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Railway Terrace

Merthyr Tydfil

Railway Terrace - V.E. Day Celebrations

(a) As far as I can remember this was Ronnie and he lived a few houses below the Brittania Inn. It is 'possible' that a? was his sister.
(b) This was Clive Lloyd of 15 Railway Terrace. His father worked at Glyndyrys Farm and was the local milkman. I occasionally 'helped' with his milk round gaining the odd penny in the process.
(c) I think this was Peter Harris of 8 Railway Terrace.
(d) This was Billy Shinnock, a great friend, living in the street north of Mardy Terrace. Alas, he was killed in a road accident near Llwynon Reservoir. His father charged our wireless accumulators during the war.
(e) This was Margaret Llywelyn of 2 Railway Terrace.
(f) I 'think' the two girls marked 'f' may have been sisters living in 1 Gladstone Terrace.
(g) These two are myself age 10 and my brother Gwilym age 6 of 18 Railway Terrace.
(h) These were Maldwyn Davies and sister Sheila Davies of 9 Railway Terrace. Their father, Tommy Davies, was a driver of Morlais coaches.
(k) I 'think' this was Sandra Shore of 5 Railway Terrace. Widow Mrs Shore (husband in navy killed during the war) lived with three children, two away at naval boarding school.
(m) Byron Stephens lived at 22 Mardy Terrace. It is possible that one of the 'n' children 'may' instead have been his brother - Colin Stephens?
(n) There is much uncertainty here. Mrs Nicholls lived about 12 Mardy Terrace with several children.
(o) Shirley Henessey lived at 1 Mardy Terrace and her grandfather used the front room for shoe-repairs, etc.
(s) Bill Spurrier (senior) holding daughter Ann and Billy Spurrier (junior) crying by the soldier. Bill Spurrier senior was a railway driver and Mrs Spurrier of 21 Railway Terrace usually organised coach trips to Barry Island or Porthcawl during the war.
(t) The Thomas family of 5 Mardy Terrace, Mrs Thomas with daughter and Mosty Thomas near me.

Alas, after 65 years since the photograph the memory fails and I may not be correct in every instance. Those with a query mark are beyond my recollection. The reason for Billy Spurrier and Shiela Davies needing comfort is that one soldier, in order to brighten everyone up, set of a very loud detonator which startled some of the youngest. Every now and again, perhaps weekly or fortnightly, about 4-6 lorries came down from Brecon, deposited the soldiers in town, and parked their empty lorries in our street. The drivers were supposed to guard the lorries but invariably were invited indoors for a meal, etc.

(Information Courtesy of John Griffiths)


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