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Troedyrhiw Schools

Troedyrhiw, Merthyr Tydfil

Troedyrhiw Junior School

Staff at Troedyrhiw School c.1900


Troedyrhiw School 1907.

We don't know what the occasion was, but we do know that Evelyn Jones Later Bell is on on the extreme right third row.

(Photograph courtesy of Jane Burrows nee Bell)


Troedyrhiw Girls School 1908.

(Photograph from the Merthyr Express, submitted by Mrs. Gertrude Foster, Troedyrhiw)


Troedyrhiw Boys School - 1914/1915

(Photograph Courtesy of Robert Jones)


Troedyrhiw Boys School - 1914

Dai Davies is pictured folding his arms in front of the headmaster.

(Photograph Courtesy of Kim Mundy)


Troedyrhiw School - Girls - 1914

Mary Elizabeth Davies is in the back row, fourth from left.

(Photograph Courtesy of Kim Mundy)


Troedyrhiw Girls School - 1919

The only known name is Barrie's great Aunt, Doris Jones.

(Photograph Courtesy of Barrie Jones)


Troedyrhiw Infants School - 1919

Doris Beckett is first from left in the second row up.

(Photograph Courtesy of Margaret Beckett)


Troedyrhiw Junior School - 1920s.

Rachel Ann Thomas is on Row 3 (Counting from table) 3rd from the right


Troedyrhiw School - 1922

Glyn's mother Mary Rhyannydd Wilson is in eyeline with the picture, second from the back wall.

(Photograph Courtesy of Glyn Simmons)


Troedyrhiw Girls School - Standard 2a - 1929.

Kathy Atkins sent us this photo and says that her mother My mother, Margaret Irene Foley, then Jones, is in the middle of the second row.

If you know any other names please let us know

(Photograph courtesy of Kathy Atkins)


Troedyrhiw Boys School - Standard 2a - 1929.

If you know any names please let us know

(Photograph courtesy of Clive Thomas)


Troedyrhiw Girls School - Standard 4 - 1929.

(Photograph E-Mailed by David Roberts. His mother, Ella Roberts is on the bottom row 4th from the right. Front row, second from left is Majorie Price of High Street, Abercanaid)

Troedyrhiw_GirlsSchool_1929_DavidRoberts.JPG (150190 bytes)


Troedyrhiw School - Hockey Team - 1946c.

If you know any names please let us know

(Photograph Courtesy of Anita Rees)


Troedyrhiw Junior School - 1946

Glyn's brother Donald is third from right in the back row.

(Photograph Courtesy of Glyn Simmons)


Troedyrhiw Junior School - 1946

Glyndwr Simons is in the back row, far left. Mrs Jones is the teacher and the Headmaster is Mr Lumley.

Back Row:- ?, ?, ?, ?, Glyndwr Simons.

Middle Row:- ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Raymond Ryan, Norman Wesley Price.

Front Row:- Mrs Jones (Teacher), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mr Lumley (Headmaster),

(Photograph Courtesy of Glyn Simmons)


Troedyrhiw Junior School - 1946

Glyn's sister Jeanette is in the middle row, seventh from right. And their cousin, Geraldine Gratton is far right.

(Photograph Courtesy of Glyn Simmons)


Troedyrhiw Infants  School 1950s

If you know any names please let us know

(Photograph courtesy of Clive Thomas)


Troedyrhiw School - Early 1950's

Vic Beckett is third from right in the middle row.

Back Row:- Derek James. Pauline Stanfield, Gaynor Sparks, Glenys Evans, Fay Jones, Margaret ?, Ruth Lloyd, Ruth Lloyd, Carol Birch, Carol Jones, Mair Phillips,.

Middle Row:- Dennis ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Malcom Starbuck, ?, Gwilym Davies, Clifford Price, Victor Beckett, Trevor Jenkins.

Front Row:- ?, Athena Platt, Marion Davies, ?, Jennifer Jones, Marilyn Lewis, Maureen Price (Now Wooley). Brenda Price, Barbara ?, Hilary Bulford, Susan Spencer.

(Photograph Courtesy of Margaret Beckett, Names courtesy of Maureen Woolley nee Price)


Troedyrhiw Junior School - Standard Four, 1958.

Head Teacher:  Mr. Fred Davies                                                         Class Teacher: Mrs. M. Richards

Back Row L to R:- Graham Sullivan, Jeffrey Bennett, Alan Davies B, Lyn Williams, Alan Davies A, Lyn Walding, Graham Jones, Peter Parry, David Collier, Richard Morgan,

Gerald Foley, Clifford Rees, Colin Sussex

Middle Row L to R:- Clive Becket, Clive Thomas, Brenda Evans, Ann Ford, Maureen Bunce, Susan Hopkins, Susan Moore, Joan Watkins, Mary Williams, Janice Edmunds,

Jennifer Jones, Rita Hollett, Denis Devereux

Front Row L to R:- Eirwen Williams, Carol King, Wendy Connick, Janet Brewin, Lorraine Galliers, Maria Jones, Denise Probert, Frances Davies, Jenette Jones, Beverly Williams

Jaqueline Stanley

(Photograph courtesy of Clive Thomas) (Names courtesy of Kay Jones, Ann Ford, Clive Thomas)


Troedyrhiw Junior School - 1957-58

Back Row L-R:      Mrs Richards, ?, John Walsh, ?, Clive Jones, Colin Minnard, Bleddyn Davies, Wyn James, Gerald Ingram, Graham Peters, Rosser Andrews, Vivian Jones

                             & Wayne Donovan. The headmaster is Mr. Fred Davies.

Middle Row L-R:   John Emery, Christine Francis, Ann Simpson, Christine Warren, Diane Bryant, Barbara Davies, Kathleen Hodges, Diane Hope, Meryl Jones, Auriel Jenkins,

                             Sandra Wall & Norman Evans.

Front Row L-R:     Sian ?, Ann Passmore, Susan Jones, Susan Farrel, Elizabeth Jones, Leslie ?, Sandra ?, ?, Christine Lewis, ?, Rosemary Jenkins & Sian Thomas.

(Photograph Courtesy of Diane Strong, nee Bryant, additional information courtesy of Clive Jones)


Troedyrhiw Secondary Modern Football Team 1957

Back Row L-R:       ? Perryman, Joe Foley, John Seaton, Austin Donelon, Haydn Evans, ? Flynn.
Middle Row L-R:    ? Miles, Howard Rosser, Lyn Jones, Dennis Davies and Malcolm Greenaway
Front Row L-R:       Windsor Jones, Ken ?, Wilf Thomas, David Edmunds and Royston Cross.

(Photograph Courtesy of Josh Powell and Wilf Thomas)


Troedyrhiw School - 1959c.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gary Morris)


Troedyrhiw Junior School 1959.

Top Row L-R:           Barry Broad,Wyn Richards, Gwynne Jones,Richard Allan,Edward Jones,John Barnett,Peter Angel,

                              Allan Owen,Michael Moore,Gary Rowlands. 

Middle Row L-R       Graham Williams, Judith Ford(Jones) ,Colleen Hill, Andrew Collier ,Ann Thomas, Michael Doolan,

                              June Humphreys,Avril Morgan,Lyn Morgan. 

Bottom Row L-R      Hazel Morgan,Angela Jones,Jeanette Morris,Mr Fred Davies Headmaster, Mrs Lewis Teacher,

                              Marion Broom,Cerys Jones,Viviene Purcell,Angela Rees,Pamela Weare.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gwynne Jones)


Troedyrhiw Junior School - 1959-60

Back Row L-R:     John Walsh, Vivian Jones, Clive Jones, Norman Evans, Graham Peters, Wyn James, Bleddyn Davies, Colin Minnard, Gerald Ingram, John Emery, Rosser Andrews, ? & Wayne Donovan.

Middle Row L-R:  Elizabeth Jones, Frances ?, Meryl Jones, Leslie ?, Ann Simpson, ?, Barbara Davies, Diane Bryant, Christine Warren, Kathleen Hodges, Christine Francis, ?, Diane Hope.

Front Row L-R:    ? Sian ?, ?, Rosemary Jenkins, Christine Lewis, Sandra Wall. Teacher, Headmaster: Mr. Fred Davies, Ann Passmore, Susan Farrel, Susan Jones, Gaynor Protheroe, Sian Thomas.

(Photograph Courtesy of Diane Strong, nee Bryant)


Troedyrhiw Junior School 1960.

Top Row L-R:        Mrs Hughes Teacher, Edward Jones, Richard Terrett, Gary Rowlands,*Gwynne Jones, John Barnett,

                           David Rowlands, David Waller, Mr Fred Davies Headmaster.

Middle Row L-R:   Kerion Lewis, Colleen Hill, Michael Doolan, Jeanette Morris, Carol Periman, Paul Caviel, Judith Ford (Jones),

                           Keith Lewis.

Front Row L-R:     Pamela Weare, Angela Rees, Mearl Williams, Viviene Purcell, Cerys Jones, Marion Broom, Avril Morgan,

                          Hazel Morgan, Christine Stone.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gwynne Jones)


Troedyrhiw Infants School - 1960

From Left: Stephen George (on horse), Stephen Colcombe, Sian Jones, Christine Park, Kelvin Roberts (on slide), ??, Ruth Devereaux, Gerald Griffiths, Malcolm Lloyd, Grant Anthony, Anne Evans (on see-saw), Marsha Hope, Gareth Evans, Carol Spurrier (on see-saw), Alan Smith, Clive Reid, Paul Jones, Wyn Morgan, Gary James (on horse).

(Photograph Courtesy of Wyn Morgan)


Troedyrhiw Juniors - Summer 1960

Back Row L-R:        Headteacher Fred Davies, John Cook, Leonard Mathias, Gareth Jones, David King, Peter Cook, Nigel Gibbon, Philip Rees, Clive Owen, Michael Hogan & David Pound.

Middle Row L-R:     Lyndon Howells, Richard Girdlestone, Gwyneth Phillips, Clive Davies, ? Cronin, Ian Young, Sian Williams, ? Hall, Christine Yeoman, Paul Evans, Dennis Norman & Deputy

                               Headteacher and Class Teacher Archie Powell.

Front Row L-R:       Avril Richards, Geraldine Sullivan, ?, ?, ?, Yvonne ?, Elaine Barker, Avril Thomas, ? Lewis, Marilyn Jenkins & Diane Broad.

(Photograph Courtesy of Nigel Gibbon)


Troedyrhiw Infants School - 1961

Back Row:            Nance Lloyd (Headmistress), Stephen Colcombe, Grant Anthony, Stephen George, Gary James,

                             Paul Jones, Gareth Evans, Alan Smith, ?? (Teacher).

Middle Row:         Anne Evans, Wyn Morgan, Marsha Hope, Gerald Griffiths, Carol Spurrier, Malcolm Lloyd, Yvonne Harvey

Front Row:            Barbara Sparks, Yvonne Park, Clive Reid, Ruth Devereaux, ??, Kelvin Roberts, Sian Jones, Rita Brunt.

(Photograph Courtesy of Wyn Morgan)


Troedyrhiw Secondary Modern School - Rugby Team - Early 1960's

Back Row L-R:      Nigel Jones, Phillip Rowlands, Kevin Downey, Billy Williams, Paul Davies, Graham Johnson, Gerald Rudge, Paul Stanley, Graham Cave, Phillip Bennett.
Front Row L-R:     Robert Jones, Paul Williams ?, Mr Lambert (Headmaster), Alan Hughes, David Jones (Sports Teacher) John Brewin, Gareth Meredith.

(Photograph Courtesy of Neville Carpenter)


Troedyrhiw Juniors 1964

Back Row:                Grant Anthony, Ralph Thomas, Yvonne Harvey, Paul Jones, Anne Evans, Gareth Jenkins,

                                 Wyn Morgan, Sian Jones, Stephen Colcombe, Christina Johnson, Kelvin Roberts, Wayne Jones.

Middle Row:             Elaine Perriman, Caroline Morgan, Gerald Griffiths, Wendy Morgan, Tyrone Rees, Alison Jenkins,

                                 Carol Spurrier, Huw Harding, Jill Wathan, Gareth Evans, Ruth Devereaux.

Front Row:                Gary James, Barbara Sparks, Clive Reid, Catherine Jones, Miss Carmen Davies (Teacher),

                                 Mr. Fred Davies (Headmaster), Sian Jones, Alain Thomas, Rita Brunt, Phillip Evans.

(Photograph Courtesy of Wyn Morgan)


Troedyrhiw Infants School - St. David's Day - 1968

Back Row L-R:               Keith Murphy, Carole Johnson, Tessa Evans & Martin Thorne.
Front Row L-R:              Steve Price, Janet Jones, Cheryl Hughes & Paul Herbert.

(Photograph Courtesy of Steve Price, names provided by Tessa Evans)


Christmas Time At Troedyrhiw Junior School


Back Row L-R :- Robert Deverux, David Evans, Ashley Howells,Hywell Osbourne, Karen Brown, Mandy Webber, Kay Evans, Carol Johnson, Catherine Hughes, Denise Corkery,Stephen Jones,?? Keith Murphey, Alan Smith, Mark Edmonds, Janet Jones.

Middle Mary and Joseph are Geraint Morgan and Cheryl Hughes

Front Row L-R :- Gary Adams, Martin Tudor, Glen Callan, Julie Smith, Andrew Collins, Jeffrey Morgan, Brian Colcombe, Neil Felton, Paul Herbert, Julie Blackburn, Wayne Bulford, Annette Collins, Gareth Rees, Glen Davies, Elizabeth Goode, Jackie Burgess, Janette Rees, Kelvin Jones, Sandra Satch, Brian Angel, Margaret Brunker, ?? Rosalind Thomas, Susan Jones, Mark Jones, Elizabeth Evans,Michael?


(Photograph courtesy of Julie Williams)



Troedyrhiw Juniors Football Team 1969-70.

Back (L to R):-    Teacher David Jones, Brian Day, Graham Jones, Alan Jenkins, Howard Casey, Phillip Addis, Gareth Powell, Michael Thompson, Head Master Mr Garland.

Middle (L to R):- Adrian Taylor, Colin Richards, Jeffrey Collins, Robert Jones, Phillip Jefferson, Ronald Marshall, Alan Jones.
Front (L to R):- 
 Tony Morgan, Jeffrey Morgan.

(Photograph Courtesy of Algie Jones)



Troedyrhiw Junior School - Football Team - 1970-71.


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