Quarry

Merthyr Tydfil


Opened in 1847, by the Crawshay family to supply Limestone to the Cyfarthfa Works


Vaynor Quarry - Workers

The man in the middle of this photograph may be, Matthew Berryman, who was killed in a rock fall in the quarry on 11 Feb 1896. 

(Photograph courtesy of Nick Berryman) 

VaynorQuarry_Workers_NickBerryman.JPG (349280 bytes)

Vaynor Quarry Fleet of Lorries

Leyland Comets, and Bedford Tippers

Vaynor_Quarries_Lorries.JPG (140163 bytes)

The following photographs were taken by Gareth Hopkins, in the 1960's for a school project:

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Hopkins)

VaynorQuarries_6_GarethHopkins.JPG (90537 bytes)

VaynorQuarries_5_GarethHopkins.JPG (124731 bytes)


VaynorQuarries_4_GarethHopkins.JPG (99813 bytes)

VaynorQuarries_2_GarethHopkins.JPG (78402 bytes)


VaynorQuarries_1_GarethHopkins.JPG (106296 bytes)

VaynorQuarries_11_GarethHopkins.JPG (75047 bytes)


VaynorQuarries_7_GarethHopkins.JPG (78832 bytes)

VaynorQuarries_9_GarethHopkins.JPG (121886 bytes)


VaynorQuarries_10_GarethHopkins.JPG (93046 bytes)


George Barnes sent us his photographs of Vaynor Quarries.

Click on the photograph to enlarge


Vaynor Quarry - 1991

(Photographs Courtesy of Dale Miles)



Vaynor Quarry in the 1970s

(Photograph Courtesy of Mac Mclaren)


Do you have any photographs or information relating to Vaynor Quarry, Merthyr Tydfil?

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