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The Lido
Troedyrhiw, Merthyr Tydfil

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  The Bathing Pool, Corporation Gardens - 1936

Troedyrhiw_BathingPool_1936.JPG (169101 bytes)

The Old Reservoir, Troedyrhiw.

Troedyrhiw_TheOldReservoir.JPG (304247 bytes)

The Lido, Troedyrhiw.

(Postcard Courtesy of  Gill Thomas, West Grove)    

Troedyrhiw_TheLido_MrsThomas.JPG (281834 bytes)




During the Lido opening celebrations, a diving competition was held for children, they had to dive and recover objects placed on the floor of the pool. The winner was the child that picked up the most objects. Eleven year old Ernie Simms of Merthyr Vale was the winner and he was presented with a silver cup shown here. 

Ernie later began work at the Merthyr Vale Colliery and he became a Blacksmith. In his spare time he often made items for fellow miners and also made ‘lucky’ horseshoes for ladies getting married, he would never accept money for these. 

He married Florence in 1942, and they were together until he died. He lost his hearing, but still continued working, and eventually became one of the first people to gain compensation from the National Coal Board for deafness.  

I knew Ernie and he made some items for me, we got on well. He was a very nice man, liked by all. 

Florence, 84 years of age now (2008), allowed Alan George to photograph the cup and she told me about the story. 

Terry Sargeant.


The Troedyrhiw Swimming Pool Cup    

Ernie & Florence Simms
Julie Williams sends us these photos of the Lido, taken in the 1990's


Aerial views of the Lido and the Gymro

(Courtesy of Alan Rees)




From the Merthyr Express, Oct 3rd 1964. (Click on to enlarge)




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