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Troedyrhiw People

Troedyrhiw, Merthyr Tydfil.

Troedyrhiw - Sewer Farm - 1912



Troedyrhiw Church Women's Guild


Home Guard, Merthyr Tydfil, Dispatch Riders.

Lewis Jones, of Carlton Terrace, Troedyrhiw is 2nd from the left.

(Photograph courtesy of Roger Hawkins, Lewis Jones' grandson)


Troedyrhiw British Legion Club, Children's Annual Outing at Coney Beach, Porthcawl.

(Photograph courtesy of Mrs Broad and Clive Thomas)


Coronation Float Representing Saron Chapel

Ron thinks this float won first prize.

Left to Right:            Tom Williams, Dennis Bristow, Gordon Jenkins, Maldwyn James?, Tom Davies, Trevor Davies & Mervyn Jones (seated).

(Photograph Courtesy of Ron Davies)


Troedyrhiw - Pageant 1953

Back Row L-R:           ?, ?, ?, ?, D. Howells, Trevor Davies, Gerwyn Hughes, ?, & Mervyn Jones.

Middle Row L-R:        ?, ?, Pearl Davies,? Watkins, Tom Davies, ?, ?, ? & Rees.

Seated L-R:               Ann Evans, Morrell,?, ?, Betty Newman, ?

                                  ?, ?, Ann Morgan, ?, ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Ron Davies)


Troedyrhiw Stars - 1908.

(Photograph Courtesy of Viv Lloyd)

Troedyrhiw - Football Team - Circa 1930's

Colin tells us: "Looking at the trophy they have obviously won the league or the cup for that year. The first player on the left in the front row is Bettie Brown a well-known player of the day who later played professionally. I think he also played for Merthyr amongst others. The only other person I recognise is the gentleman who is second from the right in the back row, a young Harry Lucas. Harry was a well-known showman and character of the day, he also owned and ran the local cinema, or “Picture Palace” as it was then called."

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Oakes)


Troedyrhiw - Rugby Trip to Ireland - 1940's

Back Row L-R:      Tom Williams, Ben Hendon-Davies, Tom Davies, ? ,?, Trevor Davies & Trevor James
Bottom Row L-R:   Noel Sussex, Walsh,? ? Mog Morgan & Hamer,?

(Photograph Courtesy of Ron Davies)


Troedyrhiw First Welsh - Amateur Cup Winners - South Wales and Mon Senior Cup - 1946-1947

Top Row L-R:             N. Bevan, D. Porch, D. Rees, C. Byfield, R. Samuels, R. Saunders, G. Jones (Trainer).

Bottom Row L-R:        C. Dyke, D. Evans, A. Lewis, H. Picton (Capt), G. Manning, T. Reynolds, M. Thomas.

(Photograph Courtesy of Jacky Jones)


Troedyrhiw Second Welsh - Circa 1952-53

Top Row L-R:        George Jones (Trainer), ?, ?, E. Lewis, T. Davies, ?, H. Edwards.

Bottom Row L-R:   ?, A. Lewis, T. Thomas (Capt), B. Jones, J. Jones.

(Photograph Courtesy of Jacky Jones)


Troedyrhiw Boys Club Seniors & Juniors - Circa 1951

Top Row L-R:          J. Waldron, B. Price, J. Scrivens, T. Baker, R. Phillips, D. Galliers, R. Brooks, I. Jones.

Middle Row L-R:     M. Jones, F. Bristow, J. Jones, M. Bulford, J. Jenkins, J. Day, P. Griffiths, G. Jones (Trainer), B. Williams, N. Williams.

Bottom Row L-R:     R. Jones, P. Jefferson, ?, M. Evans, R. Davies, D. Rees.

Seated L-R:             D. George, A. Mitten, ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Jacky Jones)


Troedyrhiw Secondary Modern School. First XI 1959/60.

Teacher Josh Powell, Headmaster Joe Lambert.

(Photograph courtesy of John Williams)


Troedyrhiw Choir - 1952c.

(Photograph Courtesy of Anita Rees)


Troedyrhiw Mixed Choir - Date Unknown

(Photograph Courtesy of Ron Davies)


Ynysowen Male Voice Choir - First Annual Concert 1968.

Back Row L-R:        Tom Lewis, Bill Walters, Tom Price, David Pryce, David Ainsworth, Reg Wakely, Derek Nuttal, Eifion Jones, Trefor Hughes, Gilmour Morris.
Middle Row L-R:     Tom Davies, Glyn Roberts, David Ainsworth, Roy Evans, Tom Small, Victos Jones, Richard Morgan, Norman Davies, Tom Price, Erastas Jones.
Front Row L-R:        Will Davies, Ken Fudge, Cled Davies, Mal Jones, Will Jones, Jack James, Walter Jones, Tom Harding, Idris Williams , Arfon Jones.
In front of the choir are :Accompanist - Gwyneth Evans. Musical Director - John Haydn Phillips
David Pryce (back row) and Victor Jones (with beard) are founder members and are still active members today.

(Photograph Courtesy of Joyce Williams)

Band Master Robert (Bob) Weale from Troedyrhiw's Mission Band is shown here with his Luscar Colliers Silver Band in Luscar, Alberta Canada.


Robert Jones sent us this photo of Bob Weale's Luscar Colliers Silver Band,

winners of the1928 and 1929 Band Championship in both Edmonton and Calgary Alberta



Troedyrhiw Boys Club, Cross Country Team - 1966

Back Row L-R:-  Alan Marshall (coach) ,Neil Deveraux, Malcolm Platt, Martyn Hurley, Paul Caviel, Huw Mitchell, Roy Davies, Alun Davies John Barnett,  Alan Carlick, Mr Hollet.

Middle Row L-R:- Ivor Hughes, Alan Gunter, Allan Brown, Elwyn Lloyd (brother of Wynford) Arwyn Davies Kevin Jones, Alwyn Gunter?, Robert Locke.

Front Row L-R:- Winford Lloyd, Tony Caviel.

(Photograph Courtesy of Allan Brown), (Extra Names Roy Davies)


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