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Plymouth Street
Merthyr Tydfil

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Plymouth Street. in the 1950's

The building to the left of the van, with the billboard on is the "King's Head" public

house, the street name sign by the billboard reads:- Pedwranfach - (see map below)

The other side of the King's Head is the entrance to Ball Court (Click to see)



MerthyrTydfil_LowerHighStreet_ExServicemansClub.JPG (224074 bytes)

Extract from the 1851Public Health Map

available on CDRom from our Shop

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Snow's Garage in the 1950's. With Tommy Bona Senior left and Jim Bick with his gleaming MG TC sports car.

High Street - The Original Snow's Garage - Early 1900's

Plymouth Street, The Vanguard Inn on the left, and on the right Mrs Breeze's Garage

This photograph is part of a series of photographs taken by Birmingham Photography Club, during the provision

of a new main sewer.

                          Merthyrtydfil_Town_PlymouthSt_Garage.JPG (121515 bytes)

The Vanguard, in the 1950's.  It was called the Greyhound Hotel In the early 1900's .

 (not to be confused with the Greyhound in Bridge Street, Caedraw.)

MerthyrTydfil_Town_PlymouthStreet_TheVanguard_GreyhoundToLeft.JPG (97035 bytes)


Taff Vale House, was situated at the entrance to the Taff Vale Railway Station, (later to become the Plymouth Street

Goods Yard of the GWR).  It was just about opposite the Vanguard. These photographs were taken in 1947.

MerthyrTydfil_TaffValeHouse.JPG (81779 bytes)

Zoomed in from a previous photo shows, Taff Vale House.

Merthyrtydfil_PlymouthSt_TaffValeHouse_2.JPG (48909 bytes)

Taff Vale Railway Station.  Looking from the Vanguard Inn.

Here we see a second hand Tramcar purchased from the Birmingham & Midland

Tramways Joint Committee, being drawn by horses on the final leg of it's journey to the

Merthyr Electric Traction & Lighting Company Ltd, depot at Traction Yard, Penydarren.

MerthyrTydfil_TVRStationDeliveryOfSHTramcar.JPG (86845 bytes)

Another photograph of the Taff Vale Station, taken in the late 1940s


G.P.O. - Plymouth Yard

Following the closure of the Plymouth Street Goods Station, the site was occupied by the General Post Office.

This photograph, circa 1970, from a time when the Post Office also operated the telephone service.

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Rees)

The Turkish Baths, Plymouth Street.

Opened in 1868,refurbished in 1881,closed in 1911.Near the site of the current Caedraw 





Plymouth Street, in the 1960s. Ebenezer Chapel

and beyond the railway bridge Plymouth StCottages

, both now demolished, Ebenezer made way for the

entrance to Trevithick Gardens.

Coronation Party at Ebenezer Chapel - 1953

(Photograph courtesy of Allison Allen)


Plymouth Street, The Ebenezer Chapel in the 1980's.


View from Fairview Terrace, Twynyrodyn - towards 'Aberdare Mountain'

(Photograph Courtesy of Meryl Rees)

Plymouth Street. The Britannia Inn on the left hand side. Next door down

was used by Schwartz the furnishers as a wharehouse.

  MerthyrTydfil_PlymouthStreet_2.JPG (139652 bytes)


Mr & Mrs Weales Shop, 4, DaleTerrace, Plymouth Street. (opp Britannia Inn.

(Photographs Courtesy of Wendy Rees)

Mr & Mrs Weale outside their shop



Plymouth Street Jazz Band, 1951 Festival of Britain.

(Photograph Courtesy of Wendy Rees)


In this photograph can be seen The Britania Inn in the background, along with; Dorothy ?, Joan Sussex, Vera James, Gwyneth Few, Doris Lewis, George Few and Lionel Colin.


Back Row L-R:- ?, Marilyn ?, Rita Lewis, ?, ?, ?, Carol Rolls

Middle Row L-R:- Vicky Sussex, Wendy Lewis, Lorraine Few, Lyn Thomas, ?, Valerie Jones

Front Row L-R:- Lyn Few, Majorette ?, ?


A Plymouth Street Carnival Float, Festival of Britain 1951.


Plymouth Street Festival of Britain celebrations - 1951

With Mayor Alderman C.W. Bridges on the far right.

(Photograph courtesy of Wendy Rees)

Plymouth Street - 1978


Plymouth Street Nos 65 to 73.

Opposite the lower entrance to Ernest street, these houses were known as Cellar houses very unhealthy habitations. People lived in the rooms that were below street level and suffered those illnesses associated with dampness and poor ventilation.


Plymouth Street

(Photograph Courtesy of Jeremy Lowe)

Plymouth Street - Church of Christ

The Mardy Hotel, Plymouth Street








Plymouth Street.

Buttress of the bridge which carried the Dowlais Railway from the Plymouth Street sidings

to the Dowlais Iron Works. Known to locals as the "inky" 


Hankey Place VE Day Party - 1945

(Photograph courtesy of Mary Watkins)


Railway Terrace - Street Party to mark the Investiture of Charles, Prince of Wales - 1969

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Powell)


Railway Terrace - V.E. Day Celebrations

John Griffiths tells us: "The soldiers came down from Brecon each week and parked their lorries in Railway Terrace whilst they went to town. When war ended they came to join in the street celebrations. I'm top right with my arm around my brother."

Click the photograph to read John Griffiths' index of names

(Photograph Courtesy of Roger Edwards & Extra Information Courtesy of John Griffiths) 


W.H. Baker Garage - Plymouth Street - 20th August 1971.

(Photograph from the Merthyr Express)


Adler's Cafe

Maisie Adler, Jon Graham Adler (Son) and William Graham Adler on the steps of

Adler's Cafe opposite the old Baker's Garage (It can be seen in the background of the above photo).

The site is now occupied by a Carwash.

(Photograph courtesy of son Steven Adler)


Plymouth House

In the background Milborne Terrace can be seen, and behind it, the Mardy Hospital.


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