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Quakers Yard

Merthyr Tydfil


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Quakers Yard


New Bridge Opening Ceremony - 1932

(Photograph Courtesy of Ann Wheldon)

  Quakers Yard River Taff and the New Bridge  

'The Two Bridges' - Quakers Yard

(Photograph Courtesy of Marion Billinghurst)


QuakersYardRiverTaffandNewBridge.JPG (169383 bytes)



New Bridge - Built 1925

The "Guy" bus was owned by Mr W E Evans, The Garage, Quakers Yard, and the gentleman in the milk float is said to be Mr Sam Jones, Coedrecoed Farm. 

(Photograph and Information Courtesy of Morton Davis)

  Quakers Yard Bridge - 1932  


Quakers Yard Bridge


The Old Tramroad Bridge

(Postcard Courtesy of Mrs Thomas, West Grove.)

Treharris_OldTramRoadBridge_MrsThomas.JPG (241938 bytes)


The Weir

(Postcard Courtesy of Mrs Thomas, West Grove.)

QuakersYard_TheWeir_MrsThomas.JPG (104722 bytes)

The Darren and the Quaker's Burial Ground

QuakersYard_TheDarrenAndQuakersBurialGround.jpg (290944 bytes)

Quakers Burial Ground

QuakersYard_BurialGround.JPG (95344 bytes)

Thomas & Evans Delivery - 1909

QuakersYard_ThomasAndEvansDelivery_1909.JPG (204848 bytes)


Fiddlers Elbow - Early 1900's

Anyone know what the occasion is?

QuakersYard_FiddlersElbow.JPG (193943 bytes)

Fiddlers Elbow

Fairview, Penlocks after the Tornado 27th October 1913


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Quakers Yard Viaduct and Truant School

(Postcard Courtesy of The Leo Davies Collection)

QuakersYard_ViaductAndTruantSchool_LeoDaviesCollection.JPG (223675 bytes)


The Truant School

(Photograph from the Ken Gunter Collection)


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Quakers Yard

High Level Station

The 11:19 Neath to Pontypool Road, Quakers Yard - 6th March 1958.

11-19am_neathToPontypoolRoad_QuakersYard_6_3_58.JPG (156402 bytes)


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Victoria Inn, Quakers Yard

Fiddlers Elbow, St Cynon's Church and School


Replacing the Bridge in Quakers Yard - December 1986

(Photographs Courtesy of Dick Edwards)


Quakers Yard - ROAB Rhymney Valley Football Team - 1984

Back Row L-R:      Kelvin Jones, Alan Baker, Paul Picton, Lee Minett, Daryle Owen & Gareth Evans.
Front Row L-R:     Neville Owen, Phillip Griffiths, Neil Bain, Wayne Baker, Howard Jackson & Nigel Minett.

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


Ladies of Bringerwn Avenue, Quakers Yard - Tug of War

For Prince Charles' Investiture - 1969

(Courtesy of Dick Edwards)

Ladies of Bringerwn Avenue, Quakers Yard - 1969

Back Row L-R: Mrs Andrews, Betty Collins, ?, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Morgan, Eileen Marshall, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Hale.

Front Row L-R: ?, Jean Edwards, Mrs Andrews, Barbra Morgans, ?, Mary Cox.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dick Edwards)


Mrs Hazel and her grandson Gwyn outside No. 1 Pentwyn roundabout, 1963.

(Photograph courtesy of Dick Edwards)

Graigberthllwyd before Leigh & Beddoe Terraces were built.


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