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St. Illtyd's RC School

Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil.

Aerial View of St. Illtyd's School and Church - July 1995.


St. Illtyd's Fooball Team, League Winners early 1920s (Obviously not the school's football team, but the church's)

Timothy Foley middle row extreme right

(Photograph courtesy of Marie Foley)


St Illtyd's R.C. Boys School - 1947

Back Row L-R:-    Vincent Mullins, John Kiely, Eugine O' Neil, ? Brian Lee, Brian Collins, Bartholemew (Batty) Ryan.
Middle row L-R:-  Gerald Clifford, Roy Mullen, John McCarthy, Tim Sheehan, Barry ? , Brian Alexander, ? , Oliver

                            McCleer, Michael Cummings.
Front row L-R:-    Patrick O' Brien, Donald McCarthy, Roy Protheroe, Bernard Mahoney, Roy Wills, Maurice Sullivan,

                            Francis Evans, John Barnes, Danny Ward, Leslie James, George Barrett.

(photograph and information courtesy of Gerard Barnes)

St Illtyd's School, Teacher - Miss Quinn - 1949c


St Illtyd's Infants School - 1950's

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (nee Alfierei))


St Illtyd's R.C. Boys School - 1950

Back row L to R:-  Terry Clancy, Daniel McDonald, Malcolm Sullivan, Brian Clifford, Bernard Griffiths, Tommy

                             Wickens, Gerald Chivers, Colin Hussey, Tommy Reece, Brian Alexander.

Front row L-R:-      David Teller, Maurice Nelson, Terry Hurley, Brian Raynor, James Mehegan, Terry o' Keefe,

                             Chris O' Brien. Noel McArthy, Dennis D' Acy, Gerard Barnes, Terry Donovan.

(photograph and information courtesy of Gerard Barnes)


St. Illtyd's - Mrs Oregan's Class - 1951

Back Row L-R:         L. Cocoran, P. Davies, E. Davies, W. Hughes, C. Mullins, D. Eynon, C, Lennon, R. Edwards and M. McCarthy.

Middle Row L-R:     G. O'Leary, G. Murphy, J. Berry, J. Druce, R. Griffiths, D. Kennedy, A. Hourihane, J. Durbin and ?.

Front Row L-R:        B. Hallisey, B. Duncliffe, M. Moran, G. Price, J. Martin, R. Fyler, J. Griffiths, T. Mahoney, T. O'Brian and T. Donovan

(Photograph Courtesy of Bobby Edwards)

St Illtyd's R.C. Boys School - 1955

Back Row L-R:     Denis Halley, Mike Lyons, David Flaherty, Mike Murphy, Ken Adeva, Chris Collins, Jimmy Jenkins.   .

Middle Row L-R:   Anthony Grey, Tony James, Denis Ryan, Raymond Rees, Brian Foley, David Murphy.  .

Front Row L-R:    Joel Conway, Brian Mullins, Paul Elliot, Jack Murphy, Alan Sullivan, Fred Fyler, Jack Flaherty, Gerald Edwards, Bernard Mahoney, Brian Grey.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ken Adeva)



St Illtyd's Girls School 1957.

Top Row L-R:          Sally Mahoney (passed away approx. 10 yrs ago), Anne Cole, Kathleen McCarthy, Geraldine Buckley,

                               Carole O'Neil, Jennifer Davis, Kitty Scannell.

Middle Row L-R:     Drina Jones, Pat Murphy, Mary Meeney, Anne Harris, Mary O'Connor, Carole O'Toole, Gillian Davis, Sheila Eddy.

Bottom Row L-R:    Theresa O'Donnell, Pauline Wickins, Christine Sullivan, Kathleen O'Sullivan (now living in Victoria Aust),

                               Annette Lyons, Kathleen Jones, (Cathy Chaffers "me"), Desley Ring, Veronica Popp,

                               Kathleen Hurley, Alison Davis, Christine Jones

(Photograph courtesy Kathleen Jones, Haydn Terrace)


St Illytd's Girls School - 1950s.

Linda Dawkes nee Cook Front Row. 6th from the Right

(Photograph Courtesy of Charlie Cook)


St Illytd's Girls School - 1956-1957.

Teacher on the left is Miss Maureen Fuller.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Maria Cave)


St Illtyd's Youth Club Football Team - 1958/59


Back Row: L - R Eugene O’Neil, Tommy Rees, Terry Bucklley,
Ken Adeva, John Druce, Colin Mc Nally, Michael Lyons, Michael Houlihan, Father Fahy.

Middle Row: L - R Eddie Davies, Jimmy Burke, Canon McCormach,
Brian Beattie, David Kennedy.

Front Row: L - R Leslie Cochoran, Colin Mullins, Colin Hughes


(Photograph courtesy of Jacqui Kennedy)


St Illtyd's School 1959.

(Photograph courtesy Michael McCarthy)


St. Illtyd's Boys School

(Photograph Courtesy of Gerard Kiley)


St. Illtyd's School - 1959-1960.

(Photograph Courtesy of Paul J. Lewis)


St Illtyd's -  1960

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (nee Alfierei))


St Illtyd's -  Miss Callaghan's Class early 1960's

(Photograph courtesy of Alma Saxton (nee Alfierei))


St Illtyd's -  1960/1961

Top Row L-R:    ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.    

Middle Row L-R:  ?, Mary Wakeham, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.   

Bottom Row L-R:  ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?. ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mary Vaughan was Wakeham)


St Illtyd's - c.1961

(Photograph Courtesy of Tina Butler)


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